10 Essential Tools For Your Condo Home Office


One of the latest trends catching fame is home freelancing, where you get to be the boss of yourself and where you can work in the comfort of your own home. It’s no wonder this industry has gotten the interest of many people. This trend has appealed greatly to young professionals setting up their own home in condominiums. One perk of condo dwellers is the freedom by which you can utilize your space and a productive way to make the best of this perk is  – by setting up a condo home office. It begins with selecting a good condo unit and the next step is identifying your condo home office essentials. These essential tools for condo home will help provide you with a productive space. Read on these 10 things and tips to establish a career at the comfort of your own home.

1. Quality Printer

Setting up your own condo office means that you need to produce a lot of output on your own. Hardcopies of documents and other files are normally and regularly expected outputs from your condo office. As such, you need a reliable and quality printer to fulfill all your printing needs. Also, a good and quality printer can cut your expenses on printing needs like posters, banners, calling cards, brochures and informative leaflets. This efficiency is essential to your self-sustaining condo office.

2. Telephone / Mobile Phone

The telephone is your most important connection to whatever or whoever is beyond the comfort of your condo office. A telephone line is essential so you can contact prospective clients or so your prospective clients can contact you. If not landline phone is available, an exclusive mobile phone will do the job.  Set up an exclusive number through which you and your office can be reached by anyone.

3. Good Internet Connection

Since a huge deal of freelancing is dependent on online communication, it is definitely essential for your condo office to have stable and quality internet connection. You don’t want the erratic and unstable kind which limits your connectivity or drops it completely in sporadic instances. Since your office will greatly rely on an internet connection, better ensure that it is top class.

4. Ergonomic Chair

You need the most comfortable and ergonomic chair for your condo office. Working involves a huge deal of typing jobs and tasks. As such, a lot of these tasks are done while sitting down. And although sitting down may be viewed as an easy and comfortable situation to be in the whole day, experts actually say that it is bad for your health (and your spine, particularly). Get an ergonomically designed chair that supports you and provides ease, comfort and stability at the same time.

5. Corkboards

What you need in your condo office is a place where you can pin all reminders of impending tasks.  It needs to be big so it is visible and can accommodate a variation of reminders that you will surely need. A large cork board hanging on the wall of your condo office will certainly do the job as it will serve as a glaring reminder of all the things you must have done. With this kind of reminder, you can never miss out on a deadline.

6. Safe

You need a place for your valuables in your condo office.  A safe provides you a space where you can safely store important documents that are necessary for your office. You can also store valuables like money in your safe. It provides you a specific space where you can look for important documents in the event that you need them.

7. File Cabinet

Setting up your office in the comfort of your own home may mean a collection of paperwork flooding the spaces of your condo. For organization and systematic arrangement of these papers, your condo office will require a file cabinet. In this file cabinet you can organize everything and arrange them in a specific way that is most conducive to you and your office.

8. Desktop / Laptop

This is a no-brainer. A desktop or a laptop should be the first thing present in your condo office. The use of a desktop or laptop to your condo home office is unquestionable and unlimited. It allows you to utilize softwares for office-works and collaboration softwares for communicating with people concerning your office.

9. Trash Can

A trash can’s worth to your condo home office is sometimes underrated. Actually, if you consider the kind of trash you will be producing by the minute and daily in your condo office, you will see that a trash can is definitely one of many condo home office essentials. It sorts out your trash and separates them from the trash you produce in your actual home (your kitchen for example).

10. Window

You need a window. You probably need to set-up the desk of your condo home office in front of a window. This is actually an office arrangement that is utilized even in actual offices in tall buildings. Windows provide you with a view of what is outside. Moreover, it gives you a quick escape. When you get tired of work, all you need to do is look outside to rest your mind. One perk of condo dweller is that your home office will have great view of the city outside. Condos for sale, such as condos in the Philippines are built in the center of the metro. As such, a great vantage point of the city is made easily available.


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