Last Minute Preparations You Need for a Great Vacation

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Summer’s almost over and here you are, panicking at the thought of not going on a vacation before rainy season starts. You barely have a month to go before beach season officially ends and you’re pressed for time in planning a last-minute vacation. There’s no need to fret since it’s possible to enjoy a great vacation even with less prep time. All you need is the internet and the willingness to be flexible when it comes to time and location so you can easily plan the things you need to consider on your summer vacation getaway. Here are some tips on last minute summer vacation preparation that will allow you to enjoy what’s left of season.


Think beyond popular destinations

When you say summer vacation, you immediately think of hot spots such as Boracay, Palawan, and Bohol. Of course, it would be awesome to spend your vacation in these breathtaking spots but you may have a problem finding great deals at the last minute. Most likely, accommodations will be fully booked and plane tickets will be more expensive. Why not think of alternative destinations that are just as beautiful but won’t hurt your pocket as much? There are lesser known beaches in provinces like Quezon which are just 3-4 hours away from Manila. The price of a plane ticket to glamorous spots such as Boracay can pay for your entire vacation in less popular destinations.

Scavenge for deals online

The internet is your best friend during times like this. You can find the greatest deals on accommodations on different travel websites. Make sure to compare rates when looking at these websites because their prices compete with each other. If you want to save time, go to where you can see rates and availability from major travel websites at one go and you can easily compare from there. If you have time to read blogs, search for popular travel bloggers and look for summer vacation preparation ideas. They will give you a rundown of everything you need to know about the location of your choice and give you practical tips on how to maximize your vacation.

Take advantage of coupons

Discount coupons are all the rage, thanks to websites like Metrodeal and Ensogo. They offer discounts on practically anything, from home products to travel deals. You can find packages that include accommodation, boat transfers, and meals at different locations here and abroad. Make sure to read the fine print before you avail of the deals.

Register on e-mail blasts

Travel websites and coupon sites often send newsletters about the latest deals on hotels, flights, cruises, and other travel-related concerns. This is a great way to know about discounts if you’re too lazy to search manually on websites.

Tie loose ends at work

Your office shouldn’t be a problem if you’ll be gone for the weekend, for two to three days tops. But if you plan to have a longer vacation, you have to make sure that there won’t be a reason for the office to call you while you’re sunbathing at the beach. Finish all your pending tasks and delegate others that you won’t be able to finish on time. Also, compose your vacation email and set it on auto responder so that people will know you’ll be unavailable to attend to their concerns. You may opt to leave your contact number in case of emergency but what’s the point of taking a vacation if people at the office can still disturb you anytime they choose?

Prepare enough cash

You may have paid for your hotel and airfare using your credit card but it doesn’t mean you can go on a vacation without cash to spare. Emergencies happen and there will be instances that you can’t use your credit card to settle payments. There may be a shortage of ATMs in your destination as well. Even if you’re planning a budget vacation, you still need to save considerable amount of money as buffer. Don’t go on a vacation bringing just the exact amount of money or the estimated amount you need.

Pack the essential stuff in your carry-on bag

Ideally, you should only carry a small bag or two for easier travel but if you need to bring more or bigger bags, make sure that the essential stuff is in your carry-on. Instances of luggage getting lost are more often than you think and you don’t want your cash, medicines, important documents, and jewelry to get lost along with that unfortunate bag. Important stuff should be within easy reach and always take care to bring this bag with you always.

Keep your condo safe while on your vacation

It would be nice if you can get someone you can trust to stay at your condo while you’re on vacation. If this is not possible, you have to make sure that your house is primed for condo safety while you’re away. Double-check the locks and security cameras to ensure that they’re working fine. If you need to install additional security equipment, tend to it days before your departure so all will be finished before you leave. Lastly, ask the help of your neighbor in keeping your condo safe. Leave him your number so he can contact you in case of emergency.

Inform the right person of your plans

As part of your safety, you should not announce your plans to just anyone. Possible intruders can use this knowledge to break into your house while you’re away. But you need to have someone you trust know your whereabouts just in case you go missing or encounter an accident. It could be a neighbor, a relative, or a friend… anyone who deem trustworthy enough with that information.   It’s important that you take care of these things in order to have a fun and hassle-free vacation. Remember that it’s not enough that you stay in good accommodations or have the best itinerary; you also have to make sure that you don’t have to worry about office matters or the safety of your condo while you’re sipping martinis near the shore.


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