Fun with Kids at the Best Indoor Condo Amenities on Rainy Days

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“Rain, rain, go away. Little children want to play.” And so the rhyme goes, and it keeps playing in your head as you stare at your child’s face, looking all bored and frustrated. The rainy season calls for a little creativity. The malls, with all their indoor playpens, are out of the question unless you don’t mind getting stuck in standstill traffic for hours. So you and your kids are stuck at home. But that’s not all really bad.

Rainy days can surprise you with how creative you can get in keeping the kids busy. You can partner with your little ones for DIY projects like personalizing your umbrellas.  There are a lot of indoor activities that you can enjoy in your condo community. Apart from indoor games in your own home, the indoor condo amenities will give you endless possibilities in entertaining your children.

Parents, let’s make the best out of condo living with the most fun rainy day activities for the family.

Make homework fun

Dad Reading books to his son

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The words “homework” and “fun” do not belong in one sentence. But rainy days can inspire you to change that.

Most kids don’t find doing homework fun, but a change in scenery might help them see things differently. Condo communities have study rooms, daycare facilities, and open lounges where kids can do school stuff without feeling like they are being punished. These indoor condo amenities can help parents get children excited while getting homework done.


Sing your hearts out

Belting out tunes may not be first on your list of rainy season activities, but if you give it a try, you’ll understand why it needs to be. This activity will entertain both kids and adults. Remember that it is not only small children who need to chase the rainy day blues away.

Owning a DMCI Homes condo means you have access to an entertainment or KTV room. You can bring in some chips, cookies, and juices to have something to munch on while choosing which nursery rhyme, or perhaps a Justin Bieber song, to belt out. Just a friendly warning: karaoke singing can be a bit competitive, so make sure you bring your singing chops.


Arrange playdates

Mother playing with her kids

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

The frustration your kids are feeling during the rainy season is not unique. Most kids in your community feel it too, and other parents like you are running out of ideas to keep them busy.

Why not arrange a playdate with the kids of your condo neighbors? This rainy season activity is not just fun but also helpful in improving social and mental skills. They make friends, they try to be creative, and even exercise decision making. For the parents, this is a good time to be acquainted with your neighbors.


Build a fort

You know how kids love playing house inside the house? They do like a space of their own, so why not give them that?

Build a fort in your condo living room with blankets and strings and pillows. You can turn off the lights or put down the drapes so you can also have some glow-in-the-dark magnets and stickers. Do some exciting things in there like storytelling, playing shadows, board games or telling creepy stories with a flashlight. Kids love those kinds of activities.


Project: Tidy up the playroom

Child Playroom

Photo courtesy of Brendacfeyc via Pixabay

Involve your kids in some sort of a mission. The mission is: tidy up the playroom. Set mechanics and use a timer to get everyone more excited. Give your kids a box or bucket where they would sort and place their toys. Get on that game show voice, and signal them with a whistle.

Let’s be honest. This is one of the activities during the rainy season that parents secretly love. While children are thrilled to play and win, parents are really the winners. Apart from crossing “clean the playroom” from their to-do lists, parents are also slowly teaching their kids to be responsible and helpful, as well as equipping them with essential life skills.


Get something done in the kitchen

cook with your kids

Photo courtesy of severyanka via Pixabay

Kids love getting their hands dirty. It’s like a badge of honor. Whether it is sand, mud, food or any liquid. For sure, they won’t mind some flour or baking powder on their little hands, too. The rainy season is a perfect time to spend some time in the kitchen. Make some cookies or cupcakes together. Maybe you can also make a homemade pizza. These are some of the no-fail food staples for children when they are stuck at home on a rainy day.


Relax and lounge away

Watching the rain has a special way of making you feel relaxed. It almost seems like it has therapeutic properties. You may not allow your kids to play in the rain, but you can show them what a beautiful force of nature it is. Good thing is that there are better vantage points to do this other than your window.

You may want to bring a storybook so you can keep the kids out of everyone’s way. Read to them if you wish. Let the kids sip hot milk or hot chocolate and munch on cookies while you get your well-deserved coffee or tea. It’s okay to be lazy with your kids.

There are some other things that parents can do with their kids such as board games, arts and crafts, indoor picnic, watching movies, playing the piano, build with blocks, etc. If there is an indoor library in your community, that would be fun too. Remember that getting stuck at home is an opportunity for both parents and children to explore interests, improve creativity, and make special memories.


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