15 Condo Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Condo Home

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What are the mclassic kitchen design ideas in the Philippines?

Staying indoors has become the norm since the COVID-19 virus wreaked havoc across the globe. Each day, it is becoming clearer that the “Old Normal” is a thing of the past. Businesses are embracing the work-from-home (WFH) arrangement, schools are permanently offering online classes, and people are more open to small gatherings.

Since you’re spending more time in your condo, you are encouraged to prepare your food more often. It’s okay to order take-outs once in a while, but make time to cook your meals using fresh and healthy ingredients.

Make cooking more than a daily chore. Turn it into an enjoyable activity. And what better way to bring out the Julia Childs in you than to glam up your condo kitchen?

Check out these 15 condo interior design ideas for small kitchens:

  1. Add vintage furniture pieces
  2. Install gorgeous backsplash
  3. Turn your kitchen as a living room extension
  4. Play with bold colors
  5. Ditch the room dividers
  6. Opt for natural wood cabinetry
  7. Shift from matt to gloss
  8. Explore glass partitions
  9. Illuminate with layered lighting
  10. Hide clutter in hidden storage
  11. Go chic with a black kitchen
  12. Add touches of natural green
  13. Mix and match textures and styles
  14. Discover the wonders of a minimalist kitchen
  15. Have your coffee corner

1. Add vintage furniture pieces

vintage furniture piecesPhoto courtesy of Niki Nagy via Pexels

Need small kitchen ideas? Go for a vintage farm table instead of a built-in island. Vintage furniture adds character to a space and can easily become a conversation piece.

You may check out selections of farm tables in secondhand shops. If you want to build your own, you may recycle old wood and turn it into a functional table.

To maintain this kitchen item, clean your tabletop regularly with cleaning products for wooden materials.

2. Install gorgeous backsplash

Kitchen backsplash tiles protect the wall from water damage from inadvertent splashing from the sink. These also protect against heat damage if installed behind the stovetop.

For a modern kitchen design, you may install black subway tiles that perfectly contrast white cabinetry. It’s advisable that you hire professionals to work on the backsplash tiles as they have the necessary tools such as a tile cutter.

To keep the tiles in good condition, wipe them up with a clean rag or sponge after using the kitchen.

3. Turn your kitchen into a living room extension

Turn your kitchen into a living room extensionPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Try this small kitchen design: transform your cooking area as an extension of your living room by coordinating the design themes in these two spaces. You may use the same color palettes on the walls, similar furniture styles, and coordinating decors.

Visit your favorite department store for kitchen and living decor that both match in style and color palette. Instead of a kitchen table with sharp corners, you may go for a round table that blends with the softness of the living room atmosphere.

4. Play with bold colors

Play with bold colorsPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Your condo kitchen doesn’t have to remind you of your school cafeteria kitchen. While light neutrals like whites give off a clean look, these also appear so cold. Give life and energy to your cooking space by choosing fixtures in bold colors.

You may mount a pendant lamp in striking gold or repaint your cabinetry with vibrant red. What about drawers in elegant purple? Go bold with your color choices!

Try combining black, white and gray with any other shades in the color wheel.

5. Ditch the room dividers

Ditch the room dividersPhoto courtesy of EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Pexels

You can better maximize space in your small condo home by embracing an open-concept kitchen. Separating the kitchen from the other rooms is an old design that only makes space look tighter.

Ditch the room dividers and go for an open kitchen space. This suits a multitasking lifestyle well – bake desserts in the kitchen while waiting for an email in your working area.

Remember to keep your spaces clean and organized. Keep only essential home items or use enough storage space to avoid a cluttered home.

6. Opt for natural wood cabinetry

Interior designs with nature inspirations are a hit this 2022. People are turning to wood and rattan furniture, marble countertops and indoor plants as decor. One likely reason is the meditative effect of nature during this highly stressful time.

Glam up your condo kitchen by replacing your cabinets with natural wood. Leave them unpainted to bring out their charm!

To care for natural wood cabinetry, clean it with soft, damp cloth and wipe it in the direction of the wood grain. Remove stains or grime with paste made by mixing baking soda with water.

7. Shift from matt to gloss

Shift from matt to glossPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Glazed tiles as kitchen backsplash reflect natural light, lightening up your kitchen space. The effect is the same regardless of the tile color you choose.

Interior designer Natalia Miyar recommends green kitchen tiles. “Paired with the rustic wood and marble work surfaces, they create a really beautiful contrast with the earthy colors, as well as adding different layers of texture to the space,” she shared with HomesAndGardens.com.

You may install the kitchen tiles yourself or hire professionals to do the job for you. You may coordinate with your condo admin for recommendations.

8. Explore glass partitions

An open-kitchen concept is a trending kitchen design, but if you truly want dividers between rooms in your condo home, you may explore glass partitions.

Glass dividers define spaces while keeping the flow of natural light. Placing a divider between your kitchen and other parts of your home can also help contain smells from the cooking area.

Maintain clean glass partitions by regularly cleaning them. Wipe the glass with a cloth dipped in white vinegar then scrub any residue with a toothbrush or grout brush. Then, remove the vinegar solution by wiping the glass with a damp cloth. Let the glass air dry.

9. Illuminate with layered lighting

Illuminate with layered lightingPhoto courtesy of Vic_B via Pixabay

Lighting can make a huge difference in a space. Bright fluorescent lights may open up your kitchen but these can also make the area appear cold.

Add warmth to your kitchen by adding layered lighting. This involves three types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task.

Ambient lighting serves as the general lighting which may be achieved by installing a central ceiling fixture. Accent lighting offers a decorative touch. You may install a pendant lamp directed above your kitchen table. Finally, task lighting is a focused light used for a particular task. You may install under cabinet lights illuminating your cooking top.

You may browse IG or Pinterest for layered lighting inspiration.

10. Hide clutter in hidden storage

Hide clutter in hidden storagePhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Hidden storage spaces are recommended kitchen cabinet designs for condos. These maximize the illusion of spaciousness and keep the space clutter-free.

Keep your spices in a shallow drawer with ridged inserts. The standard-sized spice jars can fit into this tight space. You may also install rolling shelves with low sides for your pots and pans.

Clean your cabinets and shelves easily by placing shelf liners that come in adhesive or non-adhesive styles.

11. Go chic with a black kitchen

Go chic with a black kitchenPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

A black kitchen is unconventional but it’s luxe and inviting. It makes a tight space look much bigger, and when complemented with textured wooden fixtures such as flooring, can add warmth to your condo home.

Paint your walls and cabinets in black. You may also replace your kitchen top with elegant black marble. Another design idea is to add brass accents. “‘Metal accents such as copper, brass, steel or pewter pair perfectly with dark work surfaces to give a kitchen a lavish and modern feel,” said Jonathan Stanley, Vice President of Marketing UK & EMEA at Caesarstone.

12. Add touches of natural green

Add touches of natural greenPhoto courtesy of Mitchell Henderson via Pexels

Breathe life into your simple kitchen by creating an indoor mini garden. Not only does an indoor garden add vibrance to your space, but it also makes fresh ingredients easily available for cooking.

Indoor greenery can also improve your kitchen’s air quality and help banish unwanted smells.

Whether you have a tiny or huge kitchen, an indoor garden is both a visual and practical thing to have. Consider having low-maintenance herbs like chives, mint, parsley, and basil. You may also plant citruses and microgreens such as kale, spinach, and lettuce in small pots.

13. Mix and match textures and styles

Mix and match textures and stylesPhoto courtesy of Dmitry Zvolskiy via Pexels

Combining different materials, with varying textures and styles, creates an edgy look while upgrading the functionality of your kitchen. It’s also budget-friendly because you can replace expensive materials with cheaper alternatives.

For instance, while wood and stone are great materials for warmth and texture, opting for an all-wood or all-stone design can be expensive and overwhelming. A tip is to combine wood and stone with other materials like laminate.

14. Discover the wonders of a minimalist kitchen

Discover the wonders of a minimalist kitchenPhoto courtesy of idaT via Pixabay

A minimalist design champions cleanliness and functionality and exudes comfort and relaxation. This design is perfect for any type of home because it’s highly customizable. From having sustainable furniture to ethically-sourced food, a minimalist kitchen can create a guilt-free space for eating and gathering.

What’s more, a minimalist kitchen is easy and affordable. Score great finds in thrift stores or refurbish old furniture. Feel free to “upcycle” since the idea is to create a green kitchen with the least environmental footprint possible.

15. Have your coffee corner

Have your coffee cornerPhoto courtesy of Marta Dzedyshko via Pexels

The WFH arrangement is changing the way people work. Even with a hybrid set-up, workers are expected to spend more time at home.

Make your condo home as comfortable as possible yet with an environment that promotes productivity. This is why it’s highly recommended that you have a dedicated workspace in your home where you could get tasks done.

Build a mini coffee station in your condo kitchen that mimics your office pantry or your favorite coffee shop. Brew your own coffee Americano or espresso blend while you finish tasks at work!

Recreate your favorite kitchen condo design idea today!

Before getting down to work, make sure that your planned repairs or renovations are permitted under the DMCI Homes properties homeowners manual. Tenants are required to secure the condo owner’s consent of any repairs or upgrades on the leased unit. Revisit your lease contract for relevant provisions. But whether you’re a tenant or condo owner, you need a permit for major upgrades.

Also, consider getting external help with the manual work. Don’t attempt to cut tiles if you’re not trained for it. Remember that safety should always come first.

Are you excited to revamp your condo kitchen? Try any of the tips above! For more condo design tips, visit DMCI Communities blog.


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