Preparing Your Condo for the Rainy Days


Dripping umbrellas, flooded streets, heavy traffic, pitter patter noises during the night, jumping over puddles on your way to work – these are just some of the scenarios from the heavy and sometimes non-stop rains during the rainy season. Aside from these inconveniences, the rainy season can also damage your home and prove bothersome to your daily activities.

Everyone gets their own version of trouble from the rain, including condo-dwellers. That is why being prepared for the rainy season is part of the essentials for condo lifestyle. Being ready for the rainy season is part of the skills that every condo dweller should have. Below is a rainy day guide for condo-dwellers and future condo-dwellers alike.


Dripping Windows

One of the common problems of condos in the Philippines is a dripping window. When the windows of your condos were built, they were designed to be fairly waterproof so they wouldn’t leak during the rain. However, in the case of some renovations, ensuring that the windows are water-proof and leak-free might have been over-looked, hence all the bothersome dripping.

What to do: Condo owners don’t always need to resort to having their entire window changed. Ask somebody who’s knowledgeable to look at it. Sometimes, all it needs is a little realignment or some additional waterproofing solvents. If you’re just starting to build a home, prioritize functionality over style. Make sure that waterproofing your windows is included in your condo budgeting basic checklist. And if you are upgrading or renovating your condo, it would be wise to include rainy-day waterproofing in your smart condo upgrades.


Drippy Umbrellas

With the rainy season comes wet umbrellas, and with wet umbrellas come drippy floors. Unfortunately for condo-dwellers, there isn’t always an available space for them to dry their umbrellas. Putting an umbrella out in the hallway to let it dry is a no-no. The condo dweller must therefore rely on his resourcefulness to solve this problem.

What to do: Because the space in your condo can be limited, you must think of ways on how to maximize the available space. Create or purchase an umbrella holder and place it near the foyer for umbrellas to dry. If the space in the foyer is limited, you can purchase pegs or umbrella hangers where you can simply hang your umbrellas. If possible, you can even use the back of the door for this purpose. Making sure that a wet umbrella does not get any further from the foyer or the door will make your floor stay drip-free.


Rusting Metals

Metal fixtures inside and outside your condo are prone to rust during the rainy season. It is not just the water from the rain that threatens your condo with rust, but the damp weather as well. Things at risk of rusting include metal railings in your window, metal chairs, and handrails in your veranda.

What to do: Before the rainy season comes, make sure that you apply a fresh coat of rust-proof paint to your metal fixtures. If applying paint is not an option, there are other solvents available in the market that you can coat your metal fixtures with to prevent rusting.


Wet Shoes

Wet and muddy shoes might leave your condo floor dirty. This becomes a problem when you usually store your shoes inside a closed cabinet to save space. This might make your cabinet damp and have an unpleasant smell.

What to do: The solution is actually quite simple. You can try placing rags inside your cabinets to soak up the water from your wet shoes. You can also try to purchase a hanging open shoe rack and hang it on your door to save space.


Flooded Home

This is the worst nightmare of any homeowner – to wake up one day and find your home flooded. Sadly, this is a reality in the Philippines because of the tropical nature of our climate. People living in a condominium complex or building may be safe from this. However, if you are one of those who happen to own a unit in the lower floors of the building, you become more vulnerable.

What to do: The best thing to do when you find your unit flooded is to move all the things that can be damaged by water to a higher ground. These include electronic appliances and wooden furniture. Use a water suction right away to pump the water out of your house.

Before you purchase a condo unit, it is important to make sure that the surrounding area is safe from flooding. Include this in your checklist if you’re planning to buy a condo to save you from all the flooding hassle.

The rainy season brings many inconveniences and possible dangers to a home-owner. That is why you need to think about the rainy season when making plans for your home safety. It is important to note that a condominium typically offers better protection against the rainy season compared to the traditional form of real estate property. Condominiums, like DMCI Homes Properties, are usually built in areas that are safe from flooding. Its high-rise nature also gives protection in the case of high floods.

If you’re a condo-dweller, don’t take things for granted. Make sure that you and your family are always prepared, rain or shine.


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