10 Condo Furnitures That’ll Make Your Pets Feel At Home

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You may have spent most of your time beautifying and decorating your condo, for yourself, that you constantly overlook the ways to make your condo a real home to your pets . You  can very well relate to this, especially if you’re a resident in a condo in the Philippines. Not very many people in the Philippines, per se, have pets. This is because most of the animals in the country live in the wildlife, instead of being cared for as pets by homeowners.

Worry no more, though, because by integrating creativity and resourcefulness, it is still possible to customize your home in accordance to the needs and wants of your best condo pets. Create fun and comfy furniture designs your pets will always treasure. Accentuate these designs by matching them with the current exteriors of your condo.

Modular Bookshelf That Mobilizes Your Cat

Modular Bookshelf Pet Furniture

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Manage your condo budgeting basic checklist by constructing a DIY home accessory for your pet. Let your cat delight in climbing through a DIY modular bookshelf. Animals, like human beings, need exercise too. Climbing through this DIY project lets your cat get involved in a mobilized activity, rather than having him lay down on the couch or his bed all day, doing nothing.

Dogs Love To Sit On The Couch, Too

Doghouse sofa pet furniture

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When caring for a pet, one of the essentials for condo lifestyle you need to remember is to treat your pet as how you would treat any loved one, family member or friend. In other words, you need to treat your pet as a human being, too. One that is capable of feelings such as happiness, sadness and anger.

Consider building a doghouse sofa in your living room. Your little one will definitely enjoy sitting and moving around in this unique pet furniture for dogs. It makes them feel at home, loved and cared for by the owner. Your dog can spend time bonding with you, watching TV while lounging in this lovable sofa.

Nibbles On The Cat Grass Table

cat grass table

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Living in a DMCI Homes condominium does not mean your pet can’t enjoy the outdoor right at the indoor area of your own home. A simple and small cat grass table lets your cat get a sense of feeling of being in the outdoors, while nibbling on some grass.

This extraordinary cat furniture satisfies your cat’s cravings, anytime, 24/7. You won’t need to constantly check in on your cat to see whether or not he’s hungry, as he independently nibbles on the grass to rectify his hunger.

Sit On A Rocking Chair With Your Pet

pet chair furniture

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Let pets in your condo feel more loved than ever by letting them sit on a space under your rocking chair. Let your pets feel how much you wanted to spend time with them by allowing them to get close to you when you’re relaxing at home. You may even want to talk to your pets, joke around with them, while laughing all day like there’s only the two of you in this world.

Climb Atop Wall Beds

condo pets bed

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Customize beds for your pets by building it high atop your walls. Let your cat or dog creatively get mobilized by climbing atop the wall to get to his bed at night. Let your pet feel that in order to get his reward of a good night’s sleep after a long and tiring day, he will need to work hard in order to get his recompense. Pat your pet on the back for doing a great job after he reaps his premium.

Wildlife Themed Animal Home

pet furniture for birds

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Maximize the tiny space of your condo by building a mini, but attractive wildlife themed home for your pet birds. Make your pets feel at home lounging around this organic home setting. Your pets would not have to miss their natural home environment anymore. At the same time, an animal home saves you the hassle of having the need to constantly take your pet birds outdoor to enjoy their original habitat setting.

A Drawer For Your Pet

cat drawer pet furniture

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Customize your unused drawer in accordance to the furniture needs of your dog and cat. Place the stuff of your pet, like food, clothing and other accessories in the drawer to give your pet a sense of personalized resident homely feeling. Let your pet rummage through his stuff in his own drawer. By doing this, you may just let your pet feel you are caring for him as just one of your kids.

Let Your Pets Roll

Modern pet cylinders

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Modern pet cylinders let your pets roll around a wide space, subsequently letting them get more exercise than they would usually have. These cylinders avoid idle moments in your condo for your beloved pets. Complement these cylinders with colorful pet furniture covers to ensure your pets don’t injure themselves while frolicking in these cylinders.

An Active Vintage Ladder

pet furniture ladder

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Have some fun playing with your pets outdoor via a vintage ladder. Play chase with your pets in your condo terrace using your hands, while they climb up and down the vintage ladder. Modernizing a pet furniture does not mean that you constantly need to position your furniture in the indoor area of your home. Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that your pets need some sunshine on their skin, tool.

An Indoor Dog House That Stands Out

dog house

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Make your dog feel that you’re not treating him as an outsider by building an indoor dog house. You can build a doghouse inside your condo near your bedroom or by the living room. Dig a hole on the wall in your condo with enough space for your dog to sleep and eat in. An indoor dog house also saves you the hassle of having to check on your pet in your terrace in the middle of the night to see if he is all right.

Showing your affection to your pets through little gestures means a lot to them more than words can ever say. The little gestures of appreciation send out your feelings of love to your beloved animals. Loving your pets like family makes them feel a sense of belonging, in the midst of living in a world dominated by creatures totally different from them.




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