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The health crisis that turned the world upside down has radically changed the way people live. But one thing remained constant: we were able to adjust to the times and find our new normal. For the residents of DMCI Homes properties, coping was made bearable as they experienced the benefits of living in a safe, comfortable condo development.

If you’re thinking about trying condo living in the Philippines in the time of the pandemic, a sneak peek of real-life homeowners is a good starting point for consideration. With a good look at how they’re able to go about their lives in a crisis, you can hopefully get yourself ready, excited even, for the huge move.

In this article, you’ll see how DMCI condo residents embraced the new normal.

A day in the life of DMCI Homes condo residents

Since the pandemic started, home has become all kinds of places for us. An office or a classroom during the day, a gym in the afternoon, a movie house at night. It’s truly one of the essential things you cannot live without.

In DMCI Homes’ Keep It Real 2021: #ADayInMyLife video series, we showcased how various residents adjusted to the pandemic and found simple joys being at home, convinced that they made the right decision choosing condo living.


Kace Cabali at Torre de Manila

Kace Cabali at Torre de ManilaScreenshot from DMCI Homes’ Facebook

A typical day for Cabali and those who embrace condo living at Torre de Manila starts with a fresh cup of coffee. She then feeds and walks her fur baby around the community.

After the light exercise, she goes on her treadmill, working out on the balcony of her unit, which provides majestic views of the beautiful district of Ermita. The Art Deco-inspired condo in Manila she lives in is surrounded by various legacy landmarks.

After working out, Cabali starts working, meeting with colleagues virtually. In the afternoon, she paints and does photography.

painting with brushPhoto courtesy of russn_fckr via Unsplash

To cap the day off, she opens a bottle of wine and catches up with friends via video chat. Despite the health crisis, she remains hopeful and optimistic about tomorrow. She looks forward to the day that people can see each other again physically, sharing stories without the masks hiding the smiles and laughs.

Check out her full day in the life here:


Jerrmay Relato at Mayfield Park Residences

Jerrmay Relato at Mayfield Park ResidencesScreenshot from DMCI Homes’ Facebook

The day starts easy for Relato, a resident at Mayfield Park Residences, which is a mid-rise condominium in Pasig that features Asian aesthetics. After washing her face, she makes breakfast and watches K-pop videos. Then, the real work begins: she studies for classes then exercises. Home living, for the most part, is simple and unhurried.

Macbook Pro on Stand Beside Desk GlobePhoto courtesy of Burst via Pexels

After a good sweat session, she takes a bath, changes into clean clothes, and heads out to buy some school supplies and have dinner with her sister. The day ends with the pair having a quiet drive home to their DMCI Homes condo in Pasig.


Justine Pongase at Alea Residences

Justine Pongase at Alea ResidencesScreenshot from DMCI Homes’ Facebook

Pongase’s first task of the day is cleaning her unit, a mid-rise Neo Asian-Balinese themed condo in Cavite. She loads up the laundry and tidies up the floors using her trusted cordless vacuum cleaner. Then, she makes her morning iced coffee. Like most people, she was able to build her own home coffee station amid the pandemic, making condo living much more comfortable.

Close-up of Coffee CupPhoto courtesy of Chevanon Photography via Pexels

Next, she starts working and meeting colleagues online. Sometimes, when there are too many things to do, breaks turn into working lunches. But after her shift, she makes sure to unwind, watching a new show at night slumped comfortably on her couch. She strives to have a varied lifestyle as much as possible and know for herself what are the positive effects of work-life balance— a perk of comfy yet productive condo living in Alea Residences.

Watch Justine’s day in the life at Alea Residences here:


Bernard Borja at Brio Towers

Bernard Borja at Brio TowersScreenshot from DMCI Homes’ Facebook

Borja, a resident at the Makati high-rise development Brio Tower, starts the day with his partner Rose at 7AM. Making breakfast is the first order of business. Then, they go about their usual work routines. His wife leaves at 7:45AM, while he stays home, attending meetings virtually.

Before he gets on his computer and works on tasks, he goes downstairs at 8AM to run errands, like picking up their parcels. The blue tent in DMCI Homes communities is a designated area for delivery packages, a precaution introduced to facilitate safer, easier access.

cardboard boxesPhoto courtesy of Sticker Mule via Unsplash

His work-from-home shift officially starts at 9AM. In the afternoon, he practices playing the guitar and then works up a sweat. After the fitness session, he stays in the condo unit balcony for a couple of minutes, staring out into the cityscape, a perk in this condo in Makati, while listening to some good music.

Then, at 5:30PM, his wife comes home. The Borjas end another day in the pandemic, spending quality time with each other.


Xandrino Mangunay at Siena Park Residences

Xandrino Mangunay at Siena Park ResidencesScreenshot from DMCI Homes’ Facebook

The self-confessed introvert Mangunay admitted that at first he thought he would like the idea of lockdown and work-from-home arrangement. But as the days of zero physical interaction dragged from weeks to months, he longed to meet and socialize with other people.

That’s when he thought of maximizing the amenities available in Siena Park Residences.

white and multicolored beach ballPhoto courtesy of Raphaël Biscaldi via Unsplash

At first, he decided to use the swimming pool simply for workouts. But eventually, his fitness routine allowed him to meet new people, supportive neighbors who became his friends over time. In fact, his swim cap and paddle were gifts from his new found pals.

Living in a condo in Parañaque became much more enjoyable for Mangunay. Calling the swimming pool “a temple for those who want to socialize,” he branded it as the amenity that saved his sanity.

Check out his day, here:


Fredie Abril at Magnolia Place

Fredie Abril at Magnolia PlaceScreenshot from DMCI Homes’ Facebook

Before anything else, Abril starts his day with a prayer. Then, he drinks his coffee and goes out for a workout at the pool within Magnolia Place which features an Asian contemporary architectural theme. This morning routine helps Abril have a body and mind ready for the busy day ahead.

After that, he goes to his home office to work. At noon, he takes a break from tasks and joins his family for lunch. His kids are homeschooled, so the entire family gets to share meals together even on school or work days. Sitting down together over food is one of the perks of home living amid the pandemic.

assorted-type foodsPhoto courtesy of Rumman Amin via Unsplash

Abril then goes back to his office after lunch. In the afternoon, he goes out once again for a run and picks up their delivered packages from the community’s blue tent.

Returning to their condo in Quezon City, he joins his family for a merienda and works a little more. Later on, the entire family gets together again for dinner. In the same way he starts his day, Abril says a quiet prayer of thanksgiving as he closes yet another day.

Check out his his day in the life:


The rhythm of mixing home life with work life

The blurring of lines between home and work life amid the pandemic has become a little jarring for most people. We’re used to having separate places for doing our jobs and spending time with our families and friends, but now it’s all concentrated in one space, in a condo unit.

Often, people end up working too much, having little time for themselves and their loved ones or they work too little, that they can’t reach the level of productivity they’re used to pre-pandemic. Either way, you show signs of burnout— you’re tired, stressed, and overwhelmed with the constant demands around you.

To avoid burnout and enjoy condo living even amid the crisis, follow these tips below for balancing home and work life:

1. Set time limits.

Assign a specific start and end time to your day. This not only imitates your pre-pandemic work routine, where you need to clock in and leave work at a certain time, but also trains your body and mind to switch easily between productivity and relaxation.

This is what most DMCI Homes condo residents did, establishing a specific morning, afternoon, and evening routine, which made condo living a lot more enjoyable and productive.

Black Twin Bell Alarm Desk Clock on TablePhoto courtesy of JESHOOTS.com via Pexels

2. Establish boundaries.

Aside from setting time limits, establish boundaries in terms of space. If possible, make room for a home office. A separate area for work and leisure makes for a concrete reminder for what your mind and body should do. In DMCI Homes condos, dwellers have the benefit of maximizing the smart layout of units, which can provide space for a separate work area.

3. Pursue recreation.

As you dedicate time and space for non-work related activities, be intentional about following it through. If you say you’re going to take a dip at the pool or have a sweat session at the balcony after your work shift, commit to it.

These recreational activities can help put your mind off work and into something equally productive. Take condo living to the next level by maximizing the leisure amenities available in your community.

black spin exercise bike lotPhoto courtesy of Humphrey Muleba via Unsplash

4. Make time for errands and chores.

Day-to-day errands and chores can quickly become a nuisance when you’re in the middle of work, especially when they’ve already piled up. This is why it’s important to schedule them throughout your day or week.

As mentioned above, DMCI Homes condo residents allot time to pick up deliveries, walk the dog, shop for essentials, and clean the home. They’re able to comfortably sit in front of their computers without worrying over unkempt floors or an empty pantry.

5. Stay connected to people.

Burnout is highly likely when you isolate yourself from your loved ones and friends. That said, include catch-ups with people in your daily schedule. It could be online with your socially distanced friends or loved ones from overseas.

Even from your condominium in the Philippines, you can stay connected with them through video chats.

black and silver laptop computer on brown wooden tablePhoto courtesy of Gabriel Benois via Unsplash

Of course, it could also be face to face, over dinner, with family members you’re staying with. If possible, be creative in your gatherings. Perhaps you can host a virtual game night or a family board game on your next day off.

Key takeaways

Despite the challenges of the times, you can enjoy home living, especially when you know how to strike a balance between home and work life. Remember these things as you embrace the new normal lifestyle:

  • Prioritize breaks. The rationale behind setting time limits, establishing boundaries, and pursuing recreation is that we all need rest. So don’t work on the weekends as much as possible. Leave your home office during lunch breaks. Remember, you can’t function well when you’re overworked.
  • Enjoy your neighborhood. It’s easier to pause from work when you have a recreational activity that you love to do. It’s better if it’s done outside the four walls of your home because it can give you a fresh, new scenery, different from digital screens. See what amenities within your neighborhood you can use for leisure.
  • Take one step at a time. Sometimes, even if you’ve adjusted to the changes brought by the pandemic, there will be days when you just feel helpless. Take one task at a time, one chore at a time, one day at a time to keep yourself from being overwhelmed.

How are you spending your days amid this pandemic? If you’re looking for a new home, explore your options in DMCI Homes communities. Drop us a line or get in touch with us via our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube.


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