7 Minimalist Condo Interior Design For Small Condos

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The evergreen appeal of minimalist condo interior design doesn’t just rely upon the power of its aesthetics.

Picture this: you’re finally coming home after a long day of commuting, working, and commuting again. You’re completely exhausted by all the meetings and deliverables you had to do at the office, and the last time you ate a decent meal was during your late 15-minute lunch “break.”

The first thing you’ll probably want to do is to relax on your couch, and then wash off the stress of the long day. However, when you step past the threshold of your condo’s door, all you see is a cluttered-looking living area with way too many things taking up space in your tiny condominium home.

If your current condo interior design feels way too messy to function, then you might be in dire need of minimalist interior design for your small condo. Minimalism isn’t just a décor aesthetic, after all: it’s also a simple but functional way to give yourself as much mental space as possible for a relaxing living situation at home today.

With DMCI Homes properties, you can explore better ways to decorate your space for a relaxing condominium lifestyle. Keep on reading to discover some of the best minimalism ideas for your condo interior design goals.

Apartment interior with counterPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

7 Minimalist Interior Design For Small Condos

Looking for the best ways to turn your home into a stress-free escape from the world? Take a look at these seven helpful tips on minimalist condo interior design for Philippine homeowners this year.

1. Start by selecting a light color palette

You can start your minimalist interior design condo journey by selecting light colors as your base color palette. White, off-white, cream, pastel, beige, and light gray are some of the best choices for any home design. These lighter colors are very easy to pair with multi-colored furniture, art, and other large house pieces.

A light color palette is perfect for a minimalist bedroom as well, lending warmth and coziness to an otherwise drab and cold room. This selection of lighter colors will make your room feel bigger, airier, and more relaxing to the eyes, which is why it’s a great choice for bedrooms and other cozy areas.

2. Try cool neutrals for your accent colors

For the accent colors of your condominium home, cool neutrals will work best with minimalist interior design for small condos. Not only do they contrast pleasantly with a light base palette, but they also provide a sense of peace and calm without being boring or basic choices for your home.

Cool neutrals like gray, taupe, and navy provide a sense of zen in any living space. These cooler colors also work with light colors to make spaces look crisp and clean. So when you’re planning out your minimalist 22-sqm condo interior design, go for color palettes that can make your space look sophisticated and spacious every time.

Living room with couch in front of table with chairPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

3. Simple and clean is the way to go with furniture

Let’s keep going with this theme of clean and sophisticated designs. When it comes to larger pieces, like furniture in minimalist living rooms, you should definitely go for items that are simpler in function but sleek in design.

With simple and clean choices, you can easily pair larger furniture pieces with your personal touches for a fuss-free condominium interior design. This allows you to curate your living room and other guest spaces so that they look sleek and sophisticated, while also feeling homey at the same time.

4. Leave lots of room for motion

When it comes to minimalist home design, you can generally make your condominium unit seem a lot bigger than it actually is. A light base color palette with cool neutral accents can help create the illusion of space, while the right kind of furniture can double as decor and functional storage. This leaves you with a lot of clutter-free room for motion at home.

Organize condo living rooms by using sleek and functional furniture with built-in storage. This kind of dual-function minimalism allows you to have more space to move and breathe. With all this extra space, you’ll get to show off a more organized and attractive home environment that provides you and your guests space to move freely all the time.

Contemporary kitchen with shiny stylish furniturePhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

5. Do closed-shelving for kitchen clutter

One challenge that you might encounter when designing your dream space is that small areas like the kitchen can be filled to the brim with way too many things. Kitchen tools, utensils, pots, pans, plates, and even ingredients might take up a lot of counter space, leaving you with a cluttered-looking workstation that ruins your minimalistic vibe.

A great way to address the challenge of clutter is to organize your condo kitchen with things like closed-shelving and closed storage. By hiding your myriad of tools away in an organized manner, you can minimize the visual clutter and focus everyone’s attention on your sleek kitchen décor and design.

6. Let there be light!

Another easy way to make your condominium unit seem a lot bigger and more clean-looking than it is to use all your available light to enlarge the living space. Make sure that your windows aren’t blocked by any heavy or distracting objects, so that you can let as much light into your small home as possible.

Smaller kitchen designs can greatly benefit from these simpler window treatments too. By ensuring that the windows in your smaller kitchen area are unblocked and minimally decorated, you’ll allow all possible sunlight to come in. This will definitely give you the impression of a breezier, larger, and calmer cooking space.

Gray Stone With Green PlantPhoto courtesy of Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

7. Bring in zen vibes with ikebana

Last but not least in this list of interior design ideas is to bring in a zen vibe to your home with simple greenery, like an ikebana plant arrangement.

Minimalistic ikebana is the perfect way to imbibe your home with a sense of life, elegance, and simplicity. An ikebana arrangement will let you bring a living thing to your home in an aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free way. Plus, your ikebana arrangements won’t take up too much mental and physical space either, since they’re so simple and clean-looking.

By having a small ikebana arrangement in your condominium unit, you’ll be adding that final splash of color and life to your overall condo interior design.

White Window Curtain Near Brown Wooden ShelfPhoto courtesy of Andrew Patrick via Pexels

Condo safety and security are important for your relaxation needs. By having a stress-free home environment, you’ll be able to survive and thrive outdoors and at work – all thanks to that crucial minimalism in your condominium design.

Loving all the recommendations for a better condo-dwelling lifestyle? Then make sure to check out the DMCI Communities blog for more homemaking tips and interior design resources this year.


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