Turning Your Boring Closet into a Remarkable Condo Spot


We can’t seem to get enough of storage and extra room for just about anything. We need room for our books; we buy piles of boxes. We can’t seem to find a decent work area at home; we buy a small table and fill up a corner. We are not just adding clutter to our condo but we are also wasting money when the truth is, maybe we weren’t just looking hard enough.

Problem solved if you have a closet or cabinet that are either not being used or just too boring. There are other uses of your condo closet that might surprise you — from a workstation to another bedroom! You don’t believe it? Read on and be inspired with nine of the best closet transformations.


From closet to bedroom

Yes, it is possible. If you have a closet big enough to fit a single bed like a small walk-in closet, then you can get yourself an extra room instead of just a big storage for clothes. Apartment Therapy featured two real-life, actual closets that were transformed into cozy guest rooms. Clear the bottom so a small bed can fit. The shelves originally for shoes and beddings can be used to display framed photos and other room essentials. You can install a door for more privacy or leave it open.

You can even turn a big closet space into a kids’ room, just like the one in the photo below. This is a perfect hack to make condo living more comfortable and also an option to achieve a right condo set up for your large family. At least, getting a one-bedroom condo isn’t all that bad.


Make your own play room

Do your kids always ask you to get them that expensive playhouse at the mall? Aside from the money, where will you get the extra space in your condo to accommodate such a bulky playhouse?

Save cash and space and turn a closet into a playroom. You can remove the door and paint the closet with vibrant colors. The good thing about this is that you already have shelves for bins and baskets to store your kids’ toys. You can also design it in such a way that it looks like an actual house with windows and doors.


A nook that’s one for the books

Inspire your kids to read more by making them their own book nook. Turn a typical double closet into a nook by adding a built-in bench with colorful cushion. Arrange the books in the shelves. If building a bench is too much of a hassle, just pull a small table and chairs, or even bean bags.

By the way, you can also build one for yourself; just go easy on the colors. It’s a perfect spot to catch up on your reading and a nice spot to relax, too. Don’t forget to add lighting.

Don’t also forget that organizing things in your closet whether it’s converted or not is imperative and healthy for your lifestyle as well.


Work in the closet

If condo living is not giving you enough space to work, just find a medium-sized closet and turn it into a charming work area. The height of regular closet is usually just about right in transforming the closet as a work station. You can arrange your files in the shelves and use the hip-high shelf for your laptop or computer. Add more built-in storage as you wish.


The show must go on… in the closet

Your condo closet in the master’s bedroom can be turned into something more fun, literally. Open up the closet and convert it into an entertainment center. Plug the TV and speakers into the closet and use the shelves for your DVDs and other players. And just like that, you have your built-in entertainment center.


Let’s party in the closet

You probably have that one boring cabinet or closet in your kitchen that you just use to hide unpleasant stuff. Plus, it also sticks like a sore thumb in there. Well, not if you turn that closet into your own home bar. It is actually perfect because it already has shelves you can use to store wines and glasses. You can choose to build your own wine rack and even free some space for a personal refrigerator and ice box.


Always check yourself out

Another alternative use of a condo closet is turning it into your own vanity room. If your condo room is too small for a walk-in closet, build yourself the next best thing. Open the closet up and install a mirror. Use the shelves to hold your make-up and perfume bottles. You can even keep the door, swing it open, and put some hooks to hang your accessories.


Build a closet nursery

Turning your condo closet into a nursery is a good idea for starting families. You can transform the closet in the master’s bedroom into a nursery for your little one. Aside from the space-saving factor, you also get to watch your baby in his sleep. Just clear the bottom and fit in the crib. Carefully store the diapers and baby clothes on the top shelves. You can even hang your baby’s knick-knacks by hooking them on a shelf. You can also just decide to clear the closet off of all shelves to give more room for your baby.


Make your own custom pantry

Are you running out of space for all your kitchen essentials? If you want to organize them all in one place, it’s time to turn that closet into your own custom pantry. Use the shelves to arrange your groceries and place bins and baskets too, if you like.

We all have that one closet that we either don’t use or is just too plain and boring to look at. Say goodbye to dull closets and turn them into valuable spaces and spots in your condo. All you need is the right inspiration and a lot of creativity.



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