7 Amazingly Irresistible Paint Colors for Your Condo


When you choose to live in a condo in the Philippines, it will not be surprising if you’ll find it difficult to make your small home look attractive. After all, choosing to live in a large condominium in the country can be pretty expensive.

The average price of 3-bedroom condo unit in Makati CBD, for instance, is approximately P129,000, says Lalaine Delmendo in her article in Global Property Guide.

Choosing attractive condo paint colors to decorate your home may be something that would pose a challenge to you. You may find yourself confused as to which colors will hit it off with any visitor or just about anybody who will set foot in your condo. Worry no more though, as this guide will hinge you in on some popular paint colors that will surely catch the eye of any observer.


Yellow-Green to Uplift You

Choosing paint colors to boost your condo’s curb appeal plays an important role in enabling it to emanate a cheerful and uplifting mood. Yellow-green is one of the popular paint colors that will energize you if you’re feeling down and gloomy. Choose this paint color for your living room, as this is the first area that any visitor will set eyes on upon entering your condo.

If your visitor is not feeling very happy, entering a condominium that will welcome him with cheerful color will pull up his mood in an instant. The yellow-green color reflects the celery green concept, which dabs on the bright mood of your receiving area. Focus on creatively synchronizing your living room designs with the yellow-green color to ensure that visitors won’t overlook the jolly mood this color presents.

You may also choose a yellow-green color theme for your living room couch, table, chair, and displays to accentuate the energetic mood it creates. Make sure that the shade of the paint color is not too dark or too light compared to the colors of your living room furniture so as not to distort the favorable image of your living room.


Blue is On for a Bigger Space

Don’t overlook your condo bathroom paint color. Your bathroom is the place where you can indulge in serenity after a long and exhausting day. Of course, the only way to relax is to have a bathroom that feels bigger in space. The bright impression that a blue bathroom gives helps in making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Knowing how to sell your condo successfully means that you need to accentuate your bathroom to give it a beneficial appeal to potential home buyers. Condo buyers never fail to pay special attention to bathrooms. This is because most of them are able to foresee the value a bathroom plays in their daily lives.

Sometimes, a bathroom that emanates a cramped ambiance turns condo buyers off big time. Therefore, you should make sure not to neglect caring for your bathroom’s design.


Outdoor Green for Your Windows

Green suits your condo kitchen windows well. It gives a smooth transition image from your condo to the small garden terrace. This color divides your condo’s indoor and outdoor area without creating a distorted appeal.

Part of the process of a condo sale is paying attention to the creative design bordering your condo’s indoor and outdoor areas. This is because a condo terrace is the area where residents sometimes meditate and relax while taking in the scenic view seen atop from the condo building.


Purple Welcomes Your Visitors

Pump up your creative juices when coming up with a welcoming condo paint design. Paint your condo’s den in purple and design it with flowery patterns to create a warm and cozy ambiance. Let your kids feel the coziness as they get in the mood to study and play.

Choose warm colors for your furniture to blend well with the purple theme. Pick brown, yellow, and red as they will match perfectly and make your place look more elegant.


Orange Creates a Party Feeling

If you’re the type of person who regularly hold parties in your condo, consider painting your entryway in orange. Orange stimulates the appetite for food, music, and great bonding moments. Entice your guests with a sensational mood to celebrate in spite of the small space your condo offers.

Leasing a condo at DMCI Homes lets you enjoy customizing the colors of your place to make you feel at home. You just have to make sure that nothing will be damaged after you modify them to satisfy your design tastes and preferences.


A Professional Look in Black

You’ll also need to modify the paint color of your condo’s supplementary furniture to be able to sell your condo easily to home buyers. If you have a small nook that serves as your condo office, create a professional look by painting your desk or wall in black. Black creates a standardized formal appeal in the eyes of most observers. It gives an edgy and sleek appeal to your condo office essentials.


Gray Equals to Tranquility

Deciding which paint color to use in certain areas of your condo depends on the purpose they play in your daily life. You mostly spend time in your bedroom sleeping; therefore, your room should create a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Painting your room gray creates these feelings that’ll surely help in giving you quality rest.

It is important to consider the impression these colors bring to your visitors or potential home buyers. They are particularly picky on the design and colors of the condo unit they’ll shortlist for purchasing. You can’t blame them; everybody wants to make sure they get what they pay for. Now, it is your duty to make sure that your condo possesses a captivating image that will catch and keep any home buyer’s attention.








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