Rainy Day Reading List: Books to Enjoy in Your Condo


What time is it? Not summertime, unfortunately. The rainy season is coming, and with it will come more and more days spent at home. But don’t worry, if you’re looking for fun indoor activities during the rainy season – like reading – then this guide has got you covered.

Want something to do that’ll pass the time and enrich your mind simultaneously? Then consider seeking solace and indulging in a good book as a condo activity for rainy days. This guide will take you through ten exciting fiction and non-fiction recommendations, all by local authors and Filipino writers, so that you can enhance your indoor experience.

Discover your new favorite literary treasure and retreat into the comfort of your condo with this guide by your community at DMCI Homes.

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A cozy condo nook for indoor recreation

Get ready to prepare your condo for a fun day indoors! Make sure to set up a cozy nook to help you enjoy your time at home.

This comfy condo space can come in many forms. From a small corner of your bed to a spacious sitting area in your living room, your nook should be soft enough to rest on while also stimulating enough to keep you indoors. Consider filling up your condo nook with cute pillows, enough lighting, and of course, a place to put snacks, drinks, and your favorite book on too.

Think you have everything you need for the rainy season? Then check out the next section of this guide to jumpstart your reading journey.

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Fictional escapes for a rainy day

Once you’re able to set up your condo for the rainy season, you can then settle in at home with a great piece of local literature. Start off your relaxing day indoors with these five fiction recommendations:

1. “My Lola’s Love Letters” by Ines Bautista-Yao

my lola’s love lettersPhoto courtesy of Ateneo de Manila University Press

This first recommendation is a recently published romantic piece of young adult (YA) fiction that’s great for a pleasant read on a rainy afternoon. “My Lola’s Love Letters” by Ines Bautista-Yao follows the story of college junior Natividad “Nat” Torres as she finds her way through love, heartbreak, and courage – upon her discovery of her lola’s old love letters.

Nat’s journey in finding her strengths despite her insecurities is the true love letter for readers of this novel. It’s a gentle, cozy, and hopeful piece of literature that’ll certainly inspire people of all ages.

2. “Song of the Mango and Other New Myths” by Vida Cruz-Borja

Song of the Mango and Other New MythsPhoto courtesy of Goodreads

Looking for something a little more mythical? Then this next suggestion is perfect for you. “Song of the Mango and Other New Myths” by Vida Cruz-Borja is an award-winning book that gathers 15 different stories under one title.

In this illustrated fantasy collection, you can explore a multitude of imaginary realms, from precolonial mythology and classical folklore, all from the mind of modern-day mythmaker Vida Cruz-Borja.

3. “La Tercera” by Gina Apostol

La TerceraPhoto courtesy of Penguin Random House

Another awesome book to read by a Filipino author is “La Tercera” by Gina Apostol. In this piece of historical fiction, you follow the story of Rosario Delgado, a Filipina novelist in New York City. When Rosario learns about the death of her mother in the Philippines, she investigates her family’s history and her mother’s inheritance – La Tercera, a place that may or may not even exist.

La Tercera” is an assemblage of Philippine history from the 19th century to the present day. By telling the tale of the Delgados and their experiences throughout the generations, this novel captures a tale of family, country, and fraught Philippine history.

4. “Yñiga” by Glenn Diaz

YñigaPhoto courtesy of Goodreads

This next recommendation is a compelling and dramatic piece that reflects on family, resilience, and nationalism. “Yñiga” by Glenn Diaz tells the story of Yñiga Calinauan, whose quiet life is disrupted when a retired general known for murdering peasant farmers is arrested across the street from her home.

Her neighborhood burns down days later, and so she returns to a small fishing town to regain the quiet life she lost. But as she returns, she is chased by terrors from her previous life – and so she must face the “forest of history” that haunts her family to this day.

5. “The End of All Skies” by Vincent C. Sales

The End of All SkiesPhoto courtesy of Goodreads

This last fiction novel reclaims Filipino myths and legends while reminding people to never forget their nation’s history.

The End of All Skies” by Vincent C. Sales is a modern fantasy piece that tells the story of the city of Sun Girna Ginar, once ruled by a tyrant Sultan. Capturing the final days of the city’s glory as the mundane rebel against gods and monsters, this novel mirrors recent historical events and reminds people of the power and humanity that they possess.

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Non-fiction reads as rainy-day activities for adults

If you’re not that interested in escaping into fictional worlds, you might prefer to stick to reality instead. You could choose to entertain a bunch of different indoor activities during the rainy season– so why not stimulate your mind with non-fiction recommendations?

From memoirs to essays and more, here are a few thought-provoking non-fiction books that you can include in your rainy-day survival checklist.

1. “Nothing Deep” by Richard Bolisay

nothing deepPhoto courtesy of Goodreads

Are you a Philippine cinema buff? Then this collection of essays will be a great read for you. “Nothing Deep” by film critic Richard Bolisay is an enriching non-fiction work that meditates on the local movie scene and takes a peek behind the industry curtain. Bolisay regales you with essays on his conversations with various filmmakers, screenwriters, directors, and actors, offering various perspectives on Philippine cinema.

2. “Even Ducks Get Liver Cancer and Other Medical Misadventures” by Wilfredo Liangco

even ducks get liver cancer and other medical misadventuresPhoto courtesy of Milflores Publishing

If you’re tiding over a rainy day illness at home, then this next option is an on-the-nose pick. The hilariously titled “Even Ducks Get Liver Cancer and other medical misadventures” by Wilfredo Liangco is a candid, hysterical, yet heartbreaking account of Liangco’s medical experiences at the Philippine General Hospital.

From his misadventures as a doctor to life-and-death decisions in the Philippine healthcare system, you’ll get to laugh, cry, and laugh again at his stories of overcoming trials as a medical professional.

3. “Strange Intimacy: Essays on Dressing Up and Consumption” by Zea Asis

Strange IntimacyPhoto courtesy of Goodreads

This next collection of essays tells of a young woman’s coming-of-age journey in the Philippine context.

Strange Intimacy: Essays on Dressing Up and Consumption” by Zea Asis explores womanhood through physical, emotional, and intellectual lenses that serve as catalysts for self-discovery. Through this piece, Asis captures the story of the feminine experience that rejects stereotypical romanticism and instead centers on one’s survival in modern times.

4. “Brief Histories” by Don Jaucian

Brief HistoriesPhoto courtesy of Goodreads

Is queer joy possible? CNN Philippines’ founding editor-in-chief Don Jaucian explores this question and more in his essay collection, “Brief Histories.” A personal and poignant non-fiction selection, “Brief Histories” narrates Jaucian’s own experiences as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. From joys and pride to trials and tribulations, this thoughtful analysis tells the funny yet heartbreaking story of being a queer Filipino in society today.

5. “Cabinet of Curiosities: History from Philippine Artifacts” by Ambeth R. Ocampo

Cabinet of CuriositiesPhoto courtesy of Philippine Books

For a fun yet factual read that’s a little less serious, consider turning to “Cabinet of Curiosities: History from Philippine Artifacts” by historian Ambeth Ocampo. In this collection of essays, Ocampo unveils the rich tapestry of Philippine history by touring you through diverse artifacts that have shaped the nation’s identity. Get a chance to learn a lot on a rainy day by reading about these relevant relics that celebrate the country’s own cultural heritage.

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More reading indoor activity examples: E-readers and audiobooks

If you don’t have access to all these physical pieces of text, fear not – you can easily opt for similar indoor options such as e-readers and audiobooks. Here’s a quick explainer for these digital literary tools:


If you love reading but don’t have enough space in your condo to store all your favorite novels, then you might want to invest in an e-reader instead. By investing in this clever device you can easily host hundreds, if not thousands of books in your home – all in one handy piece of technology.


This second piece of technology is perfect for those who love literature but don’t have the time or space to go through a bunch of physical texts. By listening to something in an audiobook format, you can still be entertained by your favorite novels while keeping your hands free for other indoor chores and activities.

Going through an awesome reading recommendation is a great way to spend a rainy day. So remember to create that cozy nook for yourself in your condo, and have the time of your life with a good book indoors.

person holding kindle e book readerPhoto courtesy of freestocks.org via Pexels

Key takeaways

One last bit of reading before you go! Remember to bring these final tips with you as you prepare for your favorite indoor activity during the rainy season:

  • Create your happy space. By meticulously curating your condo nook, you’ll be inspired to spend more time there, safe and indoors.
  • Invest in good reading devices. Make your indoors day a lot simpler by investing in a reading gadget that helps you save on space or multitask too.
  • Try something new. Don’t be afraid to explore a multitude of genres as you stay at home. Who knows? You might just find your favorite novel in the fray.

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