Plan Your Summer Vacation with These 10 Things in Mind

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With the season of fun and sun fast approaching, it is time to start making travel plans for summer. Planning is important in maximizing your resources so you can enjoy your much-needed vacation to its fullest. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on traveling essentials or break the bank. While planning definitely helps, it does not need to be time-consuming and boring. Make travel planning a breeze. These tips on planning your summer vacation will have you covered from travel hacks with kids to security checks to ensure your condo is safe while you are away. Know what you want out of your summer vacation


Know what you want out of your summer vacation

Starting your adventure with a goal in mind will not only satisfy your wanderlust, but it will also make a whole world of difference especially if you are traveling with family and friends. Let everyone in on the planning so you all get to enjoy this bonding time. Also, to facilitate things, decide on specific details like where you want to go, for how long, what activities you have in mind, and so on instead of going for a very broad travel idea.


Be chill when traveling with kids

Let your kids experience the world and for a hassle-free adventure, make sure you tick off things to do before you travel with kids. On top of arranging for their needs such as child seats, snacks, entertainment materials, and the like, it does not hurt to prepare for other scenarios. For instance, teach them what to do in certain situations like having your contact details handy and approaching the nearest information booth in case they get lost. If they are too young, secure identification tags on them. Also, have your kids checked by the pediatrician so they are in tiptop shape.


Create — and commit to sticking to — a realistic budget

No one wants to come back home and cringe over spending too much. To prevent this, carefully assess how much you can allot for your summer escapade. Then, work your itinerary with that figure in mind. Know how much to spend on transportation, accommodation, and so on. Adjust these according to your needs and wants. Also, designate at least 10% of your travel budget for emergencies or unexpected expenses.


Weigh your options before you book flights and accommodations

Shop around for the best travel deals whether you get recommendations from friends or do your research online. Regularly check — or better yet, subscribe to — airline and hotel websites so you are updated with their promos. But wait, don’t get too excited about these deals. Read the fine print for things like baggage fees, taxes, and so on. Check out reviews so you know what you are getting into. Once you have found the perfect bargain for you, seal the deal by making a reservation as soon as possible especially since summer is a high-peak season for travel.

Smart apps for smart travelers

With all the travel preps going on, you might want to use apps that are perfect for traveling. To navigate your way around unfamiliar places, use Waze or Google Maps so you know the best routes, avoid traffic, and add more time to your vacation. If you need help so you don’t forget anything when packing, try Packing Pro for iOS users and PackPoint for Android users. Just put in details like the number of people in your group and the length of your trip. Another app you might want to download is XE Currency Pro, which has exchange rates updated daily so you get the right amount for your currency.


Work on your insurance

Including this in your travel planning does not mean being pessimistic. You simply need to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Depending on your travel, check if your current insurance has the coverage that you need. Make sure everyone in your group is insured. With a good security blanket like insurance, you will have a worry-free travel experience.


Take care of the bills and your credit cards

Yes, you need an escape from your everyday condo living so you can recharge. However, make sure you do not forget about bills that need to be taken care of even while you’re away. Settle your dues, if you have any and try to pay in advance to cover your next billing statement to avoid overdue. Aside from automating your bills, Nomadic Matt advises giving your credit card companies a heads up if you are traveling abroad to make sure your transactions won’t be flagged as fraudulent and your credit card won’t be blocked.


Pack light

A travel-planning guide won’t be complete without this tidbit. Based on your itinerary and your family’s needs, create a checklist of what you will need for the entire duration of your vacation. Go for versatile clothing that does not only suit the weather but are also easy to pack and to incorporate into any outfit. Go for the traveler’s size version of your toiletries. More importantly, pare down your stuff into what you absolutely need. This will not only save you from overweight baggage, but it will also give you space for pasalubong or treats for your friends once you get home.


Secure your condo

The one thing you would never, ever want to happen is coming home to a burglarized condo after enjoying your vacation. Double-check that you have the crucial condo security measures in place so you can chill out knowing that your DMCI Homes unit is safe. Aside from the basics like locking all your doors and windows, consider taking things up a notch by investing in an alarm and video surveillance system. Also, have your trusted friends and neighbors look after your condo.


Make room for spontaneous fun

Planning your summer vacation should not be all about structured activities, leaving no time for spontaneity. Make room for carefree moments when you just want to totally unwind or when you chance upon a serendipitous adventure. At the end of the day, the goal here is for you and your loved ones to have fun.

Follow and customize these tips on planning your summer travel to suit your needs and wants. What matters is to make the most out of your time and money so you and your travel buddies will truly have a blast. So there, bring out your adventure to-do list and start planning for the ultimate summer to remember.



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