Surprising Things To Frame And Put On Your Condo Wall


Most people in a family-centered country like ours grew up in homes adorned with framed family photos, diplomas, certifications, medals, and other memorabilia making your mama and papa proud. While there is nothing wrong with that, why not explore and push the envelope with non-traditional things that you can frame and put on your condo wall?

This refreshing and creative take on framed art will showcase your ingenuity in sprucing up condo living. It can even inspire your visitors to think outside of the box when they see your unique living room wall designs. So to get you started, here are some of the things you can use to revamp your blank condo wall.


Bring In The Great Outdoors With Nature’s Decors

Raring to hit the beach, go see butterflies, or simply enjoy nature? Relive vacation even if you are right smack in the middle of the city by mounting lovely pieces of shells, butterflies, insects, flowers, or leaves on a frame.

Make sure your decors are well-cleaned and preserved. Depending on the specimen, use bleach, alcohol, and/or substances especially made to preserve them. Wait for them to be thoroughly dried before pinning them in place. To go the extra mile, look up their common and scientific names and scribble it beside them.


Give Your Plates A Special Place

Why let your classic heirloom pieces gather dust in unflattering cabinets and storage boxes? A way of giving life to your boring condo walls is showing off the timeless china handed down to you from your family in your condo interior. Put them in shadow boxes, but just be sure to mount them well so they won’t fall.


Soak Up In Popular Art Materials

Whether you are a music junkie, film enthusiast, bookworm, or all-around culture vulture, make the wonderful world created by your favorite works come alive on your condo walls. Print out iconic movie posters, magazine covers, book designs, and even comics and advertisements. For those willing enough, showcase your well-loved artists and genres by framing CD cases or the CDs themselves. These conversation starters will not only show off your taste, but can probably also make new fans out of your guests.


Be Proud Of Your Kids’ Drawings And Poems

Nurture budding artistic and poetic talents by showcasing kids’ artworks. Put their pieces in gallery-inspired frames and to delight them even more, exhibit their works in a prominent spot on the living room wall for everyone to see. Be sure to pick frames that can be easily removed so you can conveniently update the framed artworks with their newer ones.


Accentuate With Artworks From Amazing Cultures

Celebrate cultural diversity with pieces that will reflect your cosmopolitan spirit. Scour online, vintage, and souvenir shops for artistic manifestations of people all over the world. Evoke vibes from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with tapestries or even art patterned after coats of arms. Add astounding Asian flair with Japanese calligraphy that soothes your soul. Better yet, patronize Philippine heritage and go for indigenous woven art to flaunt Filipino pride.


Bring It On With Fabric And Canvas

Splash color in your pad sans painting with one of the smartest no-paint ideas for your boring condo wall: using fabrics of your choice. Pick one that best suits your personality and your condo interior, stretch it out on a lightweight wooden board using glue, staples, or thumb tacks, and frame it with something that won’t compete or clash with the fabric’s design. If you’d like to unleash your artistic side, get a blank canvas and paint your heart out. For a more gratifying touch, sign your name and the date on a lower corner. Naming your piece is entirely up to you.


Map It Out

Who says maps are limited only to expeditions? Show off the traveller in you by decorating your condo walls with a framed map. If you have an insatiable wanderlust, the bigger the map, the better. For a personal note, mark the spots you have been to, places that are memorable to you and your loved ones, and the dream destinations on your bucket list. Seeing this map will surely inspire you to work harder so you can travel more and live out exciting itineraries.


Got Drinks?

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates the exquisite art of liquors, this is the perfect way to entertain your guests and share your liquor collection. Construct a sturdy open shelf in a cool spot where it won’t be reached by sunlight and frame it in accordance to your personality. Arrange your bottles in a tasteful manner and sit back with a good sip or two.


Take Pride In Your Collection

If you collect other things for a hobby, give them the spotlight that they deserve. Depending on their volume — it can be as small as stamps or as big as mugs — you can put all of them together or pick your favorite items to put on display using either framed shelves or shadow boxes.


Try This Handy Hack For Key Racks

Do you always look around for your keys? Save precious time and organize them in a smart and stylish way. Find the most convenient spot in your foyer as you are on your way out the door, find a frame to fit all the keys nicely, and using nifty hooks, arrange them inside with just enough space in between them.

Now that you have cool framed art, master the right way to hang frames on your condo wall from choosing the best frame, angle, and arrangement up to installing it. As for the last part, check with your landlord or condo management decorating concerns specifically drilling and putting hooks. Apart from these, you can always come up with fresh and innovative ways to liven up your DMCI Homes residence. Remember, your space is a reflection of who you are so make the most out of it. With a creative frame of the mind and tons of resourcefulness, you can make your condo decorating ideas come to life.


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