15 Color Combinations You Should Try in Your Condo


The modern condo dweller is everything but boring. He knows who he is and what he wants. And he definitely knows how he wants his place to look like. Walking into a bare unit, a condo owner mentally visualizes every detail, specifically what color his condo walls should be. Should he go classic or try to be bolder? Whatever he decides, stylish and tasteful condo design ideas will most definitely work with any color palette.

In choosing a color combination, the most important thing to remember is to go for the one that looks right to you. It is, after all, your home. So whether you’re staying in a mid-rise condo in Pasig or a high-end property in Makati, the design and colors of your home should resemble your personality and character — private or outgoing, simple or grand, traditional or fearless.

There is a color for everyone. Trying on something new while still being truly personal is possible if not ideal. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself.

But wait, before we get to the list of 15 color combinations you can try, remember to use eco-friendly paint for your family’s sake and Mother Earth’s.


Red, Gray, and White

The combination of red, gray, and white has the words warm and elegance written all over it — two things that also best describe condo living. Paint your wall a dark shade of gray or charcoal and contrast it with red décor. To tame the bold combination, you can also add a mix of white or beige furniture.


Gray, Turquoise, and Black

A black couch never goes out of style. It looks classic, strong, and brawny. Consider placing it against a light gray wall. For a startling contrast, put some turquoise-colored accents like framed paintings or throw pillows.


Gray, Yellow, and White

Gray is among the best condo paint colors because just like white, it is plain and classic enough to go with everything. And it looks perfect with yellow. Yellow is not a favorite when choosing condo decors because of the impression that its match is hard to find. Well, not quite.


Pale Green and Bubblegum Pink

Soft pink accents on a mint green wall or green decors on a pink wall — it works either way. It is refreshing, feels light, and gives any room brightness. It is perfect for a young girl’s room. Cotton candy cuteness, anyone?


Royal Blue and Ruby Red

Ever thought of painting your condo wall a dark shade of blue? Yes, it is going to look okay. Go all out with red furniture and accessories. The bold colors will make the condo come to life so you’ll never get the blues.


Tangerine, Aqua, and Green

Want to feel like it’s summer all year-round? Paint your condo aqua or turquoise to give you that beach vibe. Aqua blends well with tangerine or orange. Adding green and brown accessories will also add vibrancy to the room.


Yellow, White, and Orange

Is a yellow wall too bright for you? Consider placing a white bed or couch against it. The plainness of white balances the brightness of sunny yellow. Orange and red accents are also unexpected twists to this color palette.


Turquoise and Coral Pink

A turquoise condo wall lightens up every mood. For a softer touch, look for coral pink accessories. This is a perfect color combination for a girl’s bedroom and even a living room with a plain white couch.


Purple, Black, and Beige

A purple wall might shock your guests but don’t worry, you can turn that shock into awe with the proper combination. Guess you can’t name a condo dweller who have gone the purple road so why not be the first? Go all out with purple that it will look unbelievable. Place a white or beige couch against it to achieve some neutrality. Black pillows and wall decors would add awe value to your striking purple wall.


 Green, Black, and White

Green is the color of 2015 so why not make it the color of your home, too? Paint your condo wall a dark moss green and pick some black or white furniture to go with it.


Red, Black, and White

This is as warm and classic as it can get. A dark red color paint for your condo goes well with black and white. For the living room, try a white sofa against a red wall. In the bedroom, try cotton white sheets and a black night stand. And hey, sexy red can also work for the bathroom.


Blush and Pink

Achieve a clash of softness with blush, coral pink, peach, and white. This color combination for your condo is every bit relaxing and soothing. It is perfect for the bedroom and your home office to give a sense of peace and quiet.


Lime Green and Aqua

Your kitchen is probably a mix of stainless steel, gray marble, and white cabinets. Looks familiar. Brighten it up with a lime green wall and aqua colored cabinets. This color combination is also great for the playroom or nursery.


Bright Orange and Hot Pink

Orange and pink too candy? Well, they ought to be. This combination looks too sweet and delicious that you can almost eat it. It’s like an adorable little girl’s cake come to life.


Neutrals and Candy

If you are not ready to go yellow, orange, or purple just yet, it is not such a bad idea to stick to neutrals — white, beige, and browns. But to give contrast, try accessorizing with a pop of colors. It could be your centerpiece, throw pillows, area rug, or your table lamp.

Painting your condo wall is the easiest jumpstart to a makeover. Do not limit yourself just because you are too scared that everything won’t fall into place, that it’s too much, or that it’s too lame. The color you will choose for your condo should be all about you, your way of life, and your style.



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