11 Reasons Why You Should Start Condo Living Today

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We live in a condo generation. A condo is a representation of the better things we want in life: convenience, security, and comfort. It’s no surprise that the condo market in the Philippines is not slowing down.

Research indicated that approximately 154,000 condominium units will be built in Metro Manila between 2012 and 2016. This is nine times the volume reported between 2002 and 2006. This building boom has been going on for at least seven years now and experts agree that the Philippines is nowhere near the point of saturation. In fact, the continuous upturn in the real estate market is expanding to other major cities like Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan De Oro. This is according to the Philippine Allied Chamber of Real Estate Brokers and Licensed Salesmen (PhilAcre) who believe that even local developers have their eye on condominiums because condos can be offered at attractive payment schemes and sell faster.

If condos are a top choice for developers, why should it be yours, too? Here are 11 reasons why living in a condo should be on top of your list.


Heart of the Metro

Heart of the Metro

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If you live in one of the major condos in the Philippines, then traffic and commute should not be a problem. Condominium developments like DMCI Homes are at the center of everything that ever mattered: shopping malls, schools, hospitals, banks, and easy access to major highways and public transportation. The investment in location is long-term. You will be surprised at the amount of time you save because it will take you only a few minutes to get to work, not to mention fuel. And the level of stress you experience everyday because of traffic and long lines will be significantly reduced. Now, that’s priceless.


Safe, sound, and secure

Among the benefits of living in a condo community are security perks. Condos have secured entry and exit points, 24/7 security guards on duty, and security cameras everywhere. Management is strict with who comes up your door. There are security monitors and intercoms to ensure safety of condo dwellers. No need to spend for all those fancy and expensive security systems because the condo will take care of that.


C is for Convenience

Convenience is probably a condo’s middle name. It has everything you need. Aside from the location, new condo developments have business and commercial centers to cater to condo residents. It’s like having a mall at your doorstep. If you need some repairs done, property management is a phone call away. If you need help in house cleaning, that’s easy, too.


Free use of amenities

Free use of amenities

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Condo living means living the life you have always dreamed of. You can take a dip in the pool anytime you like and you can even invite guests. Imagine the money you will save from booking hotels and resorts. Pavilions and clubhouses can also be rented by condo dwellers for special functions. Luxurious amenities like an observatory, roof top Jacuzzi, etc. are offered in some developments.


Get fit and healthy

Get fit and healthy

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Aside from swimming pools, you can also get fit and healthy in your condo’s gym and fitness center for free. That also means more savings from cutting that gym membership. Having a gym near you will also make it easier for you to actually sweat it out. Imagine no travel time. Today, more and more condos in the Philippines are investing on open spaces. Jogging paths, walkways, and bike lanes are a good addition to the growing number of health-conscious residents.


Ideal neighborhood

The community in a condominium is an ideal neighborhood. It’s quiet and people respect everyone’s space. Condo dwellers are mostly on-the-go but you could sense, just like in any Filipino neighborhood, the friendly and kind vibe. Condo management sees to it that there are events for everyone to get to know each other. There are also rules for everyone’s benefit.


Great investment

Great investment

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If you want good value for your money, a condo is the way to go. They are easy to acquire and they double their value in no time. If you also want to take full financial advantage of your condo investment, you can also choose to rent it out. The rent the lessee pays can be used to pay off your mortgage and the condo is still yours. Flexible payment terms offered by the developer, banks, and other financial institutions also make buying a condo easier.


Building standards

Everybody’s talking about the West Valley Fault. A big quake is said to be overdue. When purchasing a condo especially from leading developers, you can be sure that the buildings follow the Structural Code of the Philippines. Experts also say that vertical living is generally safer. And while there is really no earthquake-proof buildings, there are “earthquake-resistant” ones. Since 2013, DMCI homes have been building safer and earthquake-resistant structures.

Manageable space

Yes, there was a time when we dreamed of living in a fairy tale castle. But the reality is, you can’t even clean your own room. How can you manage an entire castle? If you are a professional or a business owner, you won’t have the luxury of time and energy to manage a big home. A condo’s space is just perfect. It’s practical, easy to manage, and more budget-friendly. This is another financial advantage because owning a condo will teach you to buy only the things that are necessary.


Style and function

Style and function

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When we talk about style and function, condos win hands-down. Condos are designed to be both chic and practical. Every room and every corner has a purpose. They are a perfect example of how to make good use of every space available. When a condo is well-designed, you would not even think that you are walking in a 30 square meter home.



It is perfect to raise a child in a condominium. It is quiet, secure, and convenient. There are parks and playgrounds where kids can interact with each other in a controlled environment. Developers and condo management also make it a point to have activities for children every now and then like Easter egg hunt or Trick or Treat. Weekends are made more fun with world-class amenities like a swimming pool.


Living in a condo has a lot of perks and benefits. In general, it makes life easier. Aside from being a great investment, condos make everyday simpler and more convenient. Condos are proof that we deserve better.


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