10 Steps To Throwing an Epic Condo Party Without Being Too Loud


Imagine this: You and your friends are having the time of your lives when suddenly fuming neighbors bang at your door so hard that everyone just freezes in shock.   With eyes popping, they threaten you in ear-splitting decibels to keep it low or pack your bags.  That is not just unfortunate, it is embarrassing.  So how do you throw a party at your condo without being too loud? How do you avoid the ire of your neighbors?

Image via olalindberg at Flickr

Image via olalindberg at Flickr

Filipinos love to have to fun and it’s good to know that condos in the Philippines have fine-tuned their design to suit those needs.  Throughout the years, real estate in the Philippines has patterned specifications to match evolving lifestyles of families – big and small, the newly-married or single, and young professional or yuppies.

So if it is part of your lifestyle to play host to your friends, it is important that you know how to pump up the energy without pissing off the neighbors.  Learn to avoid unnecessary hassle brought about by unbelievably deafening music, loud friends, and wild behavior.   Here are the ten steps toward being a great host and a friendly neighbor at the same time.

Let them know

As courtesy, let other residents in your building, especially those closest to your unit, that you are having a party.  It’s not like having your own gated house and lot and people can just come over.

Once informed, your neighbors will know where the infectious laughter and off-key singing is coming from.  At least, they won’t suspect that something illegal is happening in your room.  The last thing you want are security guards gate-crashing your party. In the event that a neighbor knocks at your door and politely asks you to keep it low, just do so.

And the guests, too

Consequently, remind your guests of the rules at your condo.  Remind them that you are living in a condo building with other tenants who also had a full day at work and could not wait to go home and rest.

Remind them but be careful to not spoil the fun.

Time is of the essence

Mind your time — what time does your party start and what time is it expected to end.  Some condominium buildings only allow guests inside up to a certain time.  For security reasons, some condos observe curfew for parties.  Some condos also have rules; even paste them on bulletin boards and elevators, about noise and courtesy to other tenants.  These are often observed in condominium buildings where units are not owned but only leased or rented.

Inform your neighbors about the time of your party and avoid surprised reactions from them.  If you can, try to quiet things down after midnight.

By invitation

There are condos that require unit owners to inform the management that they are having a party.  Some even ask for a list of guests.  But even if your condo doesn’t, it is better and wiser to give your doorman or the reception your RSVP list.  This is to make sure no gate crashers will be allowed entry into your condo and you will be able to manage the number of your guests.  And since you know every single person at your party, it will be easier for you to remind them of rules and common courtesy.

Keep it shut

The rule is simple: keep people inside and keep the door shut.  “Drunk-proof” your condo.  If you have breakable stuff around, lock them up, too.

“Party guards”

Once alcohol kicks in, guests become rowdy and become so much harder to control.  Assign at least two “party guards” to monitor if guests are having more alcohol than they can actually handle.  Their job is to stay sober and remind everyone that having a good time does not include getting into trouble.

These guards will also make sure that all guests will get home safely and will walk out of the party venue without stopping over at other condo units.

Create a playlist

Image via Bolshakov at Flickr

Image via Bolshakov at Flickr

Filipinos love to sing and it is almost impossible to hold a party these days without a videoke machine.  However, if you are throwing a party in a condo, this may not be advisable.  It is better to create your own playlist of songs enough to put your guests on party mode.  Beware of overdoing it with notoriously loud rock and roll that makes getting into trouble look cool. Make sure your walls can keep the noise inside your condo, if not at a minimum.  Check if the walls of your condo are sound proof. It’s not like you have to have DJs around or laser lights. You don’t even have to use huge, loud speakers.  Most parties these days just use an iPod on a shuffled playlist and play it non-stop with the help of a small, reliable speaker.

Have a pool party


Image via DMCI Homes

Image via DMCI Homes

Most condos in the Philippines offer amenities for leisure and recreation.  Among them are swimming pools that cater to everyone from adult groups to kids.  You can choose to have a pool party away from residential units.  It is common in Philippine real estate that a cabana or gazebo is situated near the pool where guests can dine and sip some wine. Other condos also allow tenants to use the view and roof decks for functions and gatherings.  There are also function rooms if you prefer a more wholesome party.

Stay sober

Parties are not all about dancing and getting drunk.  House parties are simple ones and its main requirement is having just the right people around.  Sports and viewing parties requires nothing more than a television set, love for the game, and boxes of pizza.  An all-girl party require your closest girlfriends, some wine, loads of stories and gossip and sometimes, heartbreak. Remember that having a good time does not always mean inviting everyone on Facebook and unlimited beer, especially if you are holding the party in a condo.

The perfect place

Throwing the perfect party starts with finding the perfect venue. There is nothing more personal than hosting a party at home.  It is intimate and you are in control.  So when searching for that perfect space, go for condominiums for sale that allow you to be who you are.  You may also rent a condo that is well-adjusted to your specific living requirements.  For example, if you are the type that loves to throw a condo party, choose a place with a spacious living room and sound-proof walls.  Landing the perfect condo, or even a house and lot, has been made easy by online real estate buyer’s guide like Property Finder Philippines.

 Image via Vanhap at Flickr

Image via Vanhap at Flickr

So when you decide to make that investment, think of it as more than a space.  Invite friends over and give them decent fun.  With the perfect mix of good food, tasteful music, catch-up stories and just about the right people, you don’t have to worry about an epic party fail.  It will simply be epic, even your neighbors would approve.


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