Rainy Day Survival Gear: The Ultimate Checklist

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Do you ever feel like it only rains when you are least prepared for it? Do you feel like the universe is conspiring so that rains pour only when you are wearing heels and has put on a white pair of pants?

Don’t worry. It’s nothing personal. It is just the way it is, and with the reality of climate change, the weather can be more extreme and more unpredictable. There is no other way but to be prepared and pack your essentials for the rainy season.

There are certainly ways to make our homes safer when it rains, but what about when we have to go outside? Be smart about what gets in your bag. You might want everything in there but it is also not wise to compromise comfortability. You don’t want to be carrying a bulky bag while waiting for a bus or going to a client meeting. Consider your lifestyle and activities in identifying what to always bring during the rainy season. Are you a commuter? Are you always mobile? Or are you chained behind a desk?

Below is a checklist of rainy season essentials that you won’t regret you packed in your bag.


Extra clothing

extra clothing

Photo courtesy of Gadini via Pixabay

It always seems like rain falls just as soon as you step out of your office for lunch or walked out of an establishment after a meeting. Weather was fine and perfect when you were under a roof, but as soon as you step out, rain suddenly falls. And before you know it, you are soaking wet. You can probably get away with it if you are living in a condo near your workplace where you can quickly change your clothes, but otherwise wet clothes are a great hassle.

Make sure to pack extra shirt or clothing. Choose a material that is not thick and bulky, just something to keep you dry. If not, you’ll catch a cold in a flash. Another tip this rainy season is to stick to easy-to-dry gear. Retire those denims for the season. Even cotton, while feeling cool and comfy, absorbs moisture and takes longer to dry. Polyester-blend clothes are advisable for rainy days because they have the comforting qualities of cotton but tends to dry faster even in humid air.


Umbrella or raincoat

umbrella or raincoat

Photo courtesy of gugue via Pixabay

Umbrellas are the most common rain accessory. Invest in a really sturdy one so that it protects you even if the wind starts blowing hard. Umbrellas come in different sizes and styles, and you are sure to get one that fits your lifestyle. During this season, never leave home without a trusty umbrella.

The gear that will really keep you dry is a raincoat. Regular windbreakers or stylish jackets may not cut it when rain falls really hard. A regular PVC raincoat is easy to pack, light, and can keep you warm. A rain poncho is also a good alternative.


Waterproof shoes and slippers

waterproof shoes or slippers

Photo courtesy of wokandapix via Pixabay

The rainy season is friendly to heels or leather shoes. You’ll want shoes that are comfortable and sturdy enough to make it through wet roads. You may still wear the regular office footwear but be sure to pack rain-appropriate ones. Sandals and slippers are your best bets. Rain boots are also good but they require a bigger space or you might have to carry them around with you in a different bag. However, make sure to wash your feet as soon as you get the chance.

Another advantage of condo living in the Metro, you can quickly reach home to take a shower. Do not forget to waterproof shoe covers so you can pack them in your bag easily.


Plastic bags or zip locks

Always have a plastic bag or a zipper storage bag ready. This can be used to separate your wet clothes from everything else in your bag. You may also put your electronics such as phones and chargers in those bags. If you bring documents with you, it would be best to put them in a plastic envelope. Even if your bag is waterproof, it’s always better to be prepared. You want your things to stay dry even if you don’t have to take them out.


Small towel

A regular handkerchief or facial tissue may not be enough during the rainy season. When you get drenched, a towel can dry you off immediately. You don’t have to pack your bath towel, just a small face or hand towel will do. This rainy season essential will not only keep you dry but it can also be used to protect your gadgets, dry your hair, and wipe wet surfaces.


Germ killers

The rainy season makes everyone more vulnerable to common diseases such as colds, cough, and flu. This has a lot to do with our bodies’ reaction to moisture.  You can even catch some pretty nasty rainy weather diseases. This has a lot to do with our bodies’ reaction to moisture. Bacteria and viruses thrive best in moist and damp surfaces. This is why it is important to keep germ killers handy. Pack a small bar of soap in a pouch or have a small bottle or tube of sanitizer. Citronella lotion is also a good defense against disease-carrying mosquitoes that thrive in wet surroundings. This will cut down the risk of contracting diseases and other rainy day bugs.


First-aid kit

You don’t have to pack bottles of medicines. Just bring the essentials such as multivitamins and cough meds. There are a lot of handy medicine containers available that can fit in the pocket of a regular handbag. Never compromise health especially during the rainy season when immune systems usually fail.

Do not let the rainy season disrupt your daily activities. Rains may make it harder for you to go to work, run errands or even stay healthy. But with this checklist, you don’t have to risk getting in trouble or being stressed out. Brave the season by being prepared.



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