10 Handy Skills You Should Have For The Condo Life

Health and Wellness.

There is so much talk about the new trend that is condo dwelling and the numerous perks it provides. So much attention is given to the ease and efficiency of living at the heart of the city, where different essential facilities like sports courts and gyms are just floors away. These factors attract a lot of people to try and be condo dwellers themselves. However, there is little to no discussion made on the nitty-gritty of actual condo dwelling. Because more than the perks it provides, condo dwelling also requires various skills needed for an independent and fast-paced lifestyle. There are different skills every condo dweller should have if you wish to keep up with the bustling and busy city where your condo would probably be set in. Read on these home owner skills

1. Cooking Skills

As living independently in your own condo, you need to master some cooking skills. Though one of the biggest perks of condo dwellers is having dozens of restaurants surrounding your condo to provide you an infinite list of possible takeout’s, we all know that this habit can be very unhealthy. Living in your own condo, you need to know your way around the kitchen. Know the food you like and know how to cook them, not only can you save on food expenses; you can also ensure that you are eating healthy.

2. Space Management Skills

One of the many common condo buyer mistakes is the mismanagement of the limited space provided by your condo unit. Good space management is a very important condo dweller know-how. Develop that eye for furniture and other home equipment, know how to visualize their position or location in your condo and analyze how much space they occupy and if this space is proportionate to their necessity. A little inclination towards the art of space economy can do you wonders in avoiding a unit that is too hoarded and crowded with things.

3. Time Management Skills

Managing time is important for any independent condo dweller. It’s a trait every condo dweller should have in order to keep up with how fast-paced an independent lifestyle is in the city. Since you’re doing pretty much everything on your own, you should know how to allot ample time for each activity or chore. Also, you should know how to arrange your priorities basing on their urgency. Independent living in the city may offer several possible activities and the best way to enjoy all of them is to arrange the order by which you can accomplish them. Set-up that schedule and more importantly, stick to that schedule.

4. Transportation Skills

The ability to and the knowledge of how to travel from your condo to another location is one of the many important condo dweller skills. Even if you drive your own car or you prefer going around the city through cabs, this skill is important. Certain situations require you to ride public transportation, buses and trains, so it is best that you get acquainted with them. Condo in the Philippines for example, are built at the heart of the city and are generally surrounded by bus stops and train stations. Knowing which bus to ride or which station to get off at can is an important skill not only in condo dwelling but also in actually surviving the city life.

5. Home Design Skills

Home design skills are not exclusive to girls, that should go without saying. No one wants to live in a place that looks like a dump. The most basic knowledge of home design skills such as matching colors and knowing which motif works best is enough to save you from mis-designing your condo unit. Try looking at home design catalogues and identify the design and color-scheme that most speaks to you. The way your unit looks says a lot about the kind of person you are, so do your best to have it represent you in the best way possible.

6. Maintenance Skills

Though condo units are expected to have maintenance personnel to help you in certain situations, it doesn’t look good to seek their assistance each time something happens, no matter how miniscule the problem is. As an independent condo dweller, you are not expected to have a mastery of plumbing or electrical skills, but you need to know the basics. Know how to check leaks for example or how to extend the wires of your appliances. Cover these basic maintenance skills, which are sure lifesavers in the future.

7. DIY Skills

As independent you must learn to not ask for help all the time. DIY skills range from setting up that TV stand to maintaining that indoor garden. Basically, it’s a skill that involves a huge deal of reading, understanding and following instructions laid out for you. In setting up that TV stand for example, know where knobs and each parts go. Learn how to go about things on your own, through your own means and ways. The independent you doesn’t always have someone to help you in your condo after all.

8. Hygiene and Cleaning Skills

Again, no one wants to live in a dump. Cleaning skills involve sanitizing the comfort room and the kitchen, cleaning and vacuuming the living room and other tasks that involve cleaning your condo. This is an important condo dweller skill since dirty and unhygienic living quarters can be very unhealthy and may cause serious sickness. Aside from knowing how to clean your condo, what’s important is you do not develop a tolerance for dirt. Exercise extreme hate for anything that is messy or dirty and develop a habit of ensuring that everything is done neatly.

9. Safety Skills

Knowing how to secure your self is a very important home owner skill. Especially since you are living an independent life, you should know how to keep your condo and everything inside it safe. Though condo units generally exercise good security measures, it is best to do what you can do on your part. You can begin by familiarizing yourself with people living close to you, doors or floors away from you. That way, you can take not of any suspicious-looking stranger who doesn’t seem to belong in the building. There are other ways to keep you and your condo safe, best to know them to avoid any bad thing from happening.

10. Budgeting Skills

The independent you must learn how to budget. City living can be quite expensive especially since malls and restaurants usually surround condominium buildings. Budget carefully to accommodate month and yearly condo expenses and bills. Develop a plan on how much to spend on things like clothes or food, and more importantly, stick to that plan. Condo living can seem quite glamorous, but it’s definitely not easy to maintain especially if you develop the habit of splurging once in a while. Budget carefully and make sure that you stick to the set budget.

These ten skills are probably not the only ones you’ll need to survive in the city as a condo dweller. As you go your way, you will surely develop new skills that will help you live that independent lifestyle. Adopt and learn these skills to make sure that you continue to experience the many perks provided by living in a condo.



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