13 Benefits of Living in a Condo Close to School

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A big part of a student’s life that has an effect on their daily academic and extracurricular activities is their home address in relation to their school. According to the Colliers International Philippines, a real estate agency, the boom in the condo scene near universities is due to having found a market in students, who find the advantages of condos near schools necessary. In this light, location is one of the things you need to consider when you have kids studying.

When getting a condo in the Philippines, carefully take into account the location that will suit you and your family. For the best condo living experience, choose a condo that is closer to your work and to your kids’ school. Here are the advantages of condos near schools.


Your Needs are within Your Reach

Almost every back-to-school guide to prepare your kids includes the importance of stocking up on the essential school supplies and books. After all, going back to school after long weeks of sweet summer vacation can be a bummer if you are not well-equipped. It is a good thing that most condos that are near to schools are also strategically located near malls and bookstores, making shopping a whole lot easier.


Never Be Late Again

Probably one of the most obvious — and practical — perks of living near one’s school is minimizing the incidences of tardiness. Each and every student will have late nights due to studying and adrenaline-filled mornings when they have only several minutes to prepare. Also, the short distance between their condo and their school will not only get them to school on time, but will also spare them from the stress aggravated by the rush hour traffic.


Be Home in No Time

You know how it feels when you have a long, tiring day — you just want to get home as soon as possible. Relaxing in your sanctuary even right after a tough day is possible for your kids when they do not have to brave being stuck in traffic or worse, being stranded in the midst of heavy flooding.


Less Time on Commute, More Time for the Family

More importantly, the faster commute will save you and your kids precious time that is better spent on family bonding. You can also use this time to be more productive, especially if you make it a point to drive your kids to and from their school.


Reach Your Kids Immediately in Cases of Emergency

Parents are always the ones being notified first when students figure in accidents. Secure peace of mind knowing that you can easily go to your kids’ school should there be an emergency. Be right there when you receive a call from the school officials regarding your kids.


Forgot Something at Home?

While being prepared for school is something that every student should do, it can be inevitable to overlook a few things, especially when caught in a tight schedule. ID, homework, packed lunch — you name it, students can rush back to their condo home, grab the things that they should have brought, and still make it in the nick of time.


A Convenient Venue for Group Study Sessions and Meetings

Your kids need to have a group study for the upcoming exams? Or spend an all-nighter to finish a class project? Or practice the choreography for the school presentation? Volunteer your pad as a place where your kids and their peers can meet. It is not only a comfortable setup, it also provides them safety within the condo premises.


Why Not Hold Slumber Parties?

All work and no play is a perfect recipe for a boring and incomplete student life. Make room for good clean fun amidst exams and academic papers by letting your kids have some friends come over. Aside from slumber parties, you can also host movie marathons, quiz nights or long conversations that friends always bond over.


Ensure Your Kids’ Safety

Be assured of your kids’ safety, especially if they commute to and from their school on their own. This is particularly true on days when they finish late at school. By getting a condo unit that is near to their school, you are making it safer for them, but without being an overprotective parent.


Having Schoolmates as Condo Neighbors

In general, people prefer homes that are within a close proximity with their schools. With this, your kids will have higher chances of seeing the same friendly faces in school and at the condo premises. Hopefully, this will blossom to a more meaningful camaraderie between your kids and their schoolmates (and between you and other parents) so you can all feel belongingness in the condo community.


Easier for You to Attend Events at the School

Speaking of parents, regular attendance in parent-teacher association meetings will be a breeze when you live a few blocks away from the school that your kids go to. Aside from these meetings, you can now better join in the fun when the season of family days and sports fests arrives. Remember, being an actively involved parent will boost your kids’ overall performance.


Save the Environment in Your Own Way

If you are very lucky that your condo home is just a stone’s throw away, then walking to school and to other key establishments is a great option. You can also commute since most condos are conveniently situated near public transport systems. Either way, the short distance will cut back your travel and lessen your carbon footprint.


Chill at Home during Break

If your college kids’ classes are hours apart, going home to pass time while waiting for their next professor is a viable option for them. They can work on more assignments, eat lunch at home or simply recharge for another set of lectures and discussions.

Use condo living to your advantage and reap the benefits of getting a condo closer to school. Choose only the reputable names in the Philippines. Scour condos for rent by DMCI Leasing, become part of the DMCI Community, and watch your kids have the best schooling experience.



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