DIY Projects to Breathe New Life to Old Condo Chairs


Got a chair or two that can no longer safely seat a person? Or perhaps you have outgrown your chairs’ design. Either way, don’t get rid of them just yet! A lot of handy DIY hacks for your condo chairs will not only do wonders for your condo, but also for your creativity. You will get to spruce up your DMCI Homes unit by unleashing your ingenuity and going beyond the traditional uses of old things. A fun repurposing project is also one of the many things you can do this weekend to make good use of your time. And oh, while you do your share in caring for the environment through recycling, you also get to save money. If you are in for nifty and thrifty condo living, find inspiration in these easy DIY projects for your old condo chairs as you discover frugal ways to design your home.


Cool Bedside Table

Breathing new life to old furniture and avoiding buying new ones as much as you can are budget-friendly ways to help you set up your condo space. Turn that rickety chair into a nightstand to hold your lamp, alarm clock, book, and other bedside belongings. Halve your chair and cut its legs according to your desired dimensions. Paint it with the color of your choice. Attach it to your wall by drilling holes and screwing it in place. If strict policies on renovations restrict you, then you can just put the chair against the wall, provided that you don’t place too many things on it.


Display For Your Lovely Jewelry

Organize your earrings, necklaces, and other accessories by using the back of your old wicker, woven or cane chair. Separate the back from the seat and legs. Sand the piece, especially the rough edges made by cutting. Put two coats of paint or varnish. Once it is dry, arrange your jewelry on the woven center part accordingly to their type, style, and color. You can just push your earrings on it and as for your other accessories, use pins or hooks to keep them in place.Chalkboard For Reminders


Chalkboard For Reminders

Now you don’t have to forget buying groceries, picking up the laundry, and doing the million other things with your to-do list scribbled (or if you like, doodled) on this beautiful chalkboard. Chalkboard paint rules supreme for creative DIYers who love making labels as it makes surfaces erasable and washable.

For your functional chalkboard list, start off by splashing your favorite hue on the separated back of the chair. Then, put two coats of chalkboard paint on the center. For best results, leave the painted area to dry for three days. After this, rub the entire chalkboard surface with chalk to make writing on it easier. Think of it like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Afterwards, erase the chalk and now you can use it for your daily tasks.


All-Around Shelf Or Rack

Old condo chairs will make great, versatile, and practical additions in any area in your condo whether you use the whole chair or its back part. Create a bookshelf in your living room. Use this as a bathroom rack where you can stash your supplies and towels. You can also make this an improvised closet and hang your clothes. But then again, check with your landlord or condo management before you get started on doing anything on your walls.


Solid Picture Frame

Add a classic touch to your prized photos by making picture frames from your old basket weave or cane chairs. Carefully knife out the woven part and cut the back of the chair from the seat and legs. Remove splintered edges by smoothing it with sandpaper and putting paint or varnish on the entire piece. Add a lightweight wooden board and glass to keep the photo in place. Lastly, use hardware so you can now display your new framed picture. For chairs with backs made of solid wood, you can just mount the photo on it and make sure it won’t fall off.


Bench Out Of Old Chairs

If you have two or more chairs, combine them for furniture that will bring people together. Country Living shows how in their DIY tutorial. First, unscrew or remove the seats and the arms of the chairs. Next, line up the chairs, leaving them a few inches apart. Cut the plank to a length of those of the lined chairs, with an addition of four inches. Smooth the edges by sanding and putting paint or varnish. Then, secure the plank on the chairs by marking and drilling holes for the screws. Screw the plank atop the chairs. Depending on your preference, you can put back the arms on both ends or you can leave your new bench as it is.


Innovative Alternative To Garden Pots

Whether you have already began your mini condo garden or are thinking of getting into it, this is one of the most useful — and eco-friendly — old chair design ideas that you will find.

For upholstered furniture, just cut select areas open depending on where you want your plants to be, throw soil on it, and put the seeds. If you have a wood or wicker chair, replace the seat with a tray or box that is deep enough to contain the amount of soil needed by your plants. Drill evenly-spaced holes on it, too, for drainage. Till the soil in it and you can now nurture your greens. You can also remove the seat altogether and place your potted pot.

Aside from the unique appeal of old chairs used as containers for plants, it also offers a convenient trellis as your vines can just make their way onto the back and legs of the chair.

Think outside the box to make the most out of the things you already have. All it takes are a few tools, some of your time, and tons of creativity and enthusiasm. Make condo living in the Philippines the best that you can with these fun DIY old condo chair projects that you can do right in your place. Do your artistic side a favor and save the world one repurposed item at a time.



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