Simple Condo Upgrades That Will Completely Transform Your Home

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The new year brings wonderful opportunities for a fresh start. So get right on and have your resolutions all sorted out. Do not forget to give your home the attention it deserves. One of the best ways you can improve your lifestyle is through condo upgrades that will make everyday living a pleasure. So make sure you have a special place in your resolution dedicated to improve your condo living even more. It can be as simple as incorporating feng shui techniques into the arrangement of your furniture or adding an accent piece to polish your condo design. Read on for more ways you can give your place an updo.

1. Give your kitchen a quick makeover

tidy kitchen sink

Photo courtesy of Sferrario1968 via Pixabay

Considered the heart of the home, your kitchen deserves ample attention. This is especially true for small condo spaces that make the kitchen highly visible. You must definitely give it an upgrade this year. The great news is that it does not have to be costly. You can renovate your kitchen on a budget. Simple changes like adding new cabinet door handles, replacing the kitchen faucet set, and updating old lighting fixtures can do wonders. While replacing your cabinets  can be costly, a simple repaint job and new ornamental handles can improve your kitchen’s aesthetics without shelling out much money.

2. Replace your old appliances

modern kitchen

Photo courtesy of Fabsiss2 via Pixabay

Your old appliances can easily make your home look battered. Replacing them can make your interiors look brand new and put-together. You can make this happen without burning a hole in your pocket. Simply sell your old appliances, and use your earnings to supplement your budget. For convenient transactions, you can post the items you are selling on popular ecommerce marketplaces. You can also advertise them on your social media accounts to inform your friends and neighbors. This will be especially convenient if one of your condo neighbors end up buying your wares. Delivery would not be an issue!

3. Give your bathroom a do-over

clean batroom interior

Photo courtesy of Shadowfirearts via Pixabay

Just like your kitchen, your bathroom is an important area to update. Beautiful homes often have bathrooms worth raving over. This new year is definitely a great time to shoot for the stars. Yet again, the great news is that you can make remarkable improvements to your condo design without spending beyond your means. Simple changes like replacing your toilet seat with a new and elegant-looking piece can do wonders. You can also install new faucets, shower, and sink. Add great-looking rags and ambient lighting and you have yourself a bathroom worthy of a lifestyle magazine feature!

4. Brighten up your place with new paint

white painted room

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

New paint can do a great job of brightening up your place and making it look cleaner. A bright and clean place can improve your everyday living, so this is definitely a condo upgrade worth considering this new year. For added aesthetic appeal, you can paint the trims using a contrasting color. For further savings, you can do the paint job yourself. Just make sure you cover your floor with old newspaper to avoid spillage ruining your floor. Doing this superb condo upgrade is indeed amusing as you are in control to how your place will look like. There various color combinations that you can experiment on. Remember to have fun while you’re at it!

5. Mind your floor

home interior living room

Photo courtesy of Mploscar via Pixabay

Your flooring can be very costly to replace. The good thing is that you have carpets to turn to. Adding new carpeting can give your home a quick update, making it look cleaner in the process. If you already have carpets, simply have them cleaned. If they are already showing serious wear and tear, you can cover certain areas using strategically placed area rugs. You can find ways to make it look like an artistic do-over. The fun part is that you get to make it match your personal style.  

6. Let there be light

classy lounge room interior

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pixabay

It’s time to get rid of the boring recessed lights you have at home. It’s time to add elegance in your condo unit with eye-catching lighting designs. A chandelier may be the one that comes into your mind when doing this home upgrade, but you will be amazed at how many inexpensive light fixtures you can find in home stores that can boost your condominium interiors.

You can shop around for affordable accent lights that could flank both sides of your sofa. Spotlights are also worth considering. They work great at directing light to features in your home that you would like to emphasize, such as plants or an art piece. For less hassle, choose those that you could easily plug into existing outlets, so you won’t have to worry about complicated installations.

7. Rearrange your furniture

buddha interior decoration

Photo courtesy of Foto-Rabe via Pixabay

Sometimes the upgrade your condo unit needs is something as simple as rearranging your furniture. This new year is an especially good time for improving your home’s chi. You can create balance and add vibrancy to your interiors’ energy by paying attention to the basic feng shui elements. For one, you can attract prosperity by infusing the southeast area of your home with water and wood elements. Now you know where your wooden furniture should go. You can also add in an indoor waterfall ornament. For improved health, you’d do well to have lush plants and more of your wood furniture in your unit’s east area.

8. Remove unwanted clutter

clutter room

Photo courtesy of Congerdesign via Pixabay

You will be surprised at how much expanded space can do wonders in making your place look more elegant. And this does not require expensive expansion projects. All you have to do is remove some things that do not add value to your interiors. Get rid of knick knacks that have outlived their appeal. Remove a corner table and turn it into a coffee table for your balcony. Sell that accent chair that is actually too big for your home. To make your decluttering more effective, you can set a cleaning calendar that you can follow. Minimalism is the key word here, and you’ll soon realize why it has all been the rave these days.

9. Add storage space

organished open shelf

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

One of the ways you can rid your home of clutter is by adding storage space. Having ample storage space can help you stay organized, and will let you keep stuff that you’d rather hold on to. You do not have to go the inexpensive route to do this either. To avoid costly cabinet installations, simply organize your available storage space so you can have more room for your bric-a-brac.

10. Transform your place with an accent piece

interior living room couch

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

One of the best ways you can spruce up your home is by adding an accent piece. You will be amazed at how a single item can completely transform your interiors. It’s a great way to express your personality as well. An accent piece can come in the form of a painting, a sculpture or an artful chair. It does not have to be expensive. You can even create one yourself!

Have fun giving your condo design a do-over!


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