Tips for Condo Living in a Pandemic While Raising Kids

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Raising kids is a full-time job, especially with a condo living lifestyle. When you live in a condominium with other people, all eyes have to be on your kids so that they don’t get in trouble. COVID-19 also poses a threat to your kids’ health. They’re more vulnerable to the virus, so you have to ensure your kids are safe at all times.

Condo living with kids during these trying times is possible when you have the right tips to guide you. But when you combine the difficulties of raising kids in a condo with the dangers of COVID-19, you may feel like you’re facing an impossible situation. Let’s weigh in the pros and cons of condo living with kids in the city, especially in these trying times.

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What are the obvious pros of living in a condominium unit when you’re raising a kid? Here are a few benefits of condo living for families to answer that.

  • Convenience. With condo living, you’re situated near groceries, laundromats, outdoor leisure areas, and many more.
  • Security. CCTV cameras, security guards, and building staff can ensure your safety.
  • Friendly community. This is especially necessary when you have kids. Living within a community of fellow friendly families is conducive to your children’s development and wellness, especially in these tough times.
  • Protection from COVID-19. To protect the families living in their properties, condo developers like DMCI Homes ensure that protocols on sanitation and physical distancing are strictly observed so you and your children are protected within your condo community.

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Things to Remember When Raising Your Kid in a Condo

Still looking for more tips to raise your children safely in a condominium unit during a pandemic? Take a look at this helpful guide for all your condo living needs.

1. Take them on socially distanced walks

Being stuck at home isn’t good for your children. They need to enjoy the fresh air and experience the outside world while they grow up. But with new COVID-19 cases popping up every day, going outside can be very scary business.

If your kids need to spend some time outdoors, then take them on socially distanced walks along your condominium’s garden pathways. That way, they can enjoy the outside world while staying safe and healthy. If possible, make sure they wear masks too, so they don’t breathe in any dangerous viruses during their walk.

2. Baby-proof your home

When it comes to family condo living, you need to prioritize your children’s safety before anything else. Ensure your children’s security in the condominium unit by following guides on how to baby-proof your home.

Read up on different condominium safety checklists and follow them down to the letter. If they ask you to put covers on your outlets, or invest in baby gates, make sure you do. Ensure your home is secure so that you have less to worry about in these difficult times.

3. Coordinate with condo security.

Raising a child takes a whole village. While you can’t exactly ask your neighbors to come over and help you during the quarantine, you can at least trust your condominium’s security team to ensure your family’s safety and security.

Coordinate with your building’s security for any concerns you may have. Ask them for ways they can help ensure your child’s security while in service for the rest of the building. You can never have too many safety measures for your kids, and if you can get the professionals to help out, then that’s even better.

4. Teach your children the importance of safety.

Aside from getting help from the adults around you, it’s important to pass on the importance of condominium safety to your children too. If they’re old enough to understand why they need to be safe, then they can follow basic rules.

Start by teaching them what to do in emergency situations. Show them where they can find your home’s first-aid kit, or who they can call during an emergency. Make it fun by practicing fire or earthquake drills with them. When you teach your children the importance of safety, they can learn a sense of responsibility for themselves, too.

5. Make condo cleanup fun.

All this talk about safety makes family condo living seem like a bore. It might even be more boring for your kids if they can’t go outside due to the quarantine. If you’re looking for a productive, indoor activity that’ll keep your children entertained, make condo cleanup a fun game for them to enjoy.

See if they can beat you at putting their toys away as quickly as possible. Let them have a go at spraying down groceries with alcohol. Make a game out of house cleanup so that they can be entertained for a few hours while helping you out with household chores.

6. Get creative with quarantine-safe activities

Finally, get creative with all the safe activities that your children can do at home. It’s not easy to raise a kid in a condominium unit during a pandemic. But if you make staying at home fun and productive, your whole family can still have a healthy, happy, and fulfilling experience indoors.

Besides, there are tons of fun and safe activities you can do with your kids indoors. Teach them how to play simple tabletop games, like Jenga or Scrabble. If you have the creative mind for it, make new board games out of simple art materials instead.

Get your children involved in the kitchen, too. Teach them how to measure ingredients, mix the batter, or knead the dough. Equip them with these essential life skills when you get creative with many more quarantine-safe indoor activities.

guide to raising kids in a condoPhoto courtesy of cottonbro via Pexels

Family condo living is tough during a pandemic. It’s not fun to be stuck indoors all the time, after all. Your whole family is probably looking forward to all the exciting things they can do together outside after the lockdown.

In the meantime though, it’s still important to make condo living fun and safe, especially when you’re busy raising children. You still want the fullest life possible for them, even in these trying times.

When you have the right tips to guide you, you’ll make it through the quarantine with bright smiles on your kids’ faces. Don’t give up — make condo living fun and fulfilling for everyone in your family.


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