Things to Remember When Raising Your Kid in a Condo

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Condo living expenses in the Philippines have become reasonable through the years. A three-bedroom condo in the metropolis has a rental fee of approximately P55,000 per month, as cited in a report in

Because of this, more and more people choose to live in a condo in the Philippines and it’s not surprising to see the number of kids living in a condo boom, as well.

Raising Your Kid In A Condo

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You need to keep in mind, though, that raising your kid in your condo is not as easy as 1-2-3. Some lifestyle adjustments must be implemented to ensure that the environment of your condo will suit the needs of your child, especially when it comes to his positive physical and emotional developments.


Take Your Child to a Nearby Park

One of the essentials for condo lifestyle is not simply keeping your child safe while living in your condo. You should also make sure he gets some outdoor exercise and nature appreciation, which his body and mind need.

Raising Your Kids In A Condo

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Take your child to a park near your condo so he can enjoy jogging, walking, and biking, while appreciating nature’s creation. Do these exercises together and give words of encouragement to keep him motivated. If your kid just wants to relax, bring a book with you and tell him educational stories that will enrich his knowledge.

A house in a rural area is usually far from a national park. Therefore, living in a condo gives your child the benefit of enjoying what nearby parks have to offer.


Buy a Customized Stroller

Baby-proof your condo by making sure you buy a stroller that is not too big. A medium-sized stroller fits in to your condo’s elevators well. You won’t have a difficult time taking your small infant around town as long as you don’t struggle lugging your baby’s stuff. Taking your baby to go shopping should feel more like a pleasure than a chore.


Don’t Bore Your Child

Children are naturally restless and playful. They can’t seem to stay at one spot doing the same thing for a long period of time. If you find out that your finances are tight upon checking your condo budgeting basic checklist, there’s no need to worry about boring your child by keeping him holed up inside your condo all day long.

Allow your kid to enjoy the outdoor play area in front of the condo’s gate if you’re living in a resort-type condominium. Let your kid get the sunshine that his body needs, as being stuck indoor is not good for the body. Play catch with your little one in the play area to keep him in a jolly mood and chase his boredom away.


Easy Access to Entertainment Spots

Dine Out With Your Kids

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One of the essential condo dweller skills you must have is being aware of the popular places nearby, such as movie theaters, restaurants, gaming centers, and museums. Unlike rural houses, most condominiums are near popular leisure spots that your growing kids will surely enjoy.

Take your preschool or older kids to the movies. Let them have fun munching on popcorn while seeing their superheroes onscreen. Make them appreciate art by taking them to museums and letting them see with their own eyes some historical artifacts come to life.


Coordination with the Security Guard

One of the primary dangerous things in your condo is an intruder barging in to your home. If you’re going to leave your older kid alone at home, remind him to inform the security guard in the condo lobby to ring him through the intercom if a visitor arrives. It’s better to take precautionary measures, especially when leaving vulnerable kids on their own at home.


Alert Your Kid on Fire Exits

Let Your Kids Know The Basics

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Another important tip in raising children in a condo is to make them aware about fire exit. It is understandable that you won’t be around the house all the time to look after your child. This is why it’s imperative to make your kid aware of the location of the fire exits in your condo and ways on how to evacuate when a fire occurs.


A Comfortable Mini Space

As your child gets older, you’ll be hearing him complain more about the cramped space in your condo. Stop your kid from whining by creating a comfortable area for him to read, watch television, and study.

Put mirrors and small rugs around this area to create a more cozy and open-space environment that he’ll surely enjoy.


Have Wings and Lifesavers Handy

Even when they become old enough to know how to take care of themselves, you still need to find a way to ensure their safety. Accidents can be avoided if your family is well-informed.

Swimming pool accidents are very common in condos. Since your child may find pool-time as one of the most enjoyable hobbies, never allow your kid to go swimming without wings and lifesavers. Even if your child took swimming lessons, you’ll never know when and how accidents will occur.


Watch Out for Electrical Cords

Kids naturally love to explore their environment. Because of their playfulness, electrical cords and cables might be a hazard, especially if they are laying on the floor.

Make sure electrical lines are installed properly and double your alertness so as not to accidentally entangle or electrocute your curious child.


Stack Up Your Stuff Properly

If you have storage spaces high above the walls, stack up your stuff properly so they won’t fall off the floor and break while your child is playing around the house, or worse, hit your kid in the head by accident. Small kids are vulnerable especially when it comes to sustaining severe injuries caused by falling objects.

Happy Condo Kids

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Raising your kid in a condo may be challenge, and it’s up to you as a parent to overcome them and eventually turn them to your advantage. Make the effort in converting struggles into positive elements and be amazed to watch your kid grow up as the person he ideally ought to be.



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