Condo Upgrade Ideas to Boost Your Unit’s Market Value


The condo real estate market is incredibly competitive nowadays. There are tons of ready-for-occupancy (RFO) options out there for buyers and renters, so if you’re looking to sell or lease out your unit, you need to find ways to stand out among the densely populated real estate crowd.

If you’re looking to sell or rent out your condo in today’s competitive real estate market, then you need to make it incredibly valuable in the eyes of potential buyers and renters. By strategically upgrading aspects like your unit’s design and functionality, you can enhance its overall market value while also attracting surefire buyers and renters.

Before you renovate your unit, assess the property’s current market value. Ask yourself, “What is the value of my condo?” Then, consult with property experts and interior design guides to find where it works and lacks, so that you can pick ways to significantly improve your home and enhance the property’s overall value.

Want to upgrade your condo to give it an edge in today’s competitive real estate market? Discover the best ways to transform it with the help of this comprehensive guide by DMCI Homes.

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Elevating interiors to increase condo value

One way to transform your property and increase its market value is by focusing on its interior design. Elevating the design of your condo is a great way to make it more attractive to potential buyers and renters, thus increasing its value in today’s real estate market.

In need of effective tips to enhance the overall visual appeal of your property? Here are five simple ways to do just that:

1. Craft a cozy bedroom

The first area you’d want to focus on is your unit’s bedroom. To make this space more inviting for potential buyers and renters, go for a soft and cozy look that will let them feel like they can easily rest and relax in this small home.

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To execute this idea for a cozy resting spot, start by stocking up with bedroom must-haves. Lay out comfy blankets and pillows that come in specifically cool colors, like blue or green. Then, install a window curtain that comes in two layers – a gauzy and translucent layer to let in a little sunlight, and a thick cloth layer to block light out entirely. You can also put a soft but dense rug on the floor to give your feet a fluffy place to land in the mornings and evenings.

With a cozy bedroom, you can ensure that your future tenants feel comfortable and at home. Give potential buyers and renters a soft place to rest, to entice them towards your condo.

2. Update your bathroom fixtures

The second area you’d want to update in your unit is your bathroom. Check through fixtures like the faucet, shower head, shower curtain rod, or shelves, and ensure that they aren’t rusted or damaged. If these fixtures are looking a little worse for wear, refurbish them for a better look overall.

If it’s your first time doing renovations like this and you want to avoid a condo living mishap, then remember to check with your property manager if it’s okay to update your fixtures first. Once you have the all-clear, then you can proceed with adding or replacing these features in your bathroom.

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3. Mix and match colors and textures

Mixing and matching colors and textures in a simple condo unit can create a lot of energy and pizazz. By incorporating such combinations into the interior design of your property, you provide more depth and interest to the space, thus making it more enticing to folks looking for an RFO home.

centerpiece on coffee table beside sofa with three pillowsPhoto courtesy of Terje Sollie via Pexels

Make the living room as vibrant and lively as possible by layering various fabric shades and textures. Combine colors and patterns for couch cushions, rugs, window curtains, and table runners, to help the space look more detailed and inviting too.

You can do the same for other common areas, like the kitchen or the dining room. For private areas like your bedroom or bathroom, however, you’ll want to stick to more monochrome colors and textures for a calmer, cozier vibe.

4. Create a small office space

Another way to drive up the value of your property is to provide an onsite office space that’s conducive to productivity and work. Working from home has become a huge deal over the last few years; by following this trend and creating a home office in your unit, you make the property even more valuable to people who practice a hybrid work setup.

To create a mini workspace in your unit, start by bringing in essential office items like an ergonomic office chair and an adjustable, or standing, work desk. You can include additional things like a desk lamp, some storage space, and even some small potted plants, to liven up the area.

No matter what you put in this part of the condo, just remember to create a condo office design that’s conducive to work, so that tenants are inspired to use it accordingly.

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5. Make common areas more spacious

Condo units tend to be smaller in size when compared to other types of properties, like homes or townhouses. To make your property even more attractive to other types of customers, try opening up the common areas of your unit to make it seem more spacious than it actually is.

You can do this by maximizing the space available with the right furniture choices and placements. Install a big wall mirror in the living room to reflect light and let it seem a lot bigger. Go for open shelving in the kitchen so people can see through them and not feel boxed in. Push furniture against the wall for wider floor spaces and easier accessibility.

You can also make common areas seem more spacious by playing with proper lighting. Let lots of natural light in from your windows or balcony screen door. Add floor lamps to brighten things up too. With these tips, you can ensure that your unit looks a lot bigger, making it more appealing to future tenants.

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Increasing the value of condos with modern tech

If you’ve assessed your property and decided that you’d rather upgrade it with modern technology, then there are tons of options that you can try to boost its value today. Tech investments like smart home devices and energy-efficient solutions are just some of the ways you can update your unit. Here are a few more practical ways to integrate modern tech into your home right now:

  • Update your home security systems. A safe home is an attractive home for potential buyers or renters, so always remember to invest in security tools like surveillance cameras or alarm systems to make your unit more secure.
  • Automate your home. Home automation apps help you automate simple functions like turning lights on and off, controlling the thermostat, or switching appliances on and off. This can be an incredibly attractive feature that can increase your market value and entice potential investors.
  • Invest in long-lasting appliances. By choosing appliances that last the test of time, like refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, and other essential tools, you make your unit more valuable for long-term renters or buyers too.

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Optimizing space to improve the value of a condo

Think your small unit would benefit from a little more breathing room? Then consider driving up its overall value by optimizing it for space instead. With practical storage ideas, you can improve upon the functionality of your property, increase its livability, and make it more appealing to potential buyers and renters. Here are a few space-saving ideas to get you started:

  • Use multifunctional tables and cabinets. Utilize living room tables that double as drawers and storage solutions underneath. Alternatively, make use of cabinets that can also double as tables for you and your guests to use.
  • Store less-used items under the bed. You can use roll-out plastic containers to store clothes, shoes, or other items that you don’t normally use so that they don’t take up precious space in your everyday closet or shelves.
  • Create a roll-out kitchen pantry. By using a roll-out pantry in your kitchen, you can increase your usable shelf space for smaller items like snacks, canned or jarred food, and other items that aren’t as perishable.

All these condo transformation ideas are here to help you increase the value of your home. So remember to assess the needs of your unit, renovate it accordingly, and make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers and renters in the market this year.

bedroom with sofa and workspace in modern apartmentPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

Ready to find success for your property in today’s competitive real estate market? Bring these main takeaways with you before you go and transform your unit for the better:

  • Study the latest trends. By decorating your interiors and updating your appliances according to what’s most in demand, you can better entice customers to invest in everything your unit has to offer.
  • Maximize your space. Condo units tend to be smaller in size, so make sure to maximize your living space with multipurpose storage solutions.
  • Invest in smart technology. The necessity of home automation and smart technology are on the rise, so make sure to address this market need to garner tenant interest for your property too.

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