Sip and Relax: Caloocan’s Must-Visit Cafes


If you are looking for another excuse to visit Caloocan, then this is it. Start by finding a cafe in Caloocan that perfectly fits your one-of-a-kind tastes and lifestyle through this guide by DMCI Homes community.

When you live in your own condo property, you have an exciting opportunity to curate your life to your unique preferences. From condo furniture choices to delicious food favorites, you can be as independent and as individual as you want with your particular way of condo living.

So if you’re a cafe enthusiast and a condo building resident, why not find the perfect coffee shop near your sprawling high-rise home to match your own vibe and palate?

The vibrant coffee shop culture in Caloocan City presents a wide range of must-visit stores, stalls, and cafes, each of which can satisfy your cravings for great drinks and exciting experiences. If you’re on a quest to find the winning shop that caters to your preferences best, then this extensive list of cafes is your best bet.

Find the perfect food and drink spot that will satisfy your unique tastes and style. Take a look at this comprehensive guide for 12 awesome stops to check out on your extensive Caloocan cafe journey.

close up photography of cup of coffeePhoto courtesy of Jason Villanueva via Pexels

Cozy cafes in Caloocan City

Want a cozy cafe to call your own in the Caloocan City area? Look no further than these four inviting destinations that offer a warm and welcoming vibe for all kinds of espresso-based drink enthusiasts.

1. Slow Days Cafe

This first entry on the list is a must-see for anyone looking to enjoy a chill and quiet day. Slow Days Cafe is a cutesy Korean-inspired coffee shop that provides “liquid therapy” to its customers. With indulgent drinks and filling menu items, this first entry on the list is best for people in need of a go-to place to hang out and relax with delicious food and lots of caffeine.

Location: A. Del Mundo Street, corner 2nd Avenue (also via Google Maps)

slow day cafe coffeePhoto courtesy of Slow Days Cafe via Instagram

2. Pawfee Bean

The second entry on the list is, as the name suggests, perfect for you and your furry pals. Pawfee Bean is a cute coffee shop chain where pets and people alike can hang out, eat yummy snacks, and socialize with other awesome animals. Here, you’re encouraged to bring your fluffy friends since their menu offers pet-friendly snacks. Pawfee Bean also offers cool perks like free pet checkups when you avail of their Elite Club’s card.

Location: 40 JYC Building, Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (also via Google Maps)

Pawfee Bean CheesecakePhoto courtesy of Pawfee Bean via Facebook

3. Bean Bomb Coffee

This cozy third option is a must-see in North Caloocan. Bean Bomb Coffee is a charming spot that just recently moved to its Mt. Heights branch after years of serving drinks behind the North Caloocan City Hall. This small but mighty shop continues to offer an array of espresso-based beverages, juices, shakes, and drinks, along with delicious sandwiches, pastas, desserts, and other yummy snacks.

Location: Mt. Heights, Amparo, Crispulo Street, Barangay 183; beside Iglesia ni Cristo (also via Google Maps)

bean bomb coffeePhoto courtesy of Bean Bomb Coffee via Instagram

4. Eskina Coffee

This recently opened corner cafe is a small but friendly spot that offers delicious espresso-based drinks, filling savory dishes, and free board games for all. Eskina Coffee is also a comfy pet-friendly space that serves caffeinated drinks, sodas, shakes, and milk teas, along with tons of rice meals, sandwiches, pastas, and other satisfying menu options.

Location: 203 11th Avenue, corner 4th Street, East Grace Park (also via Google Maps)

eskina coffee phPhoto courtesy of Eskina Coffee via Instagram

Instagram-worthy coffee shops

Want your go-to coffee spot to look as good as the great-tasting food and drinks they offer? Check out these four must-see stops that are incredibly popular for all their Instagram-worthy dishes and aesthetics.

1. Café Ilana

Your gorgeous neighborhood coffee shop is just around the corner at Café Ilana. Located in North Caloocan, this spot is perfect for caffeine connoisseurs looking for a beautifully serene ambiance. But don’t let the location’s sleek looks fool you – this gem also offers delicious menu items such as espresso-based drinks, milk teas, blended shakes, pasta dishes, nachos, burgers, fries, and more.

Location: L28 T. Samson Road, Barangay 168, Deparo (also via Google Maps)

Café IlanaPhoto courtesy of Café Ilana via Facebook

2. MugShot Coffee

On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum is the moodily designed MugShot Coffee. With its cool and dark vibe, this small but stylish shop provides a wide array of espresso-based drink options for its clientele. They offer free WiFi and outlets to hardworking students and customers throughout the day as well, and also serve finger foods, pastas, and non-caffeinated drinks, among many others.

Location: 102 Caimito Road (also via Google Maps)

MugShot CoffeePhoto courtesy of MugShot Coffee via Facebook

3. BL.CK Cafe

If you’re looking for a location that offers great drinks and a minimalist vibe, then BL.CK Cafe is definitely the best place for you. It touts itself as the first cafe in its area to offer specialty espresso brewed with its own first-rate equipment. This stop also accepts reservations for its large spaces for al fresco and indoor dining, with delicious drinks, pastries, cakes, and gelato on the menu too.

Location: Unit 1C, Caimito Place, 102 Caimito Road (also via Google Maps) cafe Photo courtesy of BL.CK Cafe via Instagram

4. Hounds and Grounds Café

No cafe in Caloocan is as fitting of the “Instagram-worthy” title as Hounds and Grounds Café. This iconic three-story shop doesn’t just serve high-quality drinks and gourmet food – it also serves as a mini art gallery, right in the heart of the city. With paintings and artworks displayed across all three floors, this gorgeous spot is definitely beloved by all kinds of art and cafe enthusiasts across Caloocan.

Location: 317-B Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, Bagong Barrio West (also via Google Maps)

Hounds and Grounds CaféPhoto courtesy of Hounds and Grounds Café via Facebook

Local favorites and hidden gems

No caffeine-themed crawl in Caloocan is complete without these beloved local gems. Here are four unique and iconic destinations to check out for coffee shop enthusiasts living in the nearby area.

1. Café Poblacion

When you think of favorite cafes in Caloocan, you think of Café Poblacion. With its delicious Filipino food offerings, this restaurant and bakeshop offers a taste of home and comfort, all in one. The sprawling location is also open for reservation as an event space for all occasions, making it a go-to for families and large barkadas in this part of the metro.

Location: 505 A. Mabini Street, 10th Avenue (also via Google Maps)

cafe poblacionPhoto courtesy of Café Poblacion via Instagram

2. Presko Coffee

One of the best coffee shops to the south of the Metro Manila area is finally up north in Caloocan. Presko Coffee is a popular food stop and family bistro with a wide menu ranging from gourmet meals to expertly made drinks. Whether you’re on your own or in a big group, this restaurant will soon become your favorite hangout destination in the area.

Location: 10th Avenue, corner 4th Street (also via Google Maps)

Presko Coffee - CaloocanPhoto courtesy of Presko Coffee via Facebook

3. Angels Town Cafe

Another iconic restaurant location in this part of the metro is Angels Town Cafe. One of the oldest spots on this extensive list, this stop has been serving all-day breakfast dishes, delicious lunch entrees, and yummy drinks since 2012. From Filipino food favorites to modern refreshments, this long-standing store should definitely be on your must-visit list.

Location: 164b M.H. Del Pilar Street, Grace Park East (also via Google Maps)

Angels Town CafePhoto courtesy of Angels Town Cafe via Facebook

4. Mahiwaga Café

Last but certainly not least on this list of must-see shops is Mahiwaga Café. Located in front of the University of Caloocan City (UCC) – Congressional Campus, this shop is beloved by all ages for its specialty caffeinated drinks and premium milk tea. The location is also famous for its regular music nights, welcoming musicians to perform and serenade customers all throughout the year.

Location: Road 40, Barangay 173, Congressional Road Extension; in front of UCC – Congressional Campus (also via Google Maps)

Mahiwaga CafePhoto courtesy of Mahiwaga Café via Facebook

Living in the heart of Caloocan

When you live in a condo in the middle of this bustling region of the metro, you’re bound to want a go-to spot for all your food and drink cravings. As you explore all these awesome stops along your cafe crawl, remember that you can always come home to DMCI Homes’ The Calinea Tower in Caloocan City.

The Calinea Tower is a gorgeous condo, available for buying or renting and situated right in the heart of South Caloocan. With its refreshing design and resort-inspired community, you can expect to enjoy a relaxed yet bustling urban lifestyle as a resident in this modern contemporary high-rise development.

Want to enjoy life to the fullest when you live in a condo for rent in Caloocan? Enjoy the perfect sip of your favorite caffeinated drink as you enjoy your condo lifestyle with DMCI Homes and The Calinea Tower today.

Key takeaways

Think you’re ready to go on this exciting adventure across all the coffee shops in Caloocan? Remember to bring these final tips away with you:

  • Explore all your options. From cozy corners to busy bistros, try out all these awesome shops across the city to find the one that perfectly satisfies your cravings.
  • Stay true to your preferences. Not all these choices will be your cup of tea. Find the store that best matches your lifestyle and enjoy its offerings regularly.
  • Find a spot that’s close to home. The closer it is to your home at The Calinea Tower, the comfier your coffee break will be in the long run.

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