18 Things to Do to Boost Your Mood If You’re Working From Home

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Working from home is great! You can wear pajamas and stay in bed all day while working and playing with your pets without anyone getting in your way. The best part is you don’t have to deal with the hectic commute to and from the office. Indeed, work-from-home jobs can be anyone’s dream come true. 

However, even if you do enjoy all the perks that remote work provides, it can also negatively affect your mood and productivity. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, how do you get out of it? Here are 18 things you can do in your condo to boost your mood at work:

  1. Set work goals for each day.
  2. Set a working schedule.
  3. Set a dedicated space for work.
  4. Declutter and brighten your workspace.
  5. Don’t do office work and house chores at the same time.
  6. Step away from your desk.
  7. Start the day properly.
  8. Get dressed.
  9. Socialize via chat or text.
  10. Work outside once in a while.
  11. Let the sunshine in.
  12. Exercise
  13. Listen to good music.
  14. Hydrate.
  15. Eat healthy foods and away from your workspace.
  16. Minimize your distractions.
  17. Know when to stop.
  18. Be grateful and appreciative.

Want to know more about how you can incorporate this in your daily routine? Read on.

1. Set work goals for each day.

set work goals

Photo courtesy of Emma Matthews via Unsplash

Setting work goals for each day will help your mind focus on the tasks at hand. This will enable you to prioritize work that needs to be done for the day. Moreover, if you know the scope of the work you need to do, you can easily break them down into chunks. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed with the volume of your work-from-home jobs. A technique followed by many is the Pomodoro Technique: a way of organizing your daily tasks into chunks to help you stay balanced and productive throughout the day.

2. Set a work schedule.

When you were working at the office, you follow a work schedule. Similar to remote work, a way to improve your mood at work is by setting a clear work schedule. While it is true that working from home gives you the freedom to work anytime you want, having a schedule will help you not only boost your mood while working, but it will also keep you productive.

3. Set a dedicated space for work.

set dedicated space work

Photo courtesy of Serpstat via Pexels

As already mentioned, if you work from home, you can work in the comfort of your bed or your sofa. However, an excellent way to boost your mood and attitude at work is to set up a dedicated space for it. It doesn’t mean having a separate room in your condo that can serve as your office—though if you have that kind of extra space—hurray for you! 

If you don’t? Then at the very least, assign a personal desk dedicated for work and only do your work there. Ideally, the location of your work desk must be quiet and ideal for thinking and working, with little to no distractions. It is also ideal to invest in an adjustable desk that would allow you to work while standing from time to time. Your lower back will thank you for it down the line, instead of you sitting down throughout the day.

4. Declutter and brighten your workspace.

The condition of your workspace has a direct impact on your mood. Don’t let papers and other things clutter your desk. Instead, keep it tidy and clean. To keep you inspired and creative for work, try designing plain walls in your condo. Or, you can even make your starter DIY planter ideas and place them in your workspace to add a touch of green. Green is known to help you feel calm and relaxed—which will surely help during crunch time at work. 

Aside from adding beauty, indoor plants make you feel better, not only because they release oxygen, but also because they can improve your concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and improve your overall mood, especially at work.

5. Don’t do office work and house chores at the same time.

Most, if not all, people who work from home, are guilty of doing office work and house chores at the same time. They may reason that multi-tasking, i.e., letting the washing machine do the laundry while you do your work in front of the laptop saves time and gets two jobs done. While this may be true, combining work and household chores can ruin your focus. Instead, stick with your work schedule or get your work done early so you can accomplish the household chores you want to do for the day.

6. Step away from your desk.

Photo courtesy of Drew Coffman via Unsplash

Take necessary breaks away from your desk. Sometimes, because of deadlines, you may forget to take quick breaks such as going to the comfort room or eating lunch. Don’t ever prevent yourself from taking necessary breaks in between work when you need it. 

Even if you’re feeling uninspired or unproductive while working, stand up, step away from your desk and take a break. Taking this chance to relax your mind will help boost your mood at work. 

7. Start the day properly.

Similar to how you would start your day at the office, you should start the day properly, even if you’re working from home or managing a home-based business. This means hit the shower, get appropriately dressed, and eat breakfast. This will make you feel refreshed, especially here in Manila where the air is hot and humid. Eating proper breakfast will not only boost your mood at work, but it will also make you sharp and focused on your tasks for the day.

8. Get dressed.

get dressed


Photo courtesy of Moose Photos via Pexels

Even if you’re working from home by doing online work, data entry jobs, or other work-from-home opportunities, do your best to get dressed. You’ll never know when you might have a Skype meeting with your boss or clients. They might be covered in business attire for your meeting, only to see you in your pajamas. 

In a summary of a study conducted about clothing and cognitive thinking, it says, “Clothes don’t just shape the way other people see us… the clothes we wear can also influence the way we think… dressing to impress enhanced people’s ability to engage in abstract thinking.” 

Dressing each day for work doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort; it’s all about looking professional even in the confines of your home.

9. Socialize via chat or text.

Humans are innately social. We crave connection and communication. However, if you’re working at home, chances are you are alone and isolated. To keep your loneliness and feelings of isolation at bay, socialize with your friends via chat or text. If you’re having problems with your work, try reaching out to a former or a current colleague who can give you practical advice instead of googling for solutions.

10. Work outside once in a while.

work outside

Photo courtesy of Christine Hume via Unsplash

While it is convenient to work inside your condo, try to work outside every once in a while such as at a nearby cafe, restaurant, or library. Doing so will improve your mood while working and enable you to interact with others. A change of environment while working will also keep you inspired and creative in your work.

11. Let the sunshine in.

When working inside, open the windows, and raise your blinds and curtains. Let the sunshine in! The more sunlight your body is exposed to, the more serotonin your brain produces. One notable fact about Serotonin is its ability to help regulate emotions and keep you in a good mood.

12. Exercise.


Photo courtesy of Form via Unsplash

Exercise is essential to keep your body healthy and improve your mood. You can try simple workout exercises to relieve stress at home. 

Another option is to take a 10-to-15-minute walk outside your condo. As you do so, you get to appreciate the scenery or climb up or down the staircase and exercise your cardio. Exercising in the morning before your work will help you stay focused and energized throughout the day.

13. Listen to good music.

Background noise can hinder your focus at work. Listening to the right kind of music can help you eliminate or lessen background noise, improve creativity, and sharpen your focus while working. 

According to Melissa Chu, there are five types of music that increase your productivity, one of which is classical music. Of course, different kinds of music have different effects on people. So as you build your work playlist, choose music that you know helps you be happy and productive.

14. Hydrate.


Photo courtesy of Buenosia Carol via Pexels

Instead of binging on coffee and tea all the time, keep your water container beside you, as you work. Dehydration can have a negative effect on your mood and energy levels. To improve your mood at work, drink water regularly. This will keep you refreshed, hydrated, energized, and focused.

15. Eat healthy foods.

Food can affect your mood. There are mood-boosting foods you can try. This includes oats, bananas, and chicken. These foods are available in the market, and you can easily incorporate them in easy home-cooked meals you can prepare in your condo. As a reminder, don’t eat lunch in your work area. Doing so will prevent you from experiencing burnout and enjoy your delicious lunch,

16. Minimize your distractions.

Photo courtesy of Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash

Working from home exposes you to different distractions: television, pets, friends, noise, and social media. One of the best ways to boost your mood at work is by focusing on your task at hand instead of multitasking/ getting distracted. Focusing on one task will help keep you motivated by a sense of accomplishment, as you get each task done. During work hours, limit your visit to social networking sites or allot time for it, such as during short snack breaks. Doing so will help you get your job done early.

17. Know when to stop.

You can easily lose track of time, especially if you’re working at home. But working for long periods each day is not healthy for your mind and body. Once you’ve accomplished your work goal for the day, end your work time and focus on other things in life that you want to attend. Professionals often refer to this as work-life balance. 

If you fail to accomplish your work goal for the day, and it is getting late, consider completing it the following day if you can afford to—i.e., Delivery has not gone past the deadline. While it is understandable that all-nighters are bound to happen, but if it starts to get too frequent, reassessing your time management skills may be in order.

If you devote all your time working, you will never enjoy a work-life balance, and you will start to feel burdened by your work. Having negative feelings about your work will not help you boost your mood at all.

18. Be grateful and appreciative.

be grateful appreciative

Photo courtesy of Daria Rem via Pexels

Your work helps support you financially. It also enables you to build your career and improve your skills. Working from home may have its advantages and disadvantages. But if you remain grateful and appreciative of the work you have, you will also find a reason to be happy every day.

Are you a remote worker? Apply these 18 tips as you work in your condo, and you’ll gain better control in brightening up your work-from-home mood


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