Common Cleaning Mistakes Condo Dweller Make


Condo living in the Philippines has grown popular over the past years because of its offered convenience and practicality. Usually located in key cities near the central business districts, condos are accessible to a wide array of fundamental, leisure, and cultural destinations.

The convenience of condo living extends to cleaning and organizing, since most condo interior designs are for easy clean-up of such compact spaces. However, although cleaning most condo spaces is relatively easier than cleaning larger homes, there a few specific mistakes condo dwellers make during condo clean-up. Some of you may be guilty of these, and some may be plainly unaware, but either way it’s important to know how to correct and avoid such mistakes.

Here is a list of the most common cleaning mistakes every condo dweller is doing:


1. Going overboard on cleaning products

With cleaning products, the expression “the more, the better” usually doesn’t apply. Oftentimes, all you need is very little product, as the chemicals in most soaps, detergents, and bleaches go a long way. To avoid using excessive amounts of cleaning products, make sure to check the label first to see the recommended amount that you’ll need. Using too much product may cause unwanted damages on your furniture, décor, or other parts of your condo. Always be careful with this—being cautious enough will save you a substantial amount of time, effort, and money.


2. Multitasking / Doing everything all at once

Condo dwellers are usually very busy people and have the tendency to multitask when it comes to cleaning. You’re probably one of them—and you think that you’re saving time when you try to finish everything at the same day. However, getting every chore out of the way at once is the surest way to accidentally skip important corners and do mediocre cleaning—not to mention that this can also get quite overwhelming. Remember that the key to effective cleaning is to focus on one area at a time. Break chores into intervals, and try to finish one task at a time. This is the real way to save time when cleaning your condo.


3. Using one cleaner for all your dirty furniture

It is wise to always be on a budget, and there is nothing wrong with going for a multi-purpose or all-in-one cleaner. However, do check the label of the product before deciding to use it on different furniture. Make sure that it is safe for your leather couch, your wooden tiles, and your plastic pieces. Doing so will save you much more money down the line.

Bonus tip is to use baking soda for your bathroom tiles and vinegar for cleaning outdoor windows. These are tried and tested budget products for home cleaning.


4. Using improvised tools

Actually, improvisation is great. However, using unsafe tools can cause more harm and cost you more money and effort than simply getting hold of the proper tool. Don’t use a screwdriver to lift sticky substances from any surface material, and don’t use anything too abrasive just because it seems like it could get the job done faster. Always, always research if you should use a certain type of brush, sponge, or any other scrubbing tool before doing the deed.


5. Mixing together different cleaning products

Some people make the mistake of mixing products together in an attempt to make a cleaning solution more potent. However, do note that most products contain numerous harsh chemicals that when put together, can be lethal. So while some solutions can be harmless when combined, err on the side of caution and avoid mixing any cleaning materials at all costs. If one cleaner used alone doesn’t quite cut it, use a different product but rinse the surface where the first product was used.


6. Cleaning the floor first

Cleaning the floor first is usually a colossal waste of time since the dirt and debris that will fall by cleaning the ceilings and other high areas will eventually end on the floor. To save time and effort, get everything else done first—clean the ceiling fans, dust away the tops of cabinets, and sweep the stairs before focusing on the floor.

Summer cleaning can be quite a chore, but knowing how to properly clean your condo will cut your cleaning time and cost to as much as half, or even more, if you put all tips to heart. Basically, you must always be careful and mindful of the products you use, especially if you have children living with you at home. Choose safer alternatives to harsh chemicals, and try using natural products as much as possible.

Cleaning your condo this summer can be done safely, effectively, and economically as long as you follow the tips we have listed above. Happy cleaning, fellow condo dwellers! Have a beautiful summer ahead!



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