Smart Storage Ideas for Wider Spaces


More and more people are choosing practical residential units like condos. Their cozy spaces offer intimate living experiences and, at the same time, the convenience of living near key areas. You may think that decorating your condo unit may be a little harder because of a more limited space. But actually, it’ll be easier with just a little bit of organization and adjustment of your condo layout. Being organized means you need to store and manage your things in the most convenient way without sacrificing so much space. You can also make your condo as wonderful as it can be with these helpful storage ideas:

1. Less is more

Too many things to keep? Add purpose to the things you bought.

  • If you are fond of scrap booking, you can actually use the clips for your stationery papers and gift wrappers. Put your colorful ribbons, spools and garters in paper towel holders. Arrange your art and reading materials in an old dish-drying rack.
  • Empty tissue boxes can be used as storage for your small plastics while empty jam jars can be used as a container in your craft room.
  • Use shower curtain hooks to organize your bags and shawls. Classify your jewelries by hanging it in a coat rack.
  • So many closets make your room crowded. It’s better to buy multifunctional furniture like ottoman which can be utilized as chair or table. Wardrobes can be used not only in keeping your clothes but also storage for your daily clutter.
  • The simpler the furniture, the better it looks. Sometimes, details like ruffles and additional fabric cover or mat lessen the originality and class of your furniture. For your window, simple paneled curtains or draperies can be good sunshades.

2. Maximize potential space

Sometimes, your closet or drawer spaces are not enough for your things to be kept. No worries, you can actually make the most of your wall and floor spaces.

  • Instead of putting picture frames on a crowded table, hang a specialized clock that has pockets for your family pictures.
  • If your hobby is reading books, you can use space under your stairs and build a book case in your desired layer of shelves. If you do not have a second floor, consider your wooden book against the wall and or near the ceiling. It creates a noticeable focal point.
  • As much as possible, put all the heavy materials like appliances in the corner or out of the walking way. Foldable furniture like study tables, wheeled and stacking pieces of appliances are easier to move here and there if you are cleaning or rearranging things in your condo.
  • A divider and pocket door can help increase visual space.

3. Harmonize colors, encourage beauty and balance

  • Having just one color makes your room look larger especially hues like white and ivory. A light or neutral colored ceiling, wall, floors, and windows render a visually appealing space allowance but also provide basic background for your colorful furniture, decorations, and other accessories. If you want to put other colors, it’s better to choose the same color family. Your wall can be painted blue or any other cool color since it can seemingly recede the walls.
  • A mirror can be a reflection of the beauty of your home. Aside from its basic use, it also lightens up dark corners since rays of light may bounce on its surface. It adds elegance to the totality of your room’s interior design. Mirrors have different sizes, frames and designs that may match your preferences.
  • When considering furniture like sofa, it’s wiser to buy sofas with legs since they’re lighter to the feeling. In addition, it is easier to move such kind of sofas.
  • Small space is tantamount in putting small furniture too. A minimalist design aesthetic can be a brilliant idea. Instead of sitting on a chair, why not sit directly on the floor? If it’s hard for you, just put pillows.

4. No-no to unnecessary things

Not all things should be seen.

  • Categorize things based on their purpose. For example, drawer 1 contains the compilation of your legal papers, drawer 2 contains accessories, and so on.
  • Organize, organize, organize. It’s easier to see things that you don’t use anymore when you do. Sort your things out and dispose or sell those that haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time.

Now, who says living in a limited space is impractical? It’s actually economical. You can never underestimate these kinds of spaces. It’s just a matter of creativity and discipline. Living life into the fullest is actually simple and not complicated.


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