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The second episode of the four-part online series, called The Amazing Home Makeover Project, has stayed true to its name: it is indeed amazing. 

The Presello Youtube team, led by its host, Julia Richards, goes back to the once-dilapidated three-story home in Mahogany Place 1 inside Acacia Estates in Taguig City to see further improvements in the structure that is undergoing a total makeover. 

In Episode 1 of the DMCI Homes and Presello’s online series, Julia met Vice President for Architectural and Interior Design Rina Soriano and interior designer Aya Villasis, who explained how worn out the place was before the DMCI Homes in-house experts did their magic. 


Meet the DMCI Homes’ in-house Fit-Out Team

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes


Before going back to the house, Julia visits the woodshop—or the “behind-the-scenes” area—of DMCI Homes’ Fit-out team. Here, she meets Engineer Jomed Dimapilis, DMCI Homes fit-out manager, who explains the process that the materials have to go through before delivering and installing in their projects. He shares that the Fit-out team was only created in 2016, with 12 people. But the demand kept rising, so much so, that they have swiftly increased their manpower to an astounding 224 people, excluding staff. 

Aside from giving a tour around the woodshop and presenting all the seven work steps, Engineer Dimapilis also gives tips for anyone who wants to DIY their home makeover. 


Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes


One, pick the parts of your home that you want to DIY. Make sure you gather all inspiration and concepts (from Youtube, Pinterest, etc.) before deciding on the final output or project. Second, check the available materials. You may go to the nearest home improvement retailer for this, or you may check the online stores. Third, work within your budget. “Always set a budget,” Engineer Dimapilis emphasizes. If you can’t afford it, find other alternatives. And lastly, have fun! It will take a long time and a lot of resources to finish this project, so it is important to have fun so you don’t feel like it’s such a huge task. 


Back to the make-over house 

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes


In the next segment, Julia and Engineer Dimaplis visit the ongoing renovation project in the make-over house, where she also meets William Bongon, a fit-out specialist who has been with DMCI for the past 32 years. (FYI: He was part of the pioneer 12 employees under the DMCI Homes Fit-out team.) Kuya Bong, as he is fondly called, explains that he finds most enjoyable creating doors. For this makeover, they accentuated the main door with capiz, which gives its classy style a very dainty texture. 


Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes


The TV wall in the living room is almost complete during this episode and complements perfectly with the modern-simplistic chandelier. Another interesting accent is the padded wall, which is attached to the main wall via velcro. Engineer Dimapilis says that using velcro makes it easier for the future homeowner to remove and clean the padding, and replace the pieces when needed.

A few days more, Engineer Dimapilis says, and we will all see the final product. 

Also present in the house tour are Architect Karen Ileto, associate architect, and Engineer Jhonnel Chavez, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, and Plumbing supervisor. The two experts explained the technical details, telling Julia that they have to keep checking on not just the aesthetics, but also the nitty-gritty, practical details, such as gas piping, moisture, waterproofing, etc. to ensure product quality.


Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

For episode 3, DMCI Homes experts promised that we may get to see the landscaping, which is still currently under way—plus, we’ll get to see DMCI Homes’ very own plant nursery! 

Click this link for the complete second episode. You may want learn tips from DMCI Homes’ Fit-out experts in the director’s cut episode too.


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