Top Interior Design Ideas For Your Condo

When you turn the key to your condominium, what do you see? Do you see the dream home you’ve always wanted to have when you were younger? Or is it just a bare and blank space with all your belongings?

According to The Atlantic, homes are significant because it’s a part of our self-definition. They are more than just a physical structure we live in. It is an extension of ourselves and how we want to be seen by others, may it be by family, friends, and even strangers.

The space you live in reflects who you are as a person. That is why transforming your condominium into a space that truly reflects your taste and personality is just as important as having a roof over your head.

But designing a condominium unit isn’t an easy task. There are patterns and motifs, budget requirements, and permits that we need to consider first before designing the condominium unit of our dreams.

Before you dive head-first into a complete condo unit transformation, here are some things to keep in mind as you embark on the exciting journey of decorating your new home.

Choose a condo design inspiration that fits you

Choose a condo design inspiration that fits you

Before anything else, you need to choose what you want your small condo unit design to look like. There may be limited space in a condominium but not limited interior design ideas to make your unit look like your home.

If you’re stuck on creative ideas for home decor, the most popular condo design themes this 2019 range from contemporary, traditional, and modern tropical, to eclectic patterns. These condo design trends are all different from each other when it comes to color palette, patterns, lighting, layouts, and even window fixtures.

Taking one of the most popular condo design trends, contemporary condo design has a simple and no-frills approach. The prevalent color palette is neutral and monotone colors that make the space look cool and clean. Even the minor key pieces like lighting, art, and home decor are in metal colors and materials that communicate simplicity at its best.

On a different note, the modern tropical design is all about incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and natural lighting to the condominium space. This condo style interior design is perfect for condo owners who want to be in touch with nature and experience resort-living even at the heart of the city.

There are so many condo design trends to choose from. You just have to find the condo design inspiration that represents you, your interests, and the things that make you feel at home best.

Know your condo’s renovation rules

Know your condo’s renovation rules

All condominium projects have homeowner rules and regulations to follow when it comes to renovation.

Keep in mind that before you do any type of condo renovation, you must first inform your property management office of your plans to renovate. Although you first need to give them your renovation plans first before approval, it’s best to know your condo’s renovation limitations first before setting everything in place.

This is the biggest difference when it comes to doing interior design to a house compared to a condominium unit. More than just the limited space, you need to be more cautious when it comes to designing a condo unit.

There are multiple things to consider like working permits, design guidelines, and safety requirements before and after you conduct a full-on renovation at your condominium building. Be considerate to other homeowners and neighbors. Follow all the building guidelines and make sure to abide by the rules to avoid disruptions in construction that may affect your moving into your dream home.

Allocate enough

Allocate enough budget

Time to lay down your budget. From your condo design inspiration, ask yourself what matters most in your home. Everything you initially planned with your condo living interior design must be molded or at least come into terms with the budget you have set.

But how much is condo renovation in the Philippines? Interior designer Vera Villarosa-Orila renovated a 50-square-meter condominium, covering construction, furniture, and accessories which cost her about Php15,000 to Php20,000 per square meter. More or less you will be shelling out at least half a million for your dream home to happen.

To give a rundown on the expenses: you have to take into account the cost of demolition, flooring and tiling, plumbing, electrical wiring, furniture, upholstery of doors, windows, and cabinets, and even your small home decor.

Out of all the areas of your home, expect the kitchen and the bathroom to be the most expensive places to design and renovate in your condominium unit. These are the most expensive areas that require a lot of extra work and plumbing to get the job done. Plus, these are the areas that are most used in a home.

Depending on your initial plans on how to decorate your condo unit, be financially prepared to spend a lot to make your dream home come to life.

Formulate a condo design plan

Formulate a condo design plan

Once you’ve chosen your condo design inspiration, the hardest part is yet to come: the planning stage.

Envision your dream home into your existing condo living space. From there, list down the things you want to keep in your home and the things you want to discard. Consider if these items can be revamped to fit your design peg. Also, list down all the items and materials you need to buy and where to find them. Everything from construction materials, tiles, and fixtures to simple home decor.

Be wary when browsing as you may be tempted to buy items that don’t fit in with your condo design inspiration. Interior designer Marc Laroco said in an interview that buying condo home decor just because it looks great without considering the effect to your overall design is the number one mistake condo dwellers make when doing DIY interior decorating for their condominium.

Set a reasonable timeline

Set a reasonable timeline<

Once you have your design peg, your to-do lists, and materials ready, then it’s time to create a timetable of all the major and minor renovations you want to make for your home.

Your timeline still depends on the overall design of your home, the scope of work you want to do, and the area/s or space/s you want to renovate. Gila Salvador of Madhouse Studio designed a 22-square-meter condo unit in 45 days. This is just for designing the space with the theme of ‘beach vacation living’ and creating more storage space like cabinets, tables, and other multi-functional furniture.

Interior designer Rock Robins managed to renovate a 64-square-meter condominium in Makati in just 3 weeks time due to his/their client’s request. The design peg was Singaporean modern design, with an additional special request to make space for a small office. Due to the time constraint, major renovations were not able to be accommodated. But overall, the whole peg was done and executed, leaving the client satisfied.

If you want to transform your condo unit from top to bottom, then construction may take as fast as three months to as long as a whole year. This all depends on whether or not you have a clear vision, a proper plan, and a skilled team to make the magic happen. But most importantly, take into account the homeowner guidelines discussed before.

Settle all the necessary requirements, submit your renovation plans, the scope of work and specifications—all for the approval of the property management office first before you proceed with construction. There are also workers’ ID permits, construction bonds, and monitoring fees to consider.

Once you’ve settled all the requirements, only then can you start the labor-heavy work in renovating your condominium.

Make your condominium unit You

Make your condominium unit You

With all the planning and preparations, here comes the real deal: the whole construction of your condo unit design. Keep in mind that there will be more hurdles in budget or construction to overcome just to make your dream space come to life.

What’s important is you should build your home exactly the way you imagine it in your head. Each paint color you choose for your walls, each fixture you decide to buy, and each furniture you place is the result of hours of planning, searching, and building your own condo living space.

Now that you’ve designed your condominium unit to how you want it. Turn the key to your new home and tell me what do you see? Is it still the blank empty space that has all your belongings? Or is it the dream home you’ve always wanted to see when you were younger? It’s all on you.

To help you design your condominium into your dream home, we have provided the best colors and patterns to the trendiest light fixtures, and the practical furniture designs to make your condominium reflect who You are.


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The Kitchen Color Guide for Your Condominium this 2019

The kitchen is more than just a place for storing food and cooking meals. It is the ideal spot to bond with family, making it one of the most important rooms in every home. For a space as busy and important as the kitchen, you’d want to make it look relaxing, comfortable, and inviting for every member of your household. And this is where the color theme would play a pivotal role in the overall kitchen interior design.

Are you interested in repainting your kitchen walls to make it more appealing? Here are some of the popular colors you might want to try out this 2019.

Kitchen Terracota


This hue has an orange tinge, which emits a feeling of energy and warmth. Not to mention that it’s also the shade of youth, vitality, and a sense of adventure.

Kitchen Green

Dark green or teal

Same as the color of tree leaves, plants, and grass, dark green conveys the feeling of being one with nature. Incorporate this beautiful color into your kitchen and transform it into a relaxing space. Furthermore, dark green or teal can also make the whole room feel more luxurious as these tones represent prestige, wealth, and abundance.

Kitchen Deep Blue

Deep blues

Another color that works well in kitchen interior design is deep blue. This can make kitchens look exciting while conveying a calming effect like the ocean. Use this shade as an accent for whites, grays, and other neutral tones.

Kitchen WhiteGray

White and gray

If you’re going for that timeless appeal, you can never go wrong with whites and grays. These shades can make any room look fresh, clean, and bright.

  • Living Coral

    As the Pantone color of the year, this vibrant but soothing color will not only make your kitchen look trendy, it’ll also bring more life in the heart of your home. Check out the different kitchen interior design ideas that feature this amazing shade and see for yourself how it can turn your kitchen from drab to fab in an instant.

  • Yellow

    Same as the color of sunshine, any shade with yellow tones can make a room more lively, fun, and inviting making this bright pigment ideal for fun-loving, playful families.

Keep in mind that these condo kitchen design ideas and shades are just recommendations and the color you’ll choose is entirely up to you. If you’re thinking of making your kitchen look more elegant but fun, repainting it is the best way to go.

Light It Up: The Basics of Kitchen Lighting

Yes, the kitchen may primarily be designed for cooking and preparing food but it has become more than just that. In fact, it has become the heart of the home as pretty much every member of the family uses it. And it’s not just to get nourishment but to use it as a hub where everyone meets—from late-night chitchats over light snacks to discussing serious family matters during dinner.

That said, gone are the days when the lights are there just to provide illumination. More than just allowing you to see at night, the lights in your kitchen can turn the room into a more relaxing space where people can gather comfortably.

That’s why if you’re looking to make your kitchen more inviting for the whole family, upgrading the lighting fixtures in your cooking area is the way to go. Know more about the different elements of lighting with this simple design guide.

Kitchen General Lighting

General lighting

The general or the main source of light in your kitchen. Make sure that it’s bright enough for you to be able to see everything in your cooking area clearly. The main light is usually brighter than the other lighting fixtures and is placed in the center of your kitchen’s ceiling to provide better illumination.

Kitchen Accent Lighting

Accent lighting

The lighting fixtures strategically placed in your kitchen to highlight specific spots. Place spotlights to illuminate decors and designs such as paintings and other wall accents. Cabinet lights, inside pantry lights, as well as hanging pendant lights, can also provide accents to the area’s sinks and counters.

Kitchen Mood Lighting

Mood lighting

Also called ambient lights, these lighting fixtures provide a “feel” or a mood to certain areas in your kitchen. These will also add depth and dimension to the place. Other examples include toe kick lighting or the lighting around the perimeter of the space, underneath the lower cabinets and underneath the kitchen island. Recessed lighting, flush mounts, pendant and suspension lamps placed on focused areas can effectively provide the mood you would want.

Kitchen Task lighting

Task lighting

These lighting fixtures can make your life easier as it works like a spotlight that illuminates specific areas in your kitchen where you usually work. Overhead kitchen counter or island tops and cabinet interiors would be an ideal spot to install task lights as these areas are often where you need the lights the most.

The lights in your kitchen are vital for the room’s overall look and ambiance. May it be for practicality or for aesthetic purposes, these lighting fixtures can either make or break your kitchen’s overall feel and design. Lighting your kitchen with the right fixtures can be an easy task as long as you have a particular look and feel in your mind and if you stick to your plan.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s your space, after all, so you get to call all the shots when it comes to designing it.

Modern Kitchen Appliances to Watch Out For

Technology has taken over our everyday lives. Yes, even in the kitchen where we cook and eat (two of the most primal aspects of our existence), can be a lot more technologically advanced than you think. The best condo kitchen designs in recent years aren’t just about aesthetics anymore; they also include the latest kitchen appliances that make tasks such as cooking and dishwashing a lot easier and faster.

From entertainment to providing you with alternative cooking methods, modern appliances and gadgets can transform a kitchen into a lot more than just the place where we store, prepare, and consume our food. And if you’re a condo owner with a small kitchen looking for an upgrade, we highly suggest these devices that will certainly make the heart of your home a lot more appealing.

  • Steam Ovens

    One of the fastest-growing trends when it comes to kitchen appliances, steam ovens are definitely something you should consider. That’s because compared to traditional oven cooking of baking and roasting, steam cooking is faster, not to mention healthier as this way of cooking helps in retaining valuable vitamins and nutrients in your food.

  • Bluetooth-synced devices

    Going wireless via Bluetooth is also now a reality in modern kitchens. Now you can control your oven or your stovetop using your smartphone. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about your roast chicken burning in the oven while spending time with your family in the living room.

  • Finger-touch knobs

    Soon, the knobs to control your kitchen appliances will be a thing of the past as finger touch and swipe controls are making their way into the kitchens of the future. They’re not only more intuitive to control, but they also look more pleasing to the eye.

  • Wi-Fi-powered appliances

    Taking the “wireless” aspect of modern kitchens a notch higher, Wi-Fi capable appliances allow for a better, faster, and smoother way to control your kitchen appliances wherever you are. Now you’ll be able to set the oven (with the chicken you prepared and put in the oven earlier) even before you get home from work.

  • Multi-cookers

    Whether you want to steam, broil, slow cook, stew, boil, or roast your food, you can get it done using just a single kitchen appliance: the multi-cooker. With it, you wouldn’t have to spend on different cooking appliances that do only one thing. Can you even imagine how much money you’ll be able to save with this amazing device? Not to mention that it’s a space-saver, perfect for those who have a small kitchen.

  • Induction cookers

    They cook faster, use less energy, and are safer and earth-friendly; not to mention that they’re easier to clean and looks a lot more attractive than traditional stovetops. It is not surprising that induction cookers are one of the top trends in kitchen upgrades nowadays.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your condo, you should definitely start in this key area with these kitchen interior design ideas.

Living Room

Living Room
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10 Overlooked Fixtures For Your Condo Living Room

Think you have a boring living room? Spice up your condo space with these stylish living room design ideas using commonly overlooked fixtures.

Living Room Ottoman

Ottomans for your storage problems

When it comes to condo storage ideas, homeowners usually need to get crafty. No need for bulky cabinets for your condo living and dining room design if you can use storage ottomans to stash toys and other small items in your unit. It’s probably one of the most practical living room design ideas you’ve heard.

  • Go green

    Want to bring zen into your room? Why not buy a plant? It’s perfect for a small condo living room and it won’t break your budget since you can get a beautiful plant pot (or two) for under Php500.

  • Drinks on you

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small table specifically for your drink, remote control, and mobile phone? You can add a drink table to your condo living room design. It’s small enough that it won’t block the path or add clutter in the living room, yet functional enough so that you don’t have to keep reaching for things you need and your drink.

  • Stay comfy with throw pillows

    A subtle way to add color to your condo living area design is with the help of throw pillows. You can buy a pillow set and, depending on your creativity, either buy a pillow cover to match the season or knit one yourself.

  • Get a side table

    The most common fixture in a condominium living room design is the side table. It’s functional, stylish, and small—that is why you should add this to your living room design.

  • Make a statement

    Aside from the door, the first thing that you and your visitors will see when they enter your condo is a rug to wipe their shoes on. A nice idea would be to have witty statement rugs to welcome visitors.

  • Display your kicks with a cool shoe rack

    A must-have for condo interior design ideas in the living room is a shoe rack. That’s because you have to make the most of the space in condos. Get a custom reclaimed wood shoe rack that will surely catch the attention of your visitors and wow them.

  • Buy an umbrella rack

    The Philippines is a tropical country that experiences a lot of rain throughout the year. You wouldn’t want to get your floor dirty with mud and rainwater right? So it’s only right that you include an umbrella rack with a catch basin in your living room.

  • Break the ice with coffee table books

    Add a few coffee table books to your condo living room. It’s a good way to break the ice and talk about things that interest you and your visitors through the coffee table books you have.

  • Get cozy in a throw blanket

    Ever felt like you just want to lie down on a couch all day? Why not get even cozier and get a throw blanket? It’s also a beautiful way to reflect your elegant-yet-comfortable style.

  • Hang some artwork

    It’s common for condo living room designs in the Philippines to include artwork. Why not buy from art fairs and support local artists. Find out the story behind their artwork so you have something to share with your visitors as a conversation starter.

  • Hang curtains, too

    Always get curtain sets that match the overall theme of your condo unit. It's affordable, fashionable, and relatively easy to install. Curtains aren't just for decorations; they also shield you from the sun if the day gets too hot.

Thinking of decorating your living room? Take a look at these overlooked living room fixtures that can really bring life to your boring space. These simple yet stylish fixtures can be a perfect addition to making your living room perfect for lounging and entertaining guests.

2019 Top Color Choices for Condo Living Rooms

They say first impressions last, and this holds true when it comes to your home’s living room design. Whether you live in a mansion or in a condo, the living room is always going to be the first room in your home that will be seen because it functions as a reception area for guests. Aside from that, this is the space where we usually gather as a family to watch TV, play board games, chat, and yes, even when we just want to sit quietly and relax after a long day at work.

That’s the reason why the living room design plays an integral part in your home’s overall mood and feel. And if it looks neglected and dreary, chances are your entire house would feel neglected and dreary, too.

So if you’re thinking of a condo project this summer that could effectively boost your home’s overall feel, we suggest getting the living room repainted. If you can’t think of a color to make your space look more appealing, here are some gorgeous colors you should definitely consider.

Living Room Lilac Gray

Lilac Gray

If you’re going for that rich “loungey” feel, this is definitely the perfect color for you. Aside from looking luxurious, lilac gray can also be a great backdrop for the colorful paintings in your living room.

Living Room Warn Blue

Warm Blue

Here’s another color from nature that you might want to blend into your condominium living room interior design. It’s the color of the sky as well as the sea, after all, so you can expect it to provide that calming effect into your living space.

Living Room Black

Charcoal Black

If you have too many decors and other knick-knacks in your common room, the entire room might look tacky. Tone it down a bit by incorporating charcoal black. It’s not only a great “diffuser”, but it will also add some sophistication to your living room.

Living Room Pewter


Pewter is perfect when blended in with other colors and decorations in your living room. The color evokes an earthy spirit, a great alternative to beige or brown. This color may seem boring but it can elevate a room and your mood with ease.

Living Room Clay


This color has the same feel of the color Living Coral, but with less flashiness and warmth. You can choose this color if you find Living Coral too loud for you.

Living Room White


Nothing much to say about this timeless classic. You can never go wrong with this elegant color. So if you're not too keen on experimenting with your modern condo living room design but you would want it to look fresh and relaxing, white is definitely the best way to go.

  • Living Coral

    Pantone’s color of the year is more than just eye candy. Its bright peachy/orangey tinge provides that warmth and glow that you would want in your living room. And much like its namesake—the corals that nourish millions of lives in the ocean—Living Coral can certainly make any room look fun, playful, and full of life.

  • Light Green

    Ever wonder why the sights of the great outdoors are known to be a stress-reliever? Well, the color of the grass, trees, plants—everything green in nature—does that to you. Yet another color that comes from nature that can instantly soothe the senses.

There are tons of condo living room design ideas available out there, but if you really want to see a huge upgrade without breaking the budget of a total room renovation, you should definitely repaint the walls. Try these and see for yourself.

Living Room Design Ideas: Living Room Lighting Styles

One of the most vital aspects of a living room design is the lighting. We’re not just talking about practical use but for aesthetic purposes as well. The proper use of lights can set the overall mood and feel of a condominium space. And because the living room is pretty much the focal point of your condo, you should always take into consideration how the lighting would affect the overall design of your living space.

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to our living area design. One might find a bright room to be more inviting, while others might like a dim living room for that luxurious lounge feel. But whatever your preferences are, your choice of lighting will definitely have a huge impact on the overall design of your living room interior design.

If you’re considering on tweaking the overall mood in your living room, here are some lighting ideas you should look into.

Living Room Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting

As the name suggests, these types of lighting fixtures don’t point directly to the area you want to be illuminated, but use walls and/or ceilings to bounce off the light. This means that it produces less glare compared to direct lights and offers a much more subtle way of giving off light for a much more calmer effect.

Living Room landscape

Landscape-oriented lighting

These fixtures span the width of the room compared to traditional ceiling lights that only give off light directly to the surface below them. This makes it perfect for those wanting their living rooms more illuminated.

Fiber lamps

Fiber lamps

Aside from their functionality, these beautiful lamps, which are made from natural fibers such as rattan, rope, and other woven grass, can add more personality into your living room interior design.

Do you want to stay on trend? Go for the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral. This shade “emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind.” Living Coral is perfect for your nature-inspired condo living room.

Living Room big lights

Bigger the better

Yup, lights are getting bigger nowadays—and we’re not just talking about slightly bigger than traditional ones, but huge ones. These large fixtures add a bit of pizzazz to your living space, not to mention that they can provide more light.

  • Integrated LED lighting

    In recent years, manufacturers have been integrating LED bulbs to add functionality and value to their products. You can take advantage of this as integrated lighting fixtures can save you money and are great space-savers, perfect for those living in a condo unit.

  • Sculptural shapes

    Think of them as works of art fitted with lights—that’s basically what it’s all about. These aren’t just light-providing lamps anymore but real statement pieces that could elevate your living room interior design in an instant.

  • Industrial minimalism

    This lighting style gives off a clean and modern appeal, thanks to its linear designs, geometric forms, and metallic colors. These monochromatic finishes add an elegant yet strong and impactful design that boldly illuminate the surrounding area.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of lighting design ideas to suit your needs. The examples mentioned above are just some of the popular ones you might like to try out. For you to be able to achieve the ambiance you want, you can always mix and match with the styles mentioned here. It’s all up to you on how you’d want your condo living room to look. Just make sure you understand how different lighting fixtures work and what effects each of them give off. That said, have fun with the project and enjoy the results!


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11 Beautiful Colors to Choose From for Your Condo’s Bathroom

Do you have a boring white bathroom? Want to change your condominium’s bathroom design? Take a look at these lovely design ideas for small spaces such as your condo unit.

Bathroom Copper

Copper sets the tone

Elegance is a theme that’s hard to get right. With copper as accent colors, you bring in additional texture and elegance to the overall theme. Copper is also one of the best bathroom designs to use if you have glass fixtures in the room.

Bathroom Black

Paint it Black

Black can be used to bring out many moods and looks, but when paired with silver accents you get a sexy, sophisticated look for your bathroom designs. Black, however, could make a small lavatory look even smaller, so be careful on how you use this color.

Bathroom Classic Neutral

Tone it down with Classic Neutral colors

Do you want to create a design for small bathrooms that has a truly relaxing atmosphere? Go for classic neutral colors like red neutral and lilac neutral as these shades create the illusion of space for you to unwind.

  • Jumpstart your day with Cherry Red

    Do you have a kid’s bathroom in your condo unit? A nice bathroom design for small areas with children is to use Cherry Red accents. This helps invigorate your child’s energy and is also a good color choice for kids.

  • And it was all yellow, Neon Yellow

    Want to add a fun, youthful vibe to your bathroom interior design? Neon Yellow creates a jolt of bright, youthful energy in any condo bathroom designs in the Philippines.

  • Plum’s the color

    If you want a color that’s sexy and exudes class and femininity in your bathroom condo design, then you’ll love Plum. It’s a dark shade of purple that works well on walls and even as highlights.

  • Teal is the real deal

    Do you want a condo bathroom design that makes a statement? Teal would be perfect for that. This color is cool to the eyes, like the crystal clear water at the beach or the bright blue sky. Use this bathroom design for your home if you want to feel a little bit more alive or daring than the usual.

  • Look at the Light Blues

    Blue projects peace, serenity, and calmness. Like water on the river, gently flowing around the stones and bringing life to wherever it goes. Blue can be paired with accent colors such as yellow and grey to bring out different kinds of moods for small house bathroom designs.

  • Celestial-inspired colors

    Celestial-inspired colors are shades such as dark blue and violet with metallic flakes that remind you of the night sky or deep space. It can be used as the main theme of the washroom to provide an uplifting atmosphere inside.

Use Pantone’s color of the year: Living Coral

Of course, we wouldn’t miss out on Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral. It’s a very flattering color that’s mostly used for feminine bathroom interior design ideas. Since it’s the color of the year, you might want to color your washroom with Living Coral or at least add accents to keep up with the trend in condo bathroom design ideas.

10 Beautiful Floor Tiles to Use for Your Bathroom

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Coming up empty on bathroom interior design ideas? Then you’ll have to take a good look at these beautiful bathroom floor tile designs to jump-start your creative process. After all, the tiles dictate the overall theme of the best bathroom designs.

Bathroom Patterned


Nothing like the good ol’ reliable patterned slabs for your bathroom. Its repetitive designs add so much visual interest even in small bathrooms. Patterned slabs also make excellent accent designs for any bathroom designs for home and establishments.


Fish scale

Want a bathroom interior design related to water? Nothing speaks more than fish scale tiles. It’s also one of the trendiest bathroom designs for small bathrooms as more and more people want to break away from the ordinary.

Bathroom Vertical Tile


Vertical tiles, which are space savers, are good options. Moreover, it’s easier to cover more space with fewer slabs, making it one of the best tiles for condominium bathroom designs.

Bathroom Mosaic Tile


Do you want to unleash your inner artist? Although this would require a little bit more labor and love, mosaic tiles offer small house designers more decorating possibilities to satisfy their creativity.

Bathroom Wood Tile

Wood effect

Wouldn’t it be nice to have wood in your bathroom floor? Luckily, there are bathroom tiles with wood-like design. These are great for condo bathroom designs, given that we live in a tropical country.

  • Honeycomb

    We see it in a lot of sci-fi movies and shows—the honeycomb pattern. Honeycomb or hexagon tiles create a sophisticated or sometimes futuristic theme. It’s also considered the strongest and least wasteful shape, making it perfect for small floor bathroom designs.

  • Geometric linear shapes

    If you want a bathroom design for a small area that would stimulate your visual senses, you can try using slabs with geometric linear shapes. You might want to ask the help of a professional interior designer, so you don’t mess up the overall look of your bathroom. That’s unless you’re confident with your designing skills.

  • Herringbone

    Herringbone tiles give a subtle illusion of interweaving designs. In reality, these are designs consisting of pillars with short parallel lines. These types of tiles are perfect for people who want condo bathroom designs that have a touch of elegance.

  • Moroccan-inspired

    When you think of Morocco, intricate design patterns characterized by vibrant colors that somehow remind you of the sea come into mind. It’s a wonderful design idea for small spaces as Moroccan-inspired tiles can make a room look big and colorful.

  • Engineered wood

    Can’t get over the idea of having wood tiles in your bathroom? Good thing there’s this bathroom condo design that would allow you to have this and it’s called engineered wood tiles. The base material is made out of plywood, making it more resistant to water and sturdier than traditional natural wood tiles.

If you’re planning to revamp your condominium bathroom design, then start checking out these design patterns. Don’t settle for the plain and boring, explore your options with these ten-floor tile designs that are sure to spruce up your washroom space.

7 Cool Fixtures to Have in Your Condo Bathroom

Do you want to fix up your bathroom? Do you have a design in mind? If you’re still clueless, you need to check out this list of must-have fixtures to complete your bathroom condo design. After all, you would want your designs to stand out from the rest when it’s done and dusted.

Bathroom Storage Ledger

Storage ledges

A must-have fixture in a condo bathroom is storage ledges to make the most of the small space we have. Take a look at the best bathroom designs and adopt the ones that will work for your bathroom.

Bathroom Ottoman Ledger

Ottoman storage

Speaking of storage space, the ottoman chair would be an excellent addition to any small bathroom design. It will allow you to store small items such as magazines or extra clothes or sit down while you dress up.

  • Destination tubs

    Did you know that this year, 80 percent of home remodelers who were planning to upgrade their bathtubs are looking to add soaking tubs? One of the ways to make your condo bathroom designs look posh is to install a destination tub.

  • Exposed hardware

    Some condo owners love to add the industrial look in their bathrooms. You can achieve this by exposing hardware such as pipes, faucets, bathtubs, as well as using tungsten light bulbs, and leaving the walls and floor bare of tiles and paint. White paint and modern marble accents, on the other hand, can be seen in the best small bathroom designs to exude a modern industrial theme.

  • Pewter and gunmetal hardware

    Another way to give texture and depth to your small bathroom designs is by using pewter and gunmetal hardware such as faucets, pots or any furniture made from metal similar to the material used in utensils.

  • Custom or do-it-yourself vanities

    If you want to add a custom touch to your bathroom interior design ideas, you can hire a carpenter to create custom vanities like cabinets and mirrors. You can have mirror cabinets to keep your medicine or beauty and cleaning products, side shelves to add scented candles for relaxation, and glam lighting for your skincare or makeup routine.

    In case you don’t want to spend too much, you can always DIY the vanities for your bathroom. You can create storage using weave baskets and add additional lamps that fit your ideal bathroom design idea.

  • Brass and gold water fixtures

    Want to add class to your condo bathroom? What else can scream luxury than brass and gold water fixtures? Luckily, you can buy these from hardware stores or have it custom-made by your suppliers.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your condo bathroom, consider taking a look at these bathroom fixtures so you know what to get to complete your bathroom design. These may be small improvements, but these fixtures can really revamp and modernize your living space.


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    You should spare no expense when you redesign your condo bedroom. As the most important part of your condo, make sure you design it in the best way.

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13 of the Hottest Colors to Paint Your Bedroom

Want to change your bedroom design into something trendy? Don’t know the best color for bedroom walls? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Take a look at this guide on how to choose bedroom colors.

Bedroom Forest Green

Rejuvenate with Forest Green

The forest is a great place to take a break from all the action of city life. It reconnects us with nature, takes away our stress, and relaxes us. That’s why forest green is one of the best bedroom colors for your private sanctuary.

Bedroom Green Blue

Feel at home with Green Blue

Love the Earth’s colors? Infuse it into your bedroom interior design by using both green and blue. Use either color as the primary hue, while the other will complement it as an accent color, giving a genuine cozy vibe. It’s one of the best bedroom colors for sleep.

Bedroom Purple

Classy Deep Purple

Would you like to turn your bedroom into a classy retreat? You should use deep purple in your condo bedroom design ideas to achieve a sophisticated chic look.

Bedroom Pale Pink

Stay chic with Pale Neutral Pink

Want a subtle color to make your room look hip and chic? Try Pale Neutral Pink for your small condo bedroom design. It’s an excellent choice for your walls or even as accents to a white wall.

Bedroom Gray Lilac

Make your bedroom simply classy using Gray Lilac

Intense colors don’t work well when it comes to the bedroom—especially if you want your condo bedroom design to look chic. Gray lilac is a beautiful color to use if you want to achieve this look, yet want your room to be bright.

Bedroom Soft Apricot

Elegance with Soft Apricot

Looking for a bright, elegant color to match your condo bedroom design ideas? Soft apricot—yes, it’s an actual color—would fit in well. It’s warm, bright, and exudes simple elegance without demanding too much attention.

Bedroom Sunset Pink

Beach vibe with Sunset Pink

Do you know that feeling when you lie down on the beach and watch the sunset? Isn’t it a relaxing feeling? Relive that moment every time you enter your bedroom when you paint it sunset pink.

Bedroom Cinnamon

Bring serenity with Cinnamon

Being in your home makes you feel safe, calm, and peaceful. If you want to paint your bedroom with the same vibe, choose Cinnamon. It’s a warm color usually used for old fixtures in the house and floors for a cozy theme that feels just like home.

Bedroom Dark Brown

Exude a high-end theme using Dark Brown

Drawing up an interior design for a one-bedroom condo unit? Want it to feel like a high-end room? Paint it dark brown, and you’ll end up with a bedroom that’s fit for a rich individual.

Bedroom Clay

Play with Clay for your bedroom walls

Clay is a wonderful color to use for your one-bedroom condo unit. You can use various bedroom colors and moods to come up with beautifully-created themes with Clay as either the primary or accent color. Whatever it is you choose you can’t go wrong with this color.

  • Feel the warmth of Mustard Yellow

    Want to feel happy in your bedroom? Then you should consider mustard yellow for your bedroom design. You should either paint it mustard yellow or, have accents to bring in the sunny, cheerful vibe into your bedroom.

  • Subtly relaxing Gray-green

    If you want to add a calm and relaxing mood in your condominium bedroom design, consider using gray-green. It’s a shade of green that’s flat and leans towards the grayscale, almost similar to mint. It’s also easy to work with when matching fixtures and other colors.

  • Muted Red colors for that classic theme

    Would you like a timeless theme for your master bedroom? Muted red will give you just that for your condo master bedroom design.

For those who want a new life and color to their bedroom, hopefully, this color guide will help you in choosing the right shade for your space. Out with the old and plain and welcome hip and trendy bedroom colors so you don’t go out of style.

9 Latest Lighting Trends to Implement in your Condo Bedroom

There’s always good lighting for every occasion, especially in a place as intimate and private as the bedroom. Whether you want your much-deserved beauty sleep, time alone with your partner, or even a late-night-binge watching of your favorite series, your bedroom design and lighting should be versatile enough to reflect the mood of those activities.

From basic to bold or dimmed to dramatic, lighting is a crucial player in your bedroom interior design. Here are the trendiest lighting designs you can install in your bedroom.

Bedroom Natural Light

Bedroom pendants

Bring your condominium bedroom design to life with pendant fixtures. By hanging it by your bedside, you can quickly improve your design aesthetics while freeing the floor from any space taking lamps.

Bedroom Floor Lamps

Built-in floor lighting

Placing floor lamps can improve your overall condo bedroom design by creating an impact on the mood and ambiance of a room helping you unwind and relax better in your own private space. For example, adding a floor lamp to a darkened corner can brighten up the space, making it warm and welcoming.

Bedroom Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamp

Ceiling lights come in a wide array of versatile options that you can adapt to different spaces. This trend is ideal for both indoor and outdoor space since it can keep a room cool during the warm months. Adding this fixture can turn your bedroom design from a dull room into something uniquely special.

Bedroom Natural Light

Natural lighting

No condo bedroom interior design beats the power of all-natural lighting. Using the window as the light source gives the room a look and feel a bigger space.

Bedroom Reading Light

Reading light

A condo master bedroom design isn’t complete without a reading light. This lighting fixture is perfect for condo dwellers who love to curl up with a good book before going to bed. Amp up your regular reading lamps with sculptural or even jewelry designs that add a statement to your overall bedroom design.

  • Indirect lighting

    Interior designers see indirect lighting as super on trend this 2019. Embracing indirect light is one of the best ways you can bring the outdoors to the most personal rooms of your home. By using it in the bedroom, you can create a calming and soothing ambiance perfect for a good sleep after a day at work.

  • Light dimmer controls

    Adding light dimmers to your bedroom is a must this 2019! Dimming lowers the intensity of the light but also creates different moods and atmosphere for your bedroom. Plus, it also saves the energy and lifetime of bulbs inside the lighting fixture.

  • Built-in bedside wall lamps

    Bedside wall lamps are an overlooked solution when it comes to your lighting issues. These fixtures can create a clean and sleek accent lighting that blends in seamlessly with your condo space, adding warmth to any area.

  • Butterfly wall sconces

    Sconces make lighting up bedrooms convenient since you can plug them to a power outlet. This 2019, butterfly-shaped scones are a unique and futuristic lighting trend for your condo bedroom design that is guaranteed to help you sleep more peacefully.

Upgrade Your Condo Bedroom Design With Must-Have Fixtures

In a condominium, the bedroom is an essential part of the unit. It’s where at the end of a long and grueling day you get to rest, relax, and just be yourself. It’s the one space for which you should spare no expense in getting the best and trendiest pieces. You can even add a unique spin to how you want your bedroom to look like with fun and quirky pieces.

Choosing a design trend might be tricky, but read on to discover some of the trendiest small condo bedroom design ideas this 2019.

Bedroom Natural Light

Under-bed storage

You’ve probably never given the underside of your bed a second thought. But if you live in a small condo unit, you know the horrors of having not enough space for your belongings. You should consider using under-bed storage if you plan to improve your small condo bedroom design. Under-bed storage is a quick and easy way to make the most of every nook and cranny you have in your condo unit when you need more space.

Bedroom Natural Light

Mismatched furniture

Perfection is overrated. There’s no rule on condo master bedroom design that states that all of your furniture has to match and come as a complete set. Using mismatched furniture adds creativity and uniqueness to a room. Keep in mind that you should restrain yourself by being too unique. Pick a common theme or color and innovate from there.

Bedroom Natural Light

Unusual headboards

Your bed should be the center of your bedroom design. There are many different ways you can have a unique headboard. You can have a custom art piece made for you, or you can go and find some reclaimed wood and have it turned into a headboard. And yes, it’s supposed to be oversized and over the top. However, it shouldn't look out of place.

Bedroom Natural Light

Multifunctional furniture

One of the best small bedroom design tricks is having multifunctional furniture. Fancy a couch that turns into a bed? Or a small table that pops out from a small space in the wall. The possibilities are endless with multifunctional furniture for your condo unit. The best thing about multifunctional furniture it that it gives you so much more space to improve the rest of your condo. If you’re planning to use multifunctional furniture, make sure that you stick only to the essentials. The goal of multifunctional furniture is to have less with more. So keep that in mind.

Bedroom Natural Light

Hanging shelves

Shelves are one of the best ways to create more space. But if you’re looking to upgrade your small condo bedroom design, then you should use hanging shelves. Hanging shelves are one of the best ways to get started with vertical living while keeping up to date with the latest design trends this 2019.

These are just some of the best condominium design trends that you should try in your condo. Remember that when you’re redesigning your unit, it should reflect who you are and your unique sense of creativity. No matter what design trends you are following this 2019 the result should be uniquely yours alone.


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11 Easy Condominium Balcony Design to Try

When thinking of condo interior designs, there is one living space that is easily forgotten and neglected by most if not all condo dwellers: your condo balcony design.

Condominium owners spend so much time making their interiors look great, yet forget that there is a small piece of untouched space right outside that can be used to their advantage. Don’t let your balcony go to waste. Make the most out of your condo living space with these easy to do condo balcony design:

  • Add wooden flooring

    Adding decking squares to your flooring is a convenient small condo patio decorating idea if you want to keep the original material of your condo flooring safe and intact, giving your balcony a clean, cozy feeling.

  • Place fake grass

    Another convenient fix for a fresh and vibrant small balcony is using fake grass as your balcony flooring to give it a more natural look, without the extra maintenance.

  • Have an outdoor rug

    An outdoor rug is great for integrating your balcony with the rest of your home. This small balcony idea helps you realize that outside space can be just as good as indoor space.

  • Use foldable furniture

    Foldable furniture won't take a lot of space, especially when stored properly. One moment you have a complete chair and table set on your balcony, then the next they're set aside to create more space when you don't need them.

  • Add a daybed

    Reinvent your condo balcony with a daybed full of fun, patterned pillows. A daybed marries your interior design theme and rustic elements to make it part of your home.

  • Place a mini bar trolley

    Enjoy your drinks and view with a mini bar trolley for drinks and glasses when entertaining guests. Once you've entertained your guests, roll the trolley indoors to make more room on the balcony.

  • Set up small bistro sets

    One cool balcony idea is setting up a bistro set. Bistro sets give your balcony a cozy vibe perfect for cool summer nights in the city.

  • Use air plants

    Indoor plants will always be a condo balcony trend. Maximize your vertical balcony space by hanging plants to accentuate your condo balcony design and make your balcony feel more refreshing.

  • Create a low-hanging herb garden

    Space is a premium in a condominium. One way to get fresh ingredients for your cooking is by creating your herb garden. Buy fresh herbs and pots and create an array of plants in your condo balcony.

  • Turn the magic up with fairy lights

    Create a magical feel to your condo balcony design by placing fairy or Christmas lights on the railings.

  • Create a private oasis

    If your condo balcony can just fit one to two people at a time, then just make it your own private oasis. Place a comfortable mat, add a few fluffy pillows, and place small plants around the space to create your own hideaway. You can even plug in a mini speaker for you to get some needed relaxation.

Space is premium in a condominium. Make the most out of your small living space by incorporating the balcony to your overall interior design.

10 Low-Maintenance Plants For a Greener and Better Condo

Living in the city can be convenient. But living in the concrete jungle offers little to no greenery. If there isn’t a park near you with large trees or plants, then add a bit more green to your slice of the city with easy-to-grow plants. It’s a good thing that DMCI Homes always dedicates large spaces in their condominiums for greenery. Even so, You should check out these low-maintenance plants and herbs that can grow indoors or in your condo balcony to up your mood and improve your condominium balcony design.

Indoor and outdoor plants

  1. Blue Echeveria
    Blue Echeveria plants are perfect for your balcony. They thrive in direct sunlight and need moderate watering during the summer months. Before watering, make sure that the soil is completely dry to prevent root rot.
  2. Aloe
    Aloe vera is also easy to care for, place in indirect sunlight and water infrequently. More than that, it has medicinal properties that moisturize and heal skin from scrapes and burns.
  3. Bamboo Palm
    If you’re looking to design your condo with oriental elements, one of the best indoor house plants to have in your balcony is Bamboo Palm. You need to place it in bright indirect sunlight and water it only when the soil feels dry.
  4. Money Tree
    Perfect for condo dwellers who tend to forget their plants. These only need indirect sunlight and water every 1 to 2 weeks when the soil is arid. Avoid overwatering to prevent the Money Tree from drowning.
  5. Spider Plant
    The Spider Plant is easy to care for and great for your condo balcony. One of the best indoor plants for purifying the air; they need indirect sunlight and moderate watering to prevent the soil from completely drying out.
  6. Cast Iron Plant
    A hardy and resilient plant, the Cast Iron Plant is the plant you’re looking for a low maintenance plant to add to your condo balcony design. Caring for Cast Iron Plants is simple. They only need indirect sunlight and moderate to frequent watering during the summer months.


You can also grow herbs inside your condo and its balcony if you want to use them fresh for cooking or to add to your condominium balcony design. Here’s a list of herbs that can grow in your condo and are perfect for home cooking — stack different types of herbs as a hanging garden to save space for your other larger plants.

  1. Basil
    A staple in Italian cuisine, basil is very easy to care for. Place the herbs on your balcony where it can get 6 hours of good sunlight and only water when the soil is dry to the touch.
  2. Mint
    Mint isn’t just perfect in making a fresh iced mint tea during the summer; they’re also easy to care for since they only need indirect sunlight and regular watering to keep the soil moist.
  3. Thyme
    A common herb in many dishes, you can grow thyme easily both indoors and outdoors in your condo balcony. They can grow best if they have 6 hours of sunshine. Just make sure you don’t overwater your thyme plants as they can quickly develop root rot.
  4. Rosemary
    Rosemary is simply one of the best indoor plants to have in your home. Just like thyme, let the plant have 6 hours of direct sunlight and don’t overwater them to prevent root rot.

You don’t have to search far to find greenery near your condo. By having these best indoor plants, you are sure to brighten up your living space.