A Back-to-School Guide to Prepare Your Kids

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Are you looking at your calendar and giving out a loud “sigh” since vacation is over and it is back-to-school again? These times can be challenging, especially if you’re not ready to face your kids’ school year ahead. While you prepare your kids’ school stuff and they adjust their mindset for their school activities, switch your mood easily from “vacation-mode” to “school-mode” by brushing up on these ten back-to-school guides that can help you start smart for this exciting season, right at the comforts of your own condominium unit.


1. Have a Checklist of What You Need

One of the benefits of a condo dweller like you is that everything you need is just around the corner; this includes buying school supplies. Before leaving your condo and heading to the nearest shopping mall, make sure that you bring a list of what your kids need such as backpacks, notebooks, pens, lunch boxes, and uniforms. Having a complete checklist makes you feel assured that you provide everything your child needs, so he can focus on learning and having fun in school. Be sure not to miss anything out, unless you want to make a last-minute stopover before heading to school.


2. Set the Study Mood in the Study Room

Help your kids turn the school-mode on by by setting up their own study space in your condo. Living in a condo gives you an option to freely create and decorate a space for studying, which can help create an area conducive to your child’s learning. If you have a large unit, the benefits of bigger space include putting up a bookshelf, a study table where your child can read and write, and a table for their gadgets such as a PC or a tablet. You can also hang a personalized cork board over the desk so they won’t forget their school-related schedules, activities, and assignments.

Having a wide space can also help them to think freely while studying. Paint your walls with light colors which can help relax their minds whenever they brush up on those hard Math lessons.

If you have a small space for a study area, maximize it by having these essentials: a study table, a comfortable chair, and good lighting. Avoid placing the study area near a television bed, which might cause them to be distracted.


3. Labeling is Organizing

Creatively label your kid’s belongings so that they won’t lose them. Check the internet for free labels that you can download. It would be better if you can add a personal touch to the labels by designing it with their favorite cartoon character or colors.


4. Eat Right, Think Right

Of course, no one wants to go to school with an empty stomach. Prepare a sumptuous and healthy meal for breakfast at your condo’s kitchen to get them ready for their jam-packed school activities. Studies show that breakfast helps in school activities, particularly in enhancing memory. It will also help them get better grades and improve their attendance. Students who skip breakfast have a higher chance of feeling tired and they won’t be able to concentrate on their lessons. Prepare a balanced meal by including vegetables, fruits, grain products such as cereals or rice, milk and dairy products, and poultry such as meat or eggs.

If they have classes until the afternoon, it is best to plan ahead lunch and snacks menu with your children so they can tell you want they want while you provide suggestions and guidance.


5. Countdown to the Big Day

Want your kids to know how many days they still have for vacation? Create a back-to-school countdown calendar that you can hang to your refrigerator’s handle or anywhere that it can easily be seen. Be creative by making a treat bag for each day with special surprises such as new pens, notebooks, and other materials they need so that they have something to look forward to.


6. Fix Their Schedule—and Stick to It

When you receive your child’s class schedule (usually printed on plain paper), jazz it up by creatively designing it with your own ideas. This will help them become inspired while checking each day’s activities and subjects. At the same time, it will discipline them to stick to their schedules. Have a personalized logo or design that will enable them to remember a specific event. For example, you can put a soccer ball logo near his 4pm schedule to remind him of his soccer team practice.


7. Help Them Wear Their Uniform Proudly

School isn’t complete without their back-to-school attire: their uniform. Check if your child’s uniform still matches their size. Always make sure that they are comfortable wearing them so that they won’t feel uneasy. If they don’t have a school uniform, letting them wear simple casual clothes should be fine.


8. Digital Tools for School

If your child thinks that learning is boring, make them think again. School is cool by loading up on these useful apps for their studies. You can download Evernote to help them take important notes. Install an eReader that can help them to easily read documents and ebooks. Store important school files on their mobile or tablet with a cloud storage app such as Dropbox. Be sure to remind them to use these only during specific times when gadgets are allowed at school.


9. Don’t Forget These Stuff, Too

A helpful tip for their back-to-school day to be worry-free is by having an umbrella in their backpack, in case it rains or to protect them from the sun. Have a handy water bottle to keep them hydrated all throughout the day.


10. Get Them to Sleep Early

Are your kids too excited for the big day? Don’t forget to let them sleep early so they have a full energy for their back-to-school activities. Prepare your condo’s bedroom by having comfortable pillows and a blanket so that they’ll have a good night’s rest.

With these helpful back-to-school ideas and tips, you’re sure to make their first day a fun and memorable one.



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