Funquathlon 2 at Cedar Crest: Uniting Residents for Charity and Wellness

Events and Culture, Health and Wellness.

With the primary aim of raising funds for the Barangay Bambang Day Care Center, Funquathlon 2 highlighted the community’s dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle while supporting important local causes.


TAGUIG CITY – DMCI Homes’ Cedar Crest community recently hosted Funquathlon 2, an event that combined athletic competition with charitable fundraising.

Organized by the Property Management Office (PMO) and triathlete coach Nylah Bautista, the event featured diverse race categories and aimed to raise funds for the Barangay Bambang Day Care Center. The event underscored the community’s dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting local causes, attracting participants of all ages and fitness levels for a day of competition and community spirit.


Competitive and Inclusive

Funquathlon 2 featured competitive swimming and running races, allowing participants to test their endurance and speed. “These races provided an opportunity for friendly and supportive competition,” Javiniar remarked. The event’s inclusive design accommodated participants of all ages and fitness levels, ensuring broad participation.

Compared to its predecessor, Funquathlon 2 featured extended race distances and the introduction of the Advanced Relay category. “These improvements aimed to provide a tougher challenge and add a new dynamic to the competition,” said Javiniar.

The race route started at Cedar Crest’s lap pool, continued through the community’s spacious perimeter areas, and concluded at the basketball court. Property Manager Kathleen Javiniar described the layout as suitable for various race categories, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience for all participants.

The event featured four race categories:

  • Basic Kids (Ages 9-11): Participants swam 125 meters and ran 1.4 kilometers.
  • Basic Adults (Ages 15-62): This category required a 125-meter swim and a 3-kilometer run.
  • Advance Adults (Ages 25-56): Competitors swam 250 meters and ran 5 kilometers.
  • Advance Relay (Ages 32-50): Teams of two completed the 250-meter swim and 5-kilometer run.


Coach Nylah Bautista, a World Triathlon Level 2 Coach and founder of NewBaundTri Performance Coaching, emphasized inclusivity in designing these categories to accommodate participants of all ages and fitness levels.

The entire PMO of Cedar Crest, along with Coach Bautista, played key roles in organizing the event. Their collaborative efforts ensured a smooth and enjoyable experience for participants. “Working closely with the PMO team, I was involved in designing the course, coordinating volunteers, managing logistics, and hosting the race,” Bautista noted.

The event received substantial support from sponsors, including Komida Foods, Vitaboost, My Daily Collagen, Globe, and Converge. These sponsors contributed essential items such as loot bags, banners, race kits, the inflatable arc, medals, and trophies.


Mission and Outreach

Javiniar explained that the funds will be used to purchase new air conditioning units for the Barangay Bambang Day Care Center, significantly improving the children’s learning environment amidst the high heat index in Metro Manila. By directing resources towards the daycare center, the event not only promotes education but also demonstrates the community’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of neighboring residents.


Future Plans

Organizing Funquathlon 2 presented challenges, including budget constraints. However, creative solutions and generous sponsorship ensured the event’s success. “Seeing new friendships form during training and racing was one of the most memorable moments,” Bautista recalled, highlighting the event’s community-building impact.

Looking ahead, there are plans to expand the Funquathlon series to all DMCI Homes communities. Javiniar shared, “We aim to enhance the participant experience by offering new race routes and improved timing systems.” Coach Bautista also expressed her commitment to organizing future events that promote health, wellness, and community spirit.

With plans for future expansion, Funquathlon is poised to become an important tradition within the Cedar Crest community, promoting health and supporting worthy causes for years to come.


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