10 Savvy Ways to Design Your Condo Living Room


If you are planning to get a condo in the Philippines, expect to have a small living space, unless you’d be willing to spend a fortune buying a condo with several bedrooms and a considerably large floor area. Purchasing and renting big condos in the country might be difficult since most people in the Philippines can barely make ends meet on a daily basis.

Even if you’re going to deal with a tiny space, you can still choose condo design ideas that would make it more appealing. You particularly need to focus on coming up with creative ideas for your living room, since this is the first area that your visitors would see whenever they pay you a visit.


Create Lasting Impressions With “Forever” Furnishings

Forever” Furnishings condo living room

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“Forever furnishings,” in the form of streamlined linen sofa with low-profile arms, are cozy and stylish condo furniture you’d definitely want to come home to everyday. This furniture gives out an inviting vibe to your visitors in such a way that makes them feel at home.

If you would like to make use of budget-friendly living room ideas while adding some customized designs on your furniture, choose to construct a DIY “forever furniture” for your condo. You can sew a handicraft cross stitch design on your sofa to create an even more homely overall impression.


Do Away With Curtains

Do Away With Curtains condo living room

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Step out of the ordinary in conceptualizing living room ideas customized for your small space. Allow your living room to bask in on the natural light brought by the sunshine. Living room bare windows create a modern vibe while maintaining the bright, glowing look.

Maintain a healthy natural living room with proper lighting. Exposure to sunshine every now and then gives out health benefits to your body in the long run.


The Powerful Effects of Paint Colors

earthy colors living room

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Paint the walls of your living room in light or neutral colors, and the ceiling in colors that are a little bit lighter. They give a more spacious ambiance to your small condo. If you wish to create a calming effect, paint it with blue-gray colors. On the other hand, pale yellow will make it look warm and cozy.

With the growing rental market in the Philippines, people choose renting over purchasing a condo. If you’re just a tenant, you need to make sure to ask for the condo owner’s permission first before painting the living room. The last thing you’d want is to taint your relationship with the condo owner about avoidable problems.


Enlarged Visions from the Mirrors

mirror in the living room

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Make your living room feel and look bigger by putting up mirrors around its premises. Mirrors create a make-believe notion of open spaces, and clearly reflect light if they are positioned opposite the windows.

The large space impression that the presence of mirrors in your condo living room gives makes you feel extra cozy while spending some time in front of the fireplace.


Careful Selection of Curtains

condo living room with curtains

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If you really can’t do without curtains in the living room in your condominium, put up sheer curtain panels instead of thick and heavy fabrics to invite more light. You may also want to sew personalized designs on your curtains that are close to your heart.


One-in-a-Package Furniture

futon for your living room

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Pump up your creative ideas for classy condo design tips by incorporating one-in-a-package furniture for your living room. For instance, buy a futon that can also be used as a guest bed, a coffee table with drawers underneath, and ottomans, where you can place handy items such as scissors and pens. This will turn your living room into both a guest room and home office at the same time.


Tricky Small Rugs

rugs ideas on living room

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Placing small rugs in your living room instead of a single large rug create a larger living space. Make sure though, that the architecture of your condo matches the color and design of your rugs. Failure to do so will create an aesthetically unappealing image on your living room. DMCI Properties, for one, has several condos whose architecture matches almost any type of interior design you may choose for your home.


An Extra Loft Still Serves a Purpose

loft living room

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If the ceiling in your living room is high, build a small loft to create a more spacious look. This way, you can have the extra space where you can put your other furniture. This may also serve as additional storage area.


A Divider That Separates

living room divider

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Understandably, because your condo is small, you would want to have some room to breathe in. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this without having a divider that separates your living room from the kitchen and bedroom areas. To make your divider dual-purpose, consider using a tall bookshelf for your book or magazine collection.


A Single Theme Says It All

single theme living room

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Match the theme of your living room with the other areas of your condo. Different styles create a distorted aesthetic impression. If your bedroom has a palace-like theme, make sure your kitchen and living room follows the same as well.

Create a positive impression to your visitors by carefully planning the design of your living room. It takes creative conceptualization, motivation, and effort, but once your ideas pan out perfectly, you’ll surely appreciate your condo better.



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