The Art of Downsizing: Simplifying Life in a Condo

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Want to improve your space at home for a clutter-free condo lifestyle? You’ll need small condo storage ideas if you want to jumpstart your organizational journey.

When you live in a small house design with a floor plan that’s limited to a couple of square feet, you may find yourself in need of storage room ideas for your various belongings. Not only that, but you’ll also find yourself needing to reduce the number of things you have at home to free up your space for a better condo lifestyle.

A clutter-free unit that’s perfectly set up for your needs is essential for a happy home life. You have to downsize the number of possessions you have on your property while ensuring everything is in the right place for an organized and serene living experience.

Looking for creative and practical tips to jumpstart this home organization journey? Then check out this guide prepared by DMCI Homes to get started right away.

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Purging possessions for a neater condo

To have a neat home that’s conducive to an organized lifestyle, you need to purge your condo’s small spaces and design unnecessary possessions. Assess their value first so you can make informed decisions throughout your condo decluttering process, allowing you to easily discard things like ill-fitting clothes, unused books, and broken furniture.

Here are some other actions you can take to rid your home of unwanted items and free up space in your unit:

  • Throw out expired items. Go through your collection of makeup, toiletries, and food pantry items. Are any of these products past their expiration date? If they’re expired and no longer in use, throw them away to make room for new goods.
  • Donate what you don’t use. This is where expert decluttering strategies like the KonMari method come into play. Go through all your belongings and sort them into categories for things that do or do not spark joy. If you have clothes, toys, books, mugs, plates, and other items that are still in good condition but you don’t use anymore, donate them instead so that they can find second homes with other people.
  • Start a garage sale. Aside from donating, you can also hold agarage sale to sell the items you no longer need. Sell your old belongings for a low price, so that you can still earn an easy buck while other people take these items out of your hands.

Make sure to purge your property of unwanted possessions before you organize your home. This way, you can tidy up your smaller-sized home more efficiently too. Check out the next section of this guide for tips on how to store your belongings in a tiny condo.

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Storage ideas for a small bedroom

Dive into these creative storage ideas to maximize every square foot of your condo. Take a look at these organizational tips for space-saving furniture, innovative solutions, and multifunctional designs to make the most of your limited room:

1. Living room

Get multi-purpose furniture

To keep your living room clutter-free, consider getting multifunctional furniture to serve a multitude of purposes – including general storage.

For example, you can purchase a coffee table that comes with a bottom shelf in order to store boxes of office supplies, cleaning supplies, and other household items. You can also get an ottoman with a removable top to store books and magazines and serve as a chair for guests.

Whatever multi-purpose furniture you choose, make sure to maximize its function properly and save on space in your tiny home.

Use baskets for flexible storage

For quick, inexpensive, and flexible storage that can be placed almost anywhere, locally-made wicker baskets are your best friend. Not only are they a great way to put away everyday items like sheets, shoes or magazines, but they also provide a classy textured look to your living room.

Place baskets in your living room and use them to store items that require quick access, like throw blankets or magazines for guests. When you’re done using them, you can easily hide them away in plain sight, for the next time you host guests.

clothing items inside woven basketsPhoto courtesy of RDNE Stock project via Pexels

2. Kitchen

Roll up in a kitchen cart

This item is a great multi-purpose accessory that can be used in various ways to create more storage space at home. For the sake of your kitchen, you can use a cart to keep often-used items in reach, like ingredients, utensils, or cooking equipment.

You can also use a cart to roll out multiple small pantry items, like canned food, snacks, and other goods. Once you’ve got what you need, you can easily tuck your cart away in a small nook or space for discreet and convenient storage.

Divvy up the kitchen cabinets

Another way to maximize room in your kitchen is to divvy up your cabinets to fit more bulky things. Yes, you can put away all your pots and pans when you use the right kinds of organizational tools inside your cabinet, like dividers, metal racks, hooks, and more.

Use metal dividers to vertically store bulky pots or pans to save on space. Hang utensils like tongs, whisks, spatulas, and other lightweight equipment against your cabinet door to make use of that area too. You’ll be surprised by how much you can organize your kitchen when you make the most out of its space.

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3. Bedroom and bathroom

Store items under the bed

Beds tend to take up a lot of space – so it’s a good thing that you can store belongings underneath them to make the most out of their used-up floor area. Turn the empty space into storage when you fit plastic containers, lockable bins, or flat boxes under your bed. You can also opt for bed frames with ready-made drawers underneath for extra storage.

This part of your bedroom is relatively harder to access, compared to your closet. So consider storing less-used items under your bed frame instead, like coats, boots, extra sheets, towels, or duvets. Just remember to label your containers appropriately so that you don’t forget what you’ve put away in the future.

Try a tiered shower caddy

For a small bathroom area, consider hanging a tiered caddy on your shower wall for easy access to everyday toiletries. You can drill one into the wall tiles, or use a caddy with suction cups to keep your shampoo bottles nearby.

You can even stick a hanging caddy onto your general bathroom wall or behind the bathroom door. Use up the available vertical areas in your condo to store everything you need in a smaller-sized home.

stylish bathroom with shower cabinPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

4. General storage

Turn doors into shelves

As hinted at in the previous tip, doors can be a goldmine for sneaking in extra shelf space. Transform the backs of your doors into storage solutions by attaching racks, hooks, hangers, and more to these slim vertical surfaces.

Want to add extra room inside your kitchen pantry? Install an over-the-door rack with tiered shelves to put away your bottled ingredients. Need more spots to store your shoes? Hook a rack onto your entryway closet door to add extra shoe slots. The possibilities are endless when you have a door with vertical space to spare.

Make use of wall space

Another way to maximize vertical areas in your condo is to use your walls for storage. By artfully attaching hooks to your walls, you can transform these blank spaces into storage solutions for a number of your belongings today.

Instead of stuffing hats or jewelry into your drawers, try hanging them on your bedroom wall for easier access. Avoid leaving cleaning tools on the ground and cluttering up your entryway floors by hanging brooms, mops, and small vacuums on the entryway wall. You can even use your kitchen walls to hang your pots and pans out in the open.

No matter your condo’s size, you can benefit from these innovative storage ideas to organize and optimize your home today. Don’t be afraid to maximize every nook and cranny in your unit, so that you can fit everything you need inside.

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Crafting simple and functional tiny homes

A happy and organized lifestyle begins with a simple and functional small apartment design. Whether you’re into the minimalist aesthetic or prefer a more colorful look, what matters is your intentionality in sorting and putting away your belongings.

By being intentional and strategic with your home design, you can optimize every surface in your unit and craft a neat and effective living space. Enjoy the benefits of having an organized condo and cultivate joy in your home for the long run.

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Key takeaways

Ready to reap the benefits of a well-organized condo? Remember to apply these key takeaways for your small bedroom design ideas in the Philippines:

  • Let go of possessions that don’t serve you. Regularly purge your home of unnecessary belongings so that they aren’t taking up precious room in your unit – and your life.
  • Invest in multipurpose furniture. By investing in furniture that functions in multiple ways, you can gain multiple uses out of these items for better area optimization.
  • Make the most out of your vertical spaces. Don’t be afraid to use walls and doors as storage, to maximize every area possible at home.

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