Top 10 Benefits of Growing a Family in a Condo

Condo Living, DMCI.

The idea of raising a family in a condominium used to raise eyebrows. Well, not anymore. More couples and small families are starting to see the wonders and benefits of growing a family in a condo environment.

From the location, living spaces, and amenities, condo living offers a lot of gains and advantages. Specifically, DMCI Homes condos are designed to be family-oriented, making sure that every family is safe, comfortable, and happy.

Still not convinced? Find out why a family condo is the way to go.


Top location

City Buildings

Condos, unlike most apartments or single homes, are typically situated at the heart of the city. This advantage allows residents easy access to major roads such as EDSA or C5, as well as public transportation systems. Schools and workplaces are also normally within a few kilometers of the condo, which means parents will have an easier time bringing their kids to school and going to work. On weekends, when you want to go to the mall, it is very likely that a shopping mall is just 15 or 20 minutes away.

But apart from the convenience, the real value of living in a premium location is that you don’t waste time and energy on traffic. You get home earlier and you don’t feel as tired. You have more time to spend with your kids and more energy to do fun activities with them.


Safety is priority

Condominiums understand parents. They want your kids to be able to go around the community safely. Through its 24/hour security and surveillance, condos also keep watch of your kids. Roving guards patrol the condo community round-the-clock, and there is a protocol about letting in guests and visitors. Buildings are also equipped with emergency measures should there be fire, earthquake or any similar incident.


Capital “C” for Convenience

Perhaps the main argument for condo living is convenience. Everything you’ll ever need is just outside your doorstep. You need laundry service? Someone will take care of it. You have a busted pipe? The property’s maintenance service will handle that. You have guests and no snacks to offer? There’s a convenience store or grocery nearby. You have a package being delivered but no one’s home? The lobby receptionists or guards will handle safekeeping.

Having a condo will help you focus on the more important things such as managing your household or helping kids with homework. Errands can take a back seat.


Live simply and comfortably

family bonding

You are probably amazed at massive Hollywood homes. If you have a whole team of house cleaners, gardeners, and a maintenance people, then you can go on and live like a rock star. But a condo space will teach you the value and beauty of downsizing, of living simply but comfortably.

You are less likely to purchase things out of impulse, because you won’t have space for it anyway. Your family can thrive in a space that fosters communication and togetherness, and cultivates bonding because no member of the family is too far away. You could all be having dinner in the dining area, while watching the TV from the living room because open layouts are the default design for condo spaces.

That being said, comfort is not compromised by sheer square footage. Condos are intimate and cozy, and it is easier to make sure that they remain that way.


More fun for kids


What will your kids do in a condo? Tons. Most condo communities have a playground where kids can meet other kids and play around in a safe and controlled environment. There are even indoor playgrounds being offered in some condo properties. These amenities will help you raise sociable kids who are fun-loving, active, friendly, and compassionate.

There are also bike paths where you can teach your kids to ride their first bike. There are swimming pools where they can be around other kids, while learning how to swim.

If condo amenities are not enough, there are always nearby malls, establishments, and play centers where you can take your kids on weekends.


Fitness goals

workout mat and exercise ball

Are you regretting the gym membership you bought because you don’t have the time to go the gym? Drop that membership and try the indoor gym of your condo community. They are usually free and the best part is that they are just within your building so you can make no more excuses.

If you are into sports, there are also outdoor amenities such as basketball courts and play courts where you could do some shooting after work. In the morning, you can take in your dose of sunshine vitamin while running along your condo’s jogging path.

Achieving your fitness goals and making sure you are healthy affects your productivity, performance, and relationships. When you feel fit and healthy, you have more energy for family activities inside and outside your home.


Close to nature

Some people still have this wrong notion about living in a condo community:  that living in a condo means living in a box. The truth is that while most single homes in the city do not even have space for a few potted plants, condo communities have a vast space of greens and landscapes. DMCI Homes communities are designed to maintain a 60:40 footprint-to-building ratio so that there will be more space for outdoor amenities, gardens, and open areas.


Holistic lifestyle

One of the reasons why condo living is family-friendly is because it encourages a holistic and well-rounded lifestyle. You may be living in the city, but that also means you are exposed to many cultural experiences such as museums, theaters, and other similar establishments. City kids are also exposed to a greater density and diversity of people; they grow up street smart, and there is a smaller chance of them growing up socially-awkward.


Belonging to a community

The sense of community is something that condo living can take pride in. Living in the same building means you share a lot of things, and therefore have a shared understanding for a lot of things. Condo tenants are at the very least, civil. Even if you just happen to see each other on the elevator or in the hallway, warm smiles and quick hellos are exchanged. People are generally polite and the environment is very friendly.


Reduced costs, more savings

people walking on pedestrian lane

Raising a family comes with a lot of expenses. But condo living trims down a lot of items in a family’s day-to-day living expenses. Its prime location, for example, means reduced costs for fuel and commutes. The amenities can mean less expenses for family activities such as swimming or play dates. You can also forget about that gym membership now. Maintenance costs are mostly covered in monthly homeowner’s dues. Many major costs are also shared such as security, lawn maintenance, repairs, etc.

Accessibility, convenience, amenities, and sense of community are just some of the reasons why raising a family in a condo is a great life choice. Don’t let yourself be misled with stereotypes. Condo living is being hailed as a top choice among modern families, and for good reason.


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