10 Things Every Rain-Lover Does On A Rainy Condo Weekend

Condo Living.

Weekends give you the perfect chance to go out and enjoy your condo’s accessibility to leisure places in your city. But when it’s pouring heavily outside, how do you enjoy condo living benefits?

While most people lament the long rainy season, there are some who revel in it. Introducing the pluviophile. This curious creature finds joy and peace of mind during rainfall. This term is also endearingly used on a person who loves rain. “I love it when it rains. They plummet down from the sky like needles, droplets crashing into the pavement, dancing ecstatically in the pleasure of being introduced to the world,” ruminates a pluviophile.

Celebrate the placid downpour with 10 rainy day activities you can do in your DMCI condo.

1. Discover a new musical genre


browsing music on phone

The gloomy weather brings a sense of calmness. It has a sedative effect on one’s weary soul. One of the quiet rainy day activities pluviophiles enjoy is listening to good music. Thank the heavens for YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud, you can browse songs and albums by virtually any known artist. Here’s an idea: explore a new genre and/or subgenre. Do you know that 70s Japan produced some of the most beautiful jazz songs of all time? Listen to Ryo Fukui, Masahiko Satoh, and Tiger Okoshi. Fukui’s Scenery album is simply perfect for a rainy afternoon in your cozy condo space.


2. Listen to informative and entertaining podcasts

Spotify offers a wide range of audio entertainment. Aside from a library of songs, there are comedy skits and spoken word recordings. You can revisit Edgar Allan Poe’s works while marveling at the beauty of the soaked up world outside. Spotify has a selection of quality podcasts that cover a wide range of interests from politics to couples therapy. Some of the top-rated podcasts include Stuff You Should Know, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, and The Last Podcast on the Left. Put on your headphones and start listening to quality podcasts.


3. Catch up with the best of Netflix


This is the age of streaming entertainment. Pluviophile or not, there’s nothing like spending your rainy weekend nights watching Netflix series at home. Catch the latest episodes of Luke Cage (season 2) and the epic finale of Sense8. Evil Genius is a much-recommended thriller series you should watch. Finally, don’t miss Hannah Gadsby’s stand-up special Nanette, one of Netflix’s most-positively received specials ever.


4. Savor homegrown coffee blend

What else should you be doing on a rainy Saturday than enjoying a cup of your favorite brew at home? Celebrate the best of the Philippines’ homegrown blend by ordering your Cordilleran coffee beans. You should try the sinfully good Benguet coffee, Sagada Arabica, and Kalinga Brew. These savory beans are a perfect match for hot pandesal or cheesy ensaymada. Enjoy your afternoon treat while listening to the downpour outside.


5. Go offline and read a good book

woman reading a book outside

When is the last time you finished a book? No one is truly “that busy” to read a good book. According to Digital in 2018, the Philippines tops the list of time spent on social media. Filipinos spend an average of nine hours and 29 minutes online per day. If you allot even a quarter of that time reading a book, you can finish all the forgotten books on your shelves and more. Grab a paperback and read away.


6. Write and compose

man composing a song

Condo living offers a lot of comforts, it is redefining staycation. You can rest easy during the worst of the rainy season at home. No more worrying about flood water getting indoors or experiencing the inconvenience of a power outage. You’re safe and secure in your condo community.

The drizzly weather can be inviting for a creative endeavor. It can inspire you to write poems and short stories, or compose a song. You can either spill out your emotions on a journal or in a blog. Do you know that you can sell your music without signing up a record deal? Check out music promotional apps including Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Bandcamp.


7. Experiment in the kitchen

Do you need ideas for indoor activities on rainy weekends? Get busy in your condo kitchen. You can make your own version of red sauce spaghetti or arroz caldo. What about spicy chicken adobo with a twist? With leftover meat and veggies in the fridge, you can make a sumptuous slow-cooker stew. The possibilities are endless! Don’t forget to share mouthwatering photos of your specialty on Instagram.


8. Have a wine-tasting get-together

wine bread and strawberries

Invite your friends over for a low-key wine tasting party. Drinking wine, moderately of course, is good for your health. It lowers the risk of stroke, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. Wine contains antioxidants that boost the immune system.

What to prepare for your get-together? Serve fish in rich sauce with silky white Chardonnay, crispy udon noodles with sparkling wines, and juicy pork chops with Bordeaux. You can have fruity desserts with Moscato d’Asti and cured hams with Rosé.


9. Play your favorite card games

Having fellow pluviophiles over for the weekend? Watching a movie is a popular choice for sleepovers, but you can do something more engaging like playing board games or card games. Cook a hearty dinner together then prepare your refreshments for the night. Cooking is a healthier option than ordering fast food, plus it’s an amazing bonding activity. Munch on veggie sticks with sour cream dip and quesadilla while you play your favorite card games.


10. Treat yourself to a satisfying sleep

The cool weather sets the mood for a satisfying sleep. Do you know that a cold temperature prepares the body for sleep? Add the relaxing sound of raindrops on your windowpane and you’re off to the dream realm. You’ve been busy throughout the week. You deserve rest and relaxation in your condo home.

Embrace your inner pluviophile by making the most of condo living this rainy season. Cook a hearty meal, relax with good music, and invite friends over for a night of wine and laughter.  Condo living, with all its conveniences, definitely works for every personality type—Pluviophile, or not.


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