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Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism reveals that as of 2012, almost 1 out of every 2 Filipinos, or 49% of the country’s population, resides in urban areas. Basingan and Ilagan further cited that by 2030, the number of people in the Philippines living in urban areas will likely increase to 77%.

Living in a condo in the Philippines is one of the most popular urban residence modes in the country. Because of condo living’s immense popularity, developers have initiated building 117 condominium buildings since 2011 in Metro Manila alone, as reported by the National Statistics Office.

There are two factors that go hand in hand when choosing the right condo for you and your family – affordability and accessibility.

Verawood Residences

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Verawood Residences in Acacia Estates is a condo for rent in Taguig that offers a balance of accessibility and affordability to its residents, and will continue to do so for its future residents.

Verawood is a resort-type condominium with units set at reasonable prices, located at the heart of Metro Manila’s business district, Taguig City, making it easily accessible to various entertainment and industrial centers such as malls, schools, and corporate companies.


Outdoor Community at Its Best

Enjoy an outdoor beach-setting community at Verawood. Upon entering the condo premises, delight in the scenic tropical ambiance surrounded by tall trees and a gigantic swimming pool. Now you will have more opportunities to indulge in the green condo living benefits here.

Instead of staying inside your unit watching TV or playing video games, conserve energy by spending your time outdoor at Verawood’s pool area, getting a tan or taking a dip in the pool. You’ll be amazed once you get to feel the benefits of green condo living when your health starts to improve brought about by an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Easy Access to Important Places

Verawood is just a few kilometers away from SM Aura Premier, Market! Market!, St. Luke’s Medical Center, and International School Manila in Bonifacio Global City. Most residents at Verawood live in a sustainable lifestyle through commuting by cabs to get to these destinations from their home, instead of driving. Carbon emissions are then lessened along the way, as they contribute to the reduction of the number of vehicles on the road.

DMCI Homes is popularly known for its strategically-located urban projects. Verawood is just one of its many projects whose easy access to important places doesn’t necessitate long-journey transportation, enabling residents to achieve and maintain lifestyle sustainability.


Small Parties Made Easy

One of the essentials for condo lifestyle is having the ability to budget finances to keep up with the growing expenses associated with condo living. Verawood’s clubhouse is an ideal venue for residents’ small parties. The use of the clubhouse at Verawood is basically free for residents, except for very minimal miscellaneous usage charges that may arise, such as renting of tables, chairs, and sound systems.

Take note of your condo budgeting basic checklist by opting to celebrate important events through the cheapest way possible, without sacrificing quality, at the Verawood’s clubhouse. The close proximity of the clubhouse to your unit renders an additional convenience when prepping for the party.


Exercise Made Fun

Verawood’s jogging and biking path is ideal for condominium residents who would like to get some exercise together with a friend or a family member. The wide path enables them to comfortably run around and navigate to get the proper exercise and physical mobility that they need.

Finding the right condo roommate to spend time jogging and biking with motivates you more to engage in outdoor physical activities. To spice things up, have a jogging or biking speed friendly-competition with them.


Ensure Kids’ Safety

One of the legacies of Verawood Residences is the availability of its customized amenities that every family member can enjoy. Let your kids splash in a kiddie pool at Verawood, while not having to worry about their safety in the water. Verawood’s kiddie pool is customized to fit the needs of your child, so drowning is not an issue when your child takes a dip in the pool.

Picnics are Possible

Among the condo dweller skills that you need to develop are independence and resourcefulness. Be creative and hands-on when planning your picnics. Verawood’s picnic grove lets residents have their picnics right at the premises of their own condo.

After preparing the stuff you’ll need for the picnic, enjoy the convenience of a free and hassle-proof picnic at the Verawood lawn. You won’t need to travel to get to a park to have a picnic, which in turn would save travel efforts and miscellaneous expenses.

Kids Don’t Have to Travel to Play Outdoor

Although the location of Verawood is accessible to several places that matter, it is perfectly understandable if you want to avoid heavy road traffic by staying within your condo premises. If you don’t like to travel but want your kids have a good time, Verawood’s outdoor play area can give you the privilege of letting your kids enjoy outdoor play right at the premises of your condo.

The wide play area of Verawood is ideal for various sports such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis, among others. Your kids will undoubtedly have a great time playing with their friends without even leaving home.


Easy Payment Terms

A good condo unit isn’t difficult to purchase or rent at Verawood Residences. Several down payment plans are available for its potential condo buyers. The great news is that DMCI Homes offers great payment deal packages or promotions that buyers may avail of. Many condo owners at Verawood who turn their units into investment properties may also be easily approached when it comes to leasing services.

Your family deserves a high-quality lifestyle coupled with affordability. Choose the best condo in the Philippines to make sure you get your money’s worth. You would likely see yourself live in your new condo for a long time, so make sure you make the right choices without regretting your decisions in the future.



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