Invest in These Tools for Securing Your Condo


When it comes to owning your own home, it’s not just the expenses that you have to worry about. You also have to make security one of your top priorities. This is a foremost concern if you decide to buy a condo in the Philippines. According to a report from the Philippine National Police, there was an increase in total crime volume in the first five months of 2014 compared to the same period of the previous year. We’re living in uncertain times and there’s no excuse for slacking off when it comes to security.

Burglars have devised their ways to get into condominium units. They look out for units that are left unlocked or those with faulty locks. They break into the units to take valuables or worse, hurt the people who happen to be inside. There are cases in which burglars vandalize the units that they invade. In order to avoid these incidents, you should make plans for condo security and start practicing safety measures.

Before you settle down on your condo, you need to make sure that it is already equipped with security features that will safeguard persons and property.


Making Use of Security Devices

There are numerous options when it comes to security devices for condo owners who want to keep their homes safe. There are affordable surveillance cameras for those who have limited budgets. Those with more money to spare can outfit their homes with more sophisticated systems. These can be customized according to needs and specifications. Now start beefing up on tips to ensure the safety of your home and consider the following options.


1. Locks and bars

If bare-bones security is all you can manage right now due to time and money constraints, then the least you can do is to install locks and bars on your doors and possibly your windows, too. If you just bought your condo, make sure to change or re-key all locks. Not that you don’t trust the condo developer, but it’s extra safety precaution that wouldn’t hurt the pocket.

Since you’re in the process of changing locks, consider going for upgrades and buy better stuff than the default locks that come with the condo. A latch and deadbolt lock combo is a great option. Place the deadbolt 12 to 24 inches below the doorknob to give it more extra space. This will make your door harder to kick open. If you don’t like the idea of carrying so many keys, there’s always the deadbolt equipped with a remote controlled system.

Installing bars on doors and windows serves as additional security in the remote case that your locks fail you. Make sure that the bars will not hinder escape during fire emergencies though.


2. Surveillance cameras

Affordable camera and light systems are readily available so there’s no excuse not to put those in your home. A basic setup would involve putting wired cameras at the entry points of your condo. Large cameras may intimidate intruders and make them rethink their plans. If you prefer concealed cameras, the small, wireless ones are better options. There are surveillance cameras that produce feeds you can watch from anywhere with an internet access. Key in the IP address in your computer or mobile phone and you can monitor the cameras anytime you wish.


3. Alarm systems

Basic magnetic door alarms are designed to go off and make noise when a door or window is opened. More sophisticated systems involve installing intersecting beams across your property, which will trigger the alarm if those beams are crossed or broken. There are alarms that go off silently and will trigger a response from the police or fire department. Individual basic alarms are okay with the DIY route but more complicated ones require technical assistance.

Aside from burglar alarms, consider putting in smoke and water alarms while you’re at it. These will help detect fire and water leaks inside your condo.


4. Video intercom

A video intercom system is a great tool for knowing who’s outside your door. These days, it’s not enough that you peer through the window just to check who is standing on the other side. If you have these in your home, you never have to worry about opening your doors anytime of the day.


5. Automated lights

Burglars will not bother attacking homes that look lived in. Unfortunately, you can’t be at your house 24/7. The solution is to invest in automated lights that can turn on and off by itself. These lights systems have timers in which you can control when the lights will work, which will go handy during night time. Even if you’re actually out of the house, burglars will think that somebody’s home because the lights are on.

Safeguarding your condo doesn’t just stop at installing safety tools. You should also know what actions to take in order to ward off potential crooks away from your home. When you settle into your condo, make the effort to get to know your neighbors. You will be able to hit two birds with one stone here. First, you can find out if your neighbors are someone you can trust and make friends with. Second, you can turn to them for help if your home is under threats.

The simple act of not opening the doors for just anyone will save your life. There are those who are guilty of not checking the person standing outside and make the mistake of opening the door for attackers. If you don’t have a video intercom yet, then put a simple peephole in your door so you can always check who is outside.

Before you splurge on decorative items for your condo, it’s best to invest first in security tools and systems that will ensure the safety of your home. Even simple tools can spell the difference between life and death. If you have more cash to spare, don’t hesitate to make your security systems as advanced as possible. No amount of money will be wasted when it comes to warding off criminal elements.



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