#WhatWomenDo: Breaking Barriers Beyond Work

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As DMCI Communities celebrates Women’s Month, Tina stands as a shining example of resilience, excellence, and the limitless possibilities when passion meets determination.

Tina Fernando-Sanchez’s career trajectory has been a dynamic blend of roles in consumer and trade marketing, customer insights, and relationship management. Through unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge, she has risen to a leadership position in traditionally male-dominated fields. Tina reflects on her journey, stating, “My perseverance, coupled with continuous learning, has paved the way for my current leadership position.”


Breaking Through Biases

One of Tina’s significant challenges was breaking through gender biases and stereotypes entrenched in the workplace. To overcome this, she relied on resilience and confidence. Tina shares, “I addressed this by consistently delivering high-quality work and building strong networks. By staying true to my capabilities and focusing on results, I earned respect and recognition.”


Her Guiding Principles

At the core of Tina’s leadership style are three guiding principles: integrity, empathy, and innovation. She believes in the culture of transparency, where trust is paramount in all interactions. Tina explains, “Empathy allows me to understand the needs and perspectives of the customers, business, and the team members, enabling me to cultivate strong relationships and drive collaboration.” Innovation, according to Tina, propels continuous improvement and ensures adaptability in responding to ever-evolving market dynamics.

For women aspiring to make a positive impact and advance their careers, Tina offers valuable advice. “Emphasize the importance of self-awareness, resilience, and continuous learning,” she suggests. “Stay true to your values and capabilities, and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Build strong networks, seek mentors, and support other women along the way. Remember that your unique perspective and contributions are valuable, and never underestimate the power of perseverance in achieving your goals.”


A Shared Triumph

Prisma Residences proudly stands alongside Tina in celebrating her victories over gender biases and stereotypes. As we honor Women’s Month, Tina’s story serves as a reminder that the pursuit of excellence and breaking through barriers is a shared endeavor, shaping the narrative of empowerment within our communities.


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