The Cost For A Clean and Green Condo Living


Realizing the vast impact that the building industry has contributed to most environmental issues, key leaders have established the 2030 challenge, which attempts to develop zero net energy buildings by 2030. To limit or even completely eliminate the green houses gases recorded to have been the by-product of most establishments, these buildings are now designed through means causative to a more environmental-friendly city. At the fore of this endeavor is green architecture which puts prime in sustainable architectural designs that are not only energy-efficient, but also utilize materials that are not harmful to the environment. Green design makes for a healthier city living as well; with all the pollution surrounding urban spaces, green architecture design provides a healthier living space for its people.

This is most evident in condo living. Living in high-rise buildings in the center of cities may entail direct exposure to different forms of pollution that may be harmful to the people. As such, condo industries in the Philippines, in particular, have developed condo designs and condo plans that are conducive to a healthier form of living. Efficient home designs have also been the norm in real estate industries in the Philippines. With all these green developments in design and architecture, it is easy to join the bandwagon and go green yourself. However, before doing so, it is best to you make yourself aware of what concrete benefits you can get from green condos; by doing so, you can then make an informed and enlightened decision to finally join this growing trend.

Green Living Means Lower Bills

One of the primary concerns addressed in the 2030 challenge is the amount of energy consumed by the condominium industry. As such, condo designs and condo structures are developed to limit and minimize the energy used in living quarters of the condominium. The means to achieve this energy-saving feature of the green condo range from simple and efficient ways to genius and brilliant design innovations. Choosing lighter shades for your condominium walls is the first and easiest step in a greener condo planning. Lighter shades allow for easier lighting and a brighter ambiance, making it easier to manage around the condominium with the electric lights off and just the natural light aiding you. Green condos are also designed through ways that limit energy consumption. Green architectural design makes it a point to let as much sunlight as possible into living units of condominiums. The building is designed in a way that people inside it can go about in the morning with limited need for artificial lighting. Ventilation is also a prime concern as air-conditioning expenses form a bulk of most condo-owners’ energy bills. Sustainable architectural design plans for a more efficient ventilation system that lets natural air flow into buildings, thereby providing a more natural and more energy-efficient cooling system. With features like these, green architecture makes sure that condominiums are not only environmental-friendly, but budget-friendly as well.

Follow The Energy Star

The Energy Star rating provides a clear and concrete analysis of electricity efficiency. High ratings mean less energy is consumed and consequently, less greenhouse gas is emitted and therefore less contribution to global warming. In choosing the greener city living, namely through green architectural designs, you are assured of a good Energy Star rating. Sustainable architectural design also puts into consideration the amenities included in the construction of the condominium. As such, heaters, lighting and stoves are made sure to be Energy star qualified. This contributes to the overall energy efficiency that is the very characteristic that defines green condominiums.

 Live in Green Condos, Live Longer

As mentioned earlier, the green design does not only aid in limiting your energy expenses and helping the environment, it also helps you live a healthier life a midst the pollution-heavy city where your condominium stands. The World Health Organization recorded that indoor air pollution is responsible for 2.7% of lung diseases. The green design avoids this through adequate and effective ventilation systems and through careful selection of materials that are not chemically compounded with disease-inducing agents. Materials like paint and wood are carefully examined in sustainable green architecture and are evaluated on their chemical content. Materials that are abundant with carcinogens and other unhealthy chemicals are avoided. Meanwhile, the very design of the condominiums are fashioned so that enough ventilation and sunlight can come into the living quarters which are both contributory to a healthier living.


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