Why Keeping Pets in Your Condo is Good for Your Health

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If you’re one of the people allowed to have pets in your condo unit, then consider yourself very lucky. There are lots of condo owners who would love to keep furry friends in their homes, but not all of them are privileged to do so. If there are no such restrictions in your condo building and you’re willing to learn how to be a responsible condo resident, why not take advantage of this and bring home a pet or two? You may be concerned about the lack of space or the maintenance involved in taking care of animals but if you consider the benefits of having condo pets, you can easily forget about those little hassles.

If you need more convincing to make space for condo furniture for your pets and can adhere to the responsible condo resident’s rule for pets, take a look at these surprising health benefits of having a pet in your condo.


It helps reduce stress

No one can deny the great feeling that one gets after playing with a cat or dog. It’s a win-win situation; you feel less stressed and your pet gets the attention he wants. Even the simple act of hugging your pet can do wonders for your stress levels. Hug your sweet dog tight or stroke your cat’s soft fur and feel your worries melt away from your body.


It protects you from heart diseases

Not only can taking care of your pet fill you with so much love, it will also protect your heart against diseases. Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health advocate the benefits of pet ownership in one’s health. They discovered that pet owners are at less risk for high cholesterol levels and increased blood pressure, which decrease the chance of having heart attacks. Heart attack patients with pets have better chances for recovery.


It helps you get more physical activity

Walking the dog is a great form of exercise that helps contribute to your daily physical activity. If you’re feeling a bit lackluster in the exercise department, your beloved pooch can be the perfect personal trainer. Grab the leash and walk the dog at least twice a day to reap the benefits. Dog owners who walk their pets are less likely to be obese, according to the National Institute of Health.


It can help improve your mood

The unconditional love offered by pets can be a great way to cure the blues. Having a pet that depends on you can give you a deep sense of purpose. The adorable face and yelps of your dog can help combat feelings of loneliness. Animals are brought to orphanages and hospitals to help improve the mood of children and the sick.


It gives you the opportunity to socialize

Shy people who don’t like partying and other group activities may find their pets useful for finding social activities that are more to their liking. Pets can serve as great ice breakers; two strangers walking their dogs at the park can find something in common. You can find a bigger network in joining animal lover groups online.


It can help fend off allergies

There’s a common misconception that keeping pets in the house increases your chances of having allergies. Actually it’s quite the opposite – according to the studies of James E. Gern, a pediatrician from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, having a pet at home can actually decrease a child’s chances of developing allergies by more than 30%. Exposing a child to animals at an early stage can actually help develop his overall immune system. It may not help an adult who already has allergy problems but this can be very helpful for growing children.


You can have someone to talk to

This may sound crazy, but your cat or dog can actually be someone whom you can talk to. If you have a need to vent out but unwilling to let another human being hear your problems, you can easily sit beside your pet and talk. This is why the phrase “dog days” became popular – your dog can be a willing listener during those days when you’re totally down.


It can be a substitute for a child

For people who can’t have children of their own for whatever reason, the next best thing to have is a pet or two whom they can devote their love and attention to. It may be unfair to stereotype the crazy cat lady, but there’s a ring of truth to it. People can find solace in animals when they can’t find the human affection that they crave for. Even if a child is clearly planned for your future, taking care of pets is a great practice for child care.


Pets are great companions for kids

If you have an only child who’s lonely for a sibling, giving him a pet can ease that longing. Let your kid choose the pet he prefers and make him responsible for its care. Not only will this make your kid less lonely, he will also learn how to properly take care of another being. There are many great stories about kids growing up with their faithful pets; let your kid have that happily ever after.


It can give structure to your daily schedule

It’s no secret that dogs and cats require lots of care and attention. You have to feed them, bathe them, and take them out for exercise. Making time for your loving pet means arranging your schedule to accommodate them, which helps you become responsible for the both of you.


If your landlord or building administrator is totally cool with you bringing in a pet, don’t take this golden opportunity for granted. Having a loyal pet is one of the greatest things one can have in condo living for it brings you health and happiness in the long run. If you decide to adopt a dog, cat, or any other animal that you can live with, make sure to become a responsible owner and give your pet the love and attention that it totally deserves.


*** DMCI Homes communities have different policies regarding pet ownership , as stated in the Deed of Restrictions.


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