9 Uncomplicated Tips for Organizing Your Small Condo Closet


Have you ever been surprised with how your condo closet looks like upon opening its doors because of your disorganized stuff? Have you ever wished to have an additional closet space, thinking that it will solve your problem? If you’re living in a small condominium in the Philippines, the best solution for this closet nightmare is to sharpen your condo dweller skills to organize and maximize the use of the space. Here are 9 simple and easy tips for organizing your small condo closet.


1. Closet Clean-Up

Since you already know that your closet is small, this is a perfect opportunity to take note of what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. This is always the first step in organizing your closet. Yes, this might be a tiresome and dreadful task, but being able to unload the entire contents of your closet will give you an overview of what you normally use and which items you’ve never used at all. Donate to charity those clothes that don’t fit you anymore. This will liberate you from having a closet full of useless stuff.


2. Get the Hang of Using Hangers

After knowing which are the ones worth keeping, it’s time to move on to your clothes and organize them by using your reliable hangers. Hanging clothes is an easy way to keep it organized. You may want to try multi-function hangers such as multiple pant hangers, accessory hangers, or tie and belt hangers. You can still use regular wood or plastic hangers that are affordable and able to maintain the shape of your clothing.

Here’s a handy tip for hanging clothes: categorize them depending on which ones you use at a specific time of the day. For example, put your work clothes on the first rack so you can easily locate them while preparing to go to work in the morning. If you’re feeling OC, you can also hang your clothes by color.


3. Empty Wall or Door Space Has Its Use, Too

Ever thought that your walls or door space are just designed at your condominium as is? You’d be delighted to know that these empty sections are perfect locations to install towel bars or hooks. DMCI Homes have designed their condo units with stylish interior that are not only attractive, but useful as well. By using these empty walls or door spaces, the items that you need to hang need not be forced to lurk in your small condo closet. Don’t fret because these items come in reasonable prices. Just keep in mind that even if you’re on a tight budget, you shouldn’t compromise the quality of your tools over the cheaper ones that easily gets damaged.


4. Similar Items Go Together

If you’re tired of going through piles and piles of clothes just to find your favorite t-shirt, then worry no more. The solution is to group like items together (based on preference, style, color, use, etc.) to make searching hassle-free. In a Forbes article, Virgina Underwood, a professional organizer suggests that to group similar items together, you can “put all pants together, all tops together, all dresses together, and then in order of color, light to dark.” You can use clear storage boxes so you can instantly see what’s inside of it.


5. Stack Shoe Boxes Neatly

Of course, you need to store your shoes inside your small condo closet. Stack them up using slim, compact plastic shoe boxes. Other experts recommend using hanging canvas shelves as an inexpensive alternative to built-ins. You can also use cubbies, tiered shelves, or a hanging organizer, so you can neatly sort out shoes and immediately see which ones you want to wear for a special occasion.


6. Shelf Divider is a Must

As you organize your small closet based on your preferred look, you should always consider shelf dividers as your best friend. Keep folded clothes or accessories neat by using this handy tool. Shelf dividers can make any closet look refined. Take note of how many stacks you need to divide (e.g. towels, shirts, jackets, etc.) and then measure the width of your shelf, and then the height between the shelf and the next highest ceiling. After which, you can choose your preferred shelf divider based on your style. After installing a shelf divider, make sure that container storage can fit in your closet.


7. Always Keep a Hamper in Your Closet

For your dirty clothes, you can opt to buy small, stackable laundry baskets for easy storage. Placing it near the closet will allow you to have extra space and decrease the chances of having used clothes scattered around the floor, thus ensuring that you have a clean condo.


8. Add Ample Lighting

Part of our organizing closet tips for you is to add ample light. Lighting is the key to find anything inside your closet. Some have a single overhead light in their room that is not totally helpful, while others have no source of light at all for their closet. To save money, use stick-on or screw-in battery-operated LED lights to achieve enough light inside your closet.


9. Allot an Extra Space

There are some who make the mistake of filling-up their closets without thinking that in a day or two, they will be having a new item to be placed inside the closet. Try to allot a small extra space for new clothes or new items that you might buy so you know where to find the new items. Don’t make the mistake of just piling your new stuff at your stylish condo furniture, for it will lose its stylish aura with your items piled on it.

Organizing your condo storage closet doesn’t need to be expensive and difficult. Follow these suggestions and you’re on your way to smiling every time you open your closet door. You’ll be extremely relieved to see it organized and neat, making it easier for you to find the things you need.



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