Valentine’s Day Means A Lovely Massage For Two At Your Condo Home


Lift your head up and smell the aroma of chocolate and the scent of flowers. Yes, its Valentine’s Day! Last year, you’ve already prepared a romantic candle-lit dinner on a yacht. The other year, you serenaded her complete with a bouquet of roses and her favorite box of chocolates at her condo. Oh and don’t forget that time when you surprised her early in the morning with a breakfast in bed. With all these sweet and well-thought-out dates, you might be running of Valentine’s Day ideas! How do you intend to top them all off with an interesting and equally sweet surprise this Hearts day?

Romantic dinners, fireworks, roses, and chocolates are all thrown in the book of cliché’s. To have that perfect Valentine’s date that you long for, you should consider your partner and her needs. Technically, all you need is a personal touch of effort and you already have a perfect Valentine’s date! Since Valentine’s is the day to spend quality time with your loved ones, why not go for romantic massage for two at the comfort of your own home?

With a hectic schedule and exhausting work, couples tend to spend their Valentine’s Day at the comfort of their own home while watching movies, relaxing, and maybe exchanging Valentine’s gifts in the process. Though strange, this actually is a practical thing to do. With this, a romantic couple’s massage is perfect for a tamed-down and sensual date for couples who would rather stay home than go out during Valentine’s. With these tips, here’s how to score a romantic massage for two at home:

Set the Mood

First things first, you should still keep this as a surprise. Always remember that women love surprises, almost everyone do, right? Anyhow, with the aid of a house helper, distract your woman as soon as she wakes up. Pretend that you needed her at your condo right away to lure her into the massage nest that you have built. You may also leave a note or a fake spa certificate by her bed addressed at your home.

Set the mood in your home. Clear up unnecessary furniture and make sure to set up a flat and stable bed. Choose the room where you will set up a massage space. Make sure that the room is clean, with clean sheets, pillows, and towels. Set up the music into instrumental music and turn it to a medium volume. Music is important because it relieves stress and adds up to the entire aesthetic value of your spa space. If you are living in a condo or if you intend to conduct this Valentine’s date in a condo rental then you might have to reconsider certain factors when it comes to condo improvement. You may put mirrors and scented candles around the room to give it more of the spa ambience. At the same time, prepare a pot of tea for your special someone or hot water. Keep the curtains closed to set off a relaxing mood.

Proper Lighting Helps

Whether you opt for romantic candles or lights to create the atmosphere, it’s important to know the proper combination of lights which makes or break the look of the entire room. In a spa space, perfect lighting is everything. Since our couples massage is intended for the morning, closing all window curtains would mean insufficient life for the massage to actually take place. As such, warm yellow light is best for a massage space.

For some condo house design, they actually allow the condo architecture to be redefined in order to achieve the taste of the owner. However, you do not need a total overhaul of your condo, all you need is the proper lighting to achieve that condo designs for Valentines.

Keep It Short, Sweet, Simple, and Sexy

Just KISSSS, keep it short, sweet, simple and sexy. A normal spa session would only take a maximum of 30 minutes and since you are a newbie when it comes to massaging, then 15 minutes or is enough. The target for this surprise is to keep your loved one relaxed as possible while you put out all your effort all for her. With this Sensual Massage and quick and easy steps, you are sure to reconnect with your partner and show her the love this Valentine’s season.

Pamper Session: Sensual Massage

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Things needed:

  • Massage Oil (you may use lotion instead of massage oil)

  • Body Towel

  • Feather

  • Face towel soaked in hot water

  • Tea

  1. Instruct your lady to take a bath and put on the towel. Let her lie down the bed face down while you bring out the feather, lotion, and massage oil.

  2. Using the feather, run it over the back of your partner. This induces excitement and calmness to her body making her more relaxed and prepared for the actual massage. This should just last for about 10-15 seconds.

  3. Begin your massage with a series of sensual kisses from the nape down to the back. Afterwards, focus on one spot of the body, the best would be the shoulders. Sing your fingers, knuckles, and even elbows, knead, stroke, compress, and apply friction to the points of pressure.

  4. After finishing the back, you may transition to the legs and the shoulders by kneading which is like what cats would do when they are calm or when they like your company. You could transition to a head massage and wait for a couple of minutes for your partner to sleep.

  5. After a couple of minutes, wake her up with a kiss on the nape and serve her tea. Give her the hot towel to help her rub off the unwanted oil or lotion.

The power of Touch

Intimate and romantic massage is not actually about doing it right at the very core. It is about your true intentions and deep feelings for a person. The power of touch builds a physical connection between you and your partner. At the same time, studies show that touching equips us the ability to relay emotional signals such as hate and love to the other person we are touching.

Peggy Morrison Horan, author of Connecting Through Touch explains that “Massage is about being emotionally present, touching your partner with intention, and paying attention to his reactions.”

February 14 may just be like any ordinary day. However, for lovers, Valentine’s Day is a special day wherein we could spend quality time with our loved ones. This does not mean that we only have to make our loved ones special on this specific day alone though. Valentine’s Day is more than just giving gifts, it is appreciating the people we love but you should remember that everyone should make their loved ones feel loved every minute, every second of every day. So get up on your feet, spread some love, and start planning that romantic couples massage for your sweet Valentine!



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