Indigenous Products in the Philippines Perfect for your Condo

Condo Design.

Are you looking to redecorate your condo interior design? How about including a few pieces of indigenous products from the Philippines in your living space?

You may not notice it, but many indigenous materials like Narra wood, rattan, and abaca often find themselves in your home regardless of your family background or even your desired interior design theme. These products are not only unique in design but can also help you organize your things in small spaces.

Native products in the Philippines vary from the culture and the tribe that made them. Some products are home decors that represent legends from that tribe, while others are furniture you can use in your everyday life.

There are many indigenous products in the Philippines that you can choose from. But which ones should you prioritize first in your DMCI Homes condo? Let us help you decide on that.

Indigenous Products in the Philippines you need in your DMCI Homes community.

1. Bamboo Baskets for your storage needs

basket made from raw materialsPhoto courtesy of Imad Alassiry via Unsplash

A product of the traditional handicrafts of the Indigenous peoples in Palawan and in Northern Luzon, these wooden baskets have been an essential part of traditional lifestyles in the country, and they can be part of your condo too.

These sturdy baskets can be used to store your clothes, makeup, and even your condo bathroom essentials. There are many designs to choose from based on the material used, most are either rattan or bamboo, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also keep your condo organized and spacious.

2. Inabel Cloths to accent your condo living space

From the weaving traditions of the locals from the Ilocos region, Inabel is a fabric made of cotton known for being a soft, yet strong product that comes in beautiful patterns. Ilocanos weave different products of inabel like curtains, towels, table runners, and even bed linen!

Give your condo the splash of color it needs from these indigenous products. If you have an accent chair in your condo, you can get an Inabel cloth to add color and protect the chair from unnecessary dirt and stains. Your table mats can also be made from inabel cloth to add Filipino flair to your dining table.

3. Rattan Trays for center table designs

Square Brown Wicker Basket on TablePhoto courtesy of Vinicius Estevao via Pexels

One of the most sustainable materials in the country can be your condo’s living room piece. Originating from the town of Sogod, Cebu, rattan trays and baskets are weaved from rattan vines that are lightweight but can withstand extreme weather conditions like humid air in the summer and cold nights during Christmas.

This makes rattan trays sturdy enough for any task at hand, whether it’s handling fruits in your kitchen or dining table or welcoming snacks for your guests in the living room.

4. Woodcarvings from the Igorot Tribe

If you’re really into changing your condo’s interior design into a wood-themed one, you may want to consider the cultural woodworks of the Igorot Tribe in Baguio City.

You can purchase giant wooden cutlery that you can display in your kitchen or dining area, as well as fertility statues, spears, and shields that you can use as centerpieces for your living room. Surely, your newly designed condo will be the talk of the town with these indigenous products.

5. Pottery from Kalinga

Brown Ceramic PotsPhoto courtesy of Quang Nguyen Vinh via Pexels

Looking for indigenous products to fill the corners of your condo unit? Pottery products from the province of Kalinga will surely add flair to your home. Kalinga Ceramics plays a vital role in trade and social relationships in the Kalinga Society.

These indigenous products are used by the Kalinga people for cooking rice and vegetables, as well as for water storage. In your home, you can use them as a simple display, or use them as pots for your mini garden on your condo balcony.

6. Capiz Shells from Cebu

white and brown seashells on brown wooden surfacePhoto courtesy of George Girnas via Unsplash

If adding a touch of the ocean is part of your dream condo design, then the Capiz Shells from Cebu might just be your answered prayers. Capiz shells are the inside lining of an oyster abundant in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. In traditional houses, capiz shells are used as windows. Add that tropical feel to your condo by purchasing capiz shells in the form of wind chimes, lamps, dividers, and even curtains!

7. Ikat Blankets from Ifugao

Folded and Stacked FabricPhoto courtesy of Francesco Ungaro via Pexels

Feeling a little cold in your condo? Welcome the weaving tradition of Ifugao with Ikat Blankets made with love by the locals of the north. Ikat weaving undergoes a resist dyeing to bring out the colors and patterns that represent the culture of the Ifugao people.

The Ifugao Ikat blankets are thick enough to keep you warm while you sleep at night. And if you’re up for it, it can also be a wrap-around accessory for your outfit to work.

8. Manobo Trays from Mindanao

Brown Wicker SurfacePhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

If you often welcome guests in your condo, it would be better to have trays ready to serve them your favorite snacks and drinks. What better way to do that than with the Manobo trays from Mindanao? The starlike weaves represent the Manobo tribe and its culture, and would definitely match the wood-themed interior design for your condo. Plus, buying these trays would help our fellow Filipinos in their everyday lives.

Clearly, there are many indigenous products in the Philippines that we have yet to see. It is our duty and responsibility of us Filipinos to learn about our heritage by supporting our local products, visiting museums, and even interacting with them whenever possible. Through this, we’re able to keep the culture alive and well in the generations to come.


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