15 Entryway Nook Ideas To Widen Your Condo Entryway

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You know what they say about first impressions? Yes, it is a shame you don’t get a second chance to make a good one. We normally size up other people, things, events, and places in two minutes or less. That’s what happens when people step into a home for the first time. Notice that they walk slower than usual as they approach the door and slightly peek with their head before going in. It’s not rude, it’s just instinct, a force of habit.

That is why if you have an entryway or foyer in your condo unit, count yourself lucky. There are a lot of condo entrance design ideas that will surely make a good first impression. It’s like going to the theater and watching all previews before the main show. A foyer, a nice foyer, is a good preview to what’s about to come.

Don’t worry if it’s not big enough. The words big and huge do not come by very often with condo living but the word style does. Space should never be an issue if you know how to use it well.

Entryway Nook Ideas For Condo Units

  1. Add a mirror on the wall
  2. Place a dresser in the hall
  3. Insert hooks to hang your must-have items
  4. Place a clothes rack for your bags and jackets
  5. Install floating cabinets for more surface space
  6. Create a landing strip for outside items
  7. Add a floor runner throughout your entryway
  8. Place a board for reminders and messages
  9. Define your entryway with color
  10. Make your entryway into a gallery
  11. Place a bench to warm up
  12. Build a reading nook
  13. Light up the entryway
  14. Add a diffuser to give off your favorite scent
  15. Keep things in order

So are you ready to turn that small entryway of yours into the grand entrance you have always wanted? Let’s start.


Entryway Nook Idea # 1: Add a mirror on the wall

Adding a mirror is a common trick to turn small space into a big space. You can go with any size and any style as long as it feels right to you and blends with the entire space. And since you are always on the go, having a mirror will come in handy for quick retouches and last-minute check before heading out the door.


Entryway Nook Idea # 2: Place a dresser in the hall

People who do not know how to maximize space think than an entryway is nothing but a waste of space. They ask: “why didn’t they extend the living room instead?” The solution: use the space. Put sleek a cabinet or a dresser in the foyer to stash things you need as you head in and out of the door. Add some greens and flowers too to make the entryway more inviting.


Entryway Nook Idea # 3: Insert hooks to hang your must-have items

If a cabinet is too bulky, it is best to mount hooks and even cute cubbies for loose things like keys and coins. Using hooks is among the best and functional storage hacks for small spaces. You can use it for your cap or hat, shawl, or bags. If a corner is being used for something, the entire home usually appears bigger.


Entryway Nook Idea # 4: Place a clothes rack for your bags and jackets

We will usher in the rainy season in a few weeks. A rack in the entryway can be very useful. Put one in a corner where you can hang your coat or jacket, umbrella, or raincoat. Coat racks are getting more and more stylish these days so pick one that has character.


Entryway Nook Idea # 5: Install floating cabinets for more surface space

Floating shelves perfect for a small condo space. They only take wall space and look stylish at the same time. Mounting some shelves in your entryway will make the space more useful. Put some little knick knacks that will define the home.


Entryway Nook Idea # 6: Create a landing strip for outside items

It is nice to keep a shoe rack or storage in the entryway. Take off your shoes and store them in an orderly manner so that the next day, you know just where to find them. It is also nice to teach the kids just how to stuff shoes in the storage instead of kicking them around. A landing strip like this will prevent mud and dirt from making an entrance.


Entryway Nook Idea # 7: Add a floor runner throughout your entryway

Place a neat-looking runner to usher your guests in. A long or maybe striped runner will make the place appear longer than it actually is. Just be careful not to extend it all the way until you can no longer open the door freely. But if you are not into rugs and runners that need vacuuming and washing every now and then, one fun condo entrance design idea is to paint one on the floor instead.


Entryway Nook Idea # 8: Place a board for reminders and messages

The entryway can help condo owners maintain order in their lives. You can mount a cork board there where you can pin your shopping list, to-do lists, bills to pay, and other papers you normally need before heading out the door.


Entryway Nook Idea # 9: Define your entryway with color

What is nice about a foyer is that it can stand alone from the rest of the house. You can choose to define the space by painting it with a bold color like red or yellow. Bold colors express warmth. And warm welcomes are the best. But if you want the space to be more breathable, look bigger, and more refreshing, neutrals and white will do. Neutrals blend well with neat-looking open shelves and mirrors.


Entryway Nook Idea # 10: Make your entryway into a gallery

Turn your entry wall into a gallery of sorts. Mount some wall art that are eye-catching. You can even have a collage of family pictures there. Not only will your guests be intrigued, art and pictures are also good conversation starters. Talk about making good first impressions.


Entryway Nook Idea # 11: Place a bench to warm up

Putting a simple looking bench on the entryway makes it look more inviting. It can also serve as a holding area as you make some final touches in your kitchen or living room. Or just something to sit on as soon as you walk into the door. A bench can also be a storage for small spaces. How about stuffing shoes in there?

Entryway Nook Idea # 12: Build a reading nook

Give it a cozier and welcoming feel by placing a nook. Tuck in a small table and chair with a lamp or flower. It could be your second living room or your reading corner.


Entryway Nook Idea # 13: Light up the entryway

Putting some nice overhead lighting is one way to widen your small condo entryway. Suspend a pendant light six to seven inches above the floor. Suspending it much higher will make it lose its visual effect and hanging it much lower will truncate the space. A table lamp or a wall lamp also gives an inviting glow. When the space is properly lit, it naturally looks bigger.


Entryway Nook Idea # 14: Add a diffuser to give off your favorite scent

Nothing puts people in the mood than a nice-smelling place. Walking in to the smell of chamomile, vanilla, olives, or whatever scent you’re into is like walking into your happy place.


Entryway Nook Idea # 15: Keep things in order

The reason you are putting all these cabinets, storage, hooks and racks in the entryway is because you want to be welcomed in your home in the most stress-free and clutter-free way possible. Shoes, coat, umbrella, mail everywhere will make you want to step outside instead. Keep your foyer orderly so that it looks bigger and more breathable.


The entryway is a coming and going space. You want to head in and out of the door with the most inviting and welcoming feel. It’s time you turn it into something neat and functional. While you’re at it, try turning it into a creative and stylish space that is sure to make the good first impression last.


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