Redefining Condo Home Design Through Function and Style


Two things come to mind when decorating a home: furniture and art pieces. Furniture supports the function of each room – from rest and relaxation to dining and entertainment. Art pieces, on the other hand, provide the aesthetics. It gives the home a character that reflects the owners’ personality and style. Although both essential in condo home improvement, each added piece of furniture and art also mean more cleaning and less space. But people in city living are just too busy to clean up, while those who rent a condo want to maximize their home space. Having too many furniture and art pieces in your home are simply impractical.

The solution? Stylish furniture. This means using furniture that is not only useful, but is also an art piece in itself because of the way it catches the eye. Considering the stylish and modern set-up in today‘s condo in the Philippines, these kinds of furniture would blend well because of their functionality and unique designs, minimizing the need for art pieces for easy cleaning and less consumed space.

1. Suspended Bed

Dreaming about floating in the air? This suspended bed creates a feel-light, floating feeling for a relaxing sleep. It also brings more light and space into your room, visually maximizing the area in a condo unit.

2. Pull-out Sofa Bed

Consider this for a condo improvement. Having a bed in the living room allows you to accommodate guests for the night right in your seating area. With one easy step, turn this chic-designed couch into a bunk bed good for two. Perfect for compact, modern living.

3. Circular Sofa Bed

Now don’t be a square. Instead of pulling them out, why not pull them together? Uniting these two curved-shaped sofas creates an instant bed. Its circular shape adds a modern touch to your living room. Even the throw pillows come in handy for a relaxing sleep.

4. Children’s Bed

All in a box. At daytime, it all just seems like a big box loaded with items. But when kids come home, all the stuff come out like a jack-in the-box – two mattresses, a staircase with storage shelves, two stools and a side table. Kids enjoy having their own sanctuary through this space-spacing concept!

5. Three-seater Sofa

Kiss me! Adding a touch of humor in your home creates a warm and inviting feeling. Even the bright red color adds to the fun and cheer. Take a slouch in this soft foam, or a rejuvenating afternoon cut nap.

6. Thematic Sofa

Now that’s a statement on its own! This three-seater sofa is taken from the front of a Shelby Cobra sixties. Headlights and grille are preserved for combining laminate and leather. Now having a piece like this in your home clearly defines who YOU are – your interest and your taste.

7. Inspired Chair

Kick that ball! An interesting departure from a standard chair, sports enthusiasts will admire this accent chair. Even ordinary sports fans will be amused by this soccer ball that is about ten times bigger than its normal size!

8. Tray on wheels

Coffee or tea? Many prefer to receive their guests indoors, simply because it’s more convenient. But with this rolling tray, serving food and drinks outdoors is made easy. Now you can enjoy the wind and the sun with your favorite beverage and snacks.

9. Bookcase

The bookworm. Now who would think that pocketbooks that used to clutter on your table top can turn into a wall décor? With this interesting Z-shaped shelf, you can organize your pocketbooks and add color to your empty wall. Ideal also for organizing compact discs.

10. Bookshelf

The tree of life.  What do trees and books have in common? They’re both a source of life – one for the body and the other for the mind. This could well be the inspiration for this space-saving bookshelf. It gets rid of the clutter by forming a creative wall décor.

11. Organizer

The disorderly orderly. This seemingly disorderly pile of boxes turns out to be an organizer – another twist from the conventional drawers. The unsymmetrical arrangement, purposely creates a feeling of imbalance, adds wit and life to this interesting piece.

12. Cocktail Cabinet

Drinks, anyone? In the 1960’s, the cocktail cabinet and music playing from the radiogram were important features in entertaining guests. Today, they have been replaced by chilled drinks from the fridge and built-in speakers. But having a classic piece like this always adds elegance to your home. After all, cocktail cabinets used to be reserved only for the wealthy!

13. Room Divider

Add an element of surprise! Place objects in your home where they’re least expected – like this compact discs, typically placed in the computer area, but now creatively arranged as a room divider. Adding to its stylish look are the reflections on the discs that bring life to your room.

14. Coat Stand

Take a closer look. This piece of furniture is not what it seems. No, it’s not a standing lamp but a coat stand. The “spotlights” serve as hooks for scarves, jackets, and other clothing for re-use. The metal finish gives radiance to this furniture.

15. Lamp Shade

Light and shades. This lamp made out of shades is another interesting piece for your home. Not just for design but for a purpose – the tint in the sunglasses tempers the light from the bulb for a warm lighting effect.

Remember, the value of real estate in the Philippines is not estimated only by the size and location of a property, but also by the overall design of the home. This is particularly true for those who own or rent a furnished condo. So when choosing a piece of furniture, remember to choose one that complements the overall interiors of your home. Whatever your style – whether minimalist, funky or classy – there is always a way to create a timeless home design.





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