6 Signs You Need A New Room In Your Condo

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Lucky are those with extra room to spare or extra space to transform. Condo living is not exactly known for having big spaces but functional ones. But while space can’t get bigger, condo homeowners can make them seem bigger and even create a whole new space for a whole new purpose. Is your family getting bigger with a new bundle of joy? Do you need to work at home, too? Is the space under the bed not enough for toys and other stuff? These are just few of the signs that you need a new condo room.

When you purchased the 30 or 40 square meter condo a few years back, your needs were different. A one-bedroom condo or even a studio can do. After all, you are a young professional or maybe a young couple starting a family. Fast forward to a few years later and you are a new person with a different lifestyle, more needs, more clutter. Don’t worry, major condos in the Philippines like DMCI Homes were designed to fit every lifestyle and cater to different needs. It is just a matter of figuring out the signs — is it time for an extra condo room — and do something about it.


The baby needs a room

You have one room and you have just welcomed another baby. You think it’s time you build a new space for the kids? A nursery, maybe? Yes, we thought so.

You realize that your bedroom can’t handle a crowd anymore. Baby stuff are everywhere and you trip on something on the floor every time you enter a room. A baby nursery doesn’t have to be an entire room. It could just be one small space like a closet. Yes, a closet. Open it up, take out the shelves and rods and put the crib inside. If you can, get a crib with a built-in changing table and drawers. Think vertical when it comes to condo room design ideas. Mount storage of diapers on the wall or use vertical fruit trays for other baby stuff.


Your kids need a playroom

kids' playroom

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Speaking of babies and kids, you have to be ready for their growing up years. As they grow older, they accumulate stuff like toys, school projects (that you probably want to keep), shoes, clothes, etc. And while they may be small, they occupy the biggest space in the house. In fact, they take up every space. Their toys can be found in the kitchen, your bedroom, and even inside your office bag. Consider giving them a room where they can play and be creative and even get dirty.


Clutter is all over

Everyone who gets a condo knows that they don’t have the luxury of space. At the start, homeowners are really picky with every detail in the condo trying to channel the minimalist in them. They don’t over-decorate or fill the room with too many bulky pieces of furniture. However, as time wears on, stuff from everywhere start piling up — papers, disks, bottles, boxes, souvenirs, etc. It is time to make room for all these things if you are still not sure what to use them for. It could be a room under your bed, in a shelf, under the stairs or in the balcony if you have one.


There is no room for your creative juices

no room for creative juices

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We all have something we like doing. It could be painting, making crafts and accessories, baking, clay sculptures, origami, etc. These leisure activities do not only make us feel good, they also have an impact on the brain. A study published in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry found that hobbies, games, and crafting could reduce the chances of developing mild cognitive impairment by 30% to 50%. The explanation is that the more stimulating the environment is, the more the brain becomes complex.

Make room for your hobbies. It could just be a table in a corner. If you like working outdoors, build a space in the balcony. You can also provide a partition or divider so you can have your own hobby room.


You want to be “greener”

You want to be “greener”

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The need and desire to be more eco-friendly is gaining popularity among urban dwellers. If your condo looks pale and sad, brighten things up by setting up an indoor garden. This is not only an aesthetic thing, it also has medical benefits like decreasing anxiety, depression, and reducing chances of respiratory disorders and other chronic illnesses. Among the sustainable and eco-friendly condo room design ideas is an indoor nursery which doesn’t necessarily take up much space. Choose indoor plants that do not need much sunlight to grow. You can also choose to start an organic or herb garden in the kitchen.


Your mind seeks peace

We all have a favorite room or space in the house. This space makes us feel relaxed, happy, and at peace. But if it is getting harder and harder for you to de-stress and be calm, maybe it is time you turn that condo spare room or space into your own sanctuary. You need to meditate more. A three-minute Youtube video by AsapSCIENCE showed that finding time to meditate can minimize stress and boost pain tolerance. So if you think you can’t find a space in your condo to decrease your stress levels, it is time to create one. You could turn one corner into your own meditation nook with just a comfortable chair, a foot rest, bunch of greens or flowers, and facing a wall adorned with a photo or artwork that you really like.


Building a new condo room doesn’t have to take up much space. You just need to figure out the set up that suits you and your family the best. Reassess your lifestyle and the changes you want to make. Condo living is as functional and practical as you want it to be. Toss out the things you don’t need and make room for the things that matter.


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