How to Behave Properly Inside the Condo Elevator

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If you’re living in a high-rise condo, chances are you’re dependent on the elevator to get to and fro your unit. It’s considered a common area since majority of the residents use it. Just like all common areas, etiquette is needed to make sure that everyone gets to use the elevator effortlessly and efficiently. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know how to practice good elevator etiquette; some are even unaware that it is one of the ways to become a good condo resident.

Since you live in the building and you’ll be using the elevator along with the others for a very long time, it’s important to behave properly to lessen the risk of offending other residents. Remember that exhibiting good behavior in the elevator is part of a condo resident’s responsibilities. Here are some rules to keep in mind in order to observe condo elevator etiquette:


1.    Ladies first

Some may argue that chivalry in the elevator is already non-existent in these modern times but it doesn’t hurt to be courteous even if you’re not really required to do it. Most ladies will be thankful for the gesture. If letting all types of ladies in first isn’t really your style, then at least do it for pregnant and elderly women. Now there’s no excuse for not being gentlemanly in this case.


2.    Minimize conversation

If you’re in the elevator with companions, try to keep the talking to a minimum. Since you are all confined in a very small space, noise can quickly irritate your fellow passengers. If you’re riding alone, avoid making a phone call. The others do not need to hear personal conversation at such a close range. Besides, phone signal sucks inside elevators, so save yourself the hassle.


3.    Let the passengers out first before going in

Unbelievably, there are people who will try to push and shove their way in the elevator while the passengers are still going out the door. This is just plain rude. Wait until the coast is clear before settling inside the elevator. If you’re the first person to get inside, move to the back immediately so all of you can fill up the elevator in an orderly fashion. If you’re headed for the lower floors, stay on the side so you can easily get out.


4.    Don’t eat inside

So you’ve got takeout food and you can’t wait to reach your condo and feast on it? Okay, but wait until you get to your unit before taking a bite of that beef and onions burger. Unwrapping your food inside the elevator will envelope the others with the aroma of your food, which is something that not all people are okay with. At least wait until you step out of the elevator so you can wolf down your food in peace.


5.    Take note of the camera

There are people who forget that the elevator is equipped with a security camera, so they do stuff that they should be doing only in private. The condo building security has seen everything, from couples getting racy to people picking their nose unselfconsciously. So before you do something that you don’t normally do in public, look around the elevator and look for the camera. Save yourself the embarrassment.


6. Be pleasant to the elevator guy

Some upscale condo buildings hire elevator guys. It doesn’t matter if you know him personally; it pays to be nice to a man who sees the comings and goings on the different floors. It won’t take much effort to exchange pleasantries with the elevator guy. He might be able to help you in case of security problems in the future.


7. Hold the door only when necessary

Maybe your next door neighbor is 15 seconds away from the elevator door so you want to hold it for him. It’s okay if there are no other people inside with you. If there are, then you shouldn’t hold the door open. The people inside may not take kindly to the delay. Your neighbor will understand if you have to make him wait for the next ride.


8. Take the stairs

There are people who have become so dependent on elevators that they refuse to take the stairs even if they’re going up just a floor or two. Unless you’re carrying heavy stuff on your way up, it’s more practical to take the stairs instead. Other people tend to get irritated if someone uses the elevator to go to the second floor.


9. Do not pass gas

This needs no explanation.


10. Do not sing and dance

Yes, there are people who are guilty of doing this, the younger ones usually. Kids can be forgiven for being hyper in the elevator as long as the accompanying parent is there to make them stop but teenagers are not excused for such behavior. It may look cool in the movies but this won’t slide in real life.


11.  Be kind enough to push buttons

If you’re the one positioned near the buttons, be courteous enough to push them for other passengers. If you’re not the type to do this for other people, stay away from the buttons and let others take the courtesy.


12. If you’re sick, try to take an empty elevator

Coughing and sneezing inside a full elevator are not only uncomfortable, but you’re also spreading your disease. Try to ride an empty elevator if you’re coughing is in full blast. If this is not possible, just cover your mouth before you cough or sneeze. Also, try not to use your germ-infested hand to push the elevator buttons.


13. Be mindful of your backpack

If you have a big backpack on, be careful in squeezing yourself in among the other passengers. Your backpack may hit someone accidentally if you take a sudden turn once you’re inside.


14. Avoid gossiping

They may be strangers to you but you’ll never know if these strangers happen to know the person you’re gossiping about. So to avoid getting into trouble, hold off the gossiping until you’re out of the elevator. This should be observed especially when you’re in the office elevator.

Little things can go a long way in making sure that everyone gets to ride the elevator safely and conveniently. Observing proper behavior is necessary to keep the elevator a friendly place for condo residents.


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