How To Renovate Your Condo’s Kitchen On A Budget

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Doing condo renovation in the Philippines is notorious for breaking the bank. A simple cabinet replacement costs thousands so imagine if you were to add an entire kitchen counter. Simply adding storage cabinets in the bedroom, updating the sink in the bathroom or painting the living room walls also put a dent in our budget. But the truth is: they don’t have to.

The focal point of the house is the kitchen. Notice that major condos in the Philippines such as developments by DMCI Homes capitalize on having really stylish and functional kitchens. This is especially because the typical Filipino household loves to eat together and turn the kitchen into an informal gathering area. This is also true in other countries. One study revealed that home buyers are willing to pay extra for a really good kitchen. Errol Samuelson, president of said that people have shown more interest in having a nice kitchen because media has consistently shown that home cooking is worth exploring while take-outs and deliveries aren’t actually that cool.

Condo living should not limit your imagination when it comes to kitchen designs. With or without a kitchen island, brand new stainless appliances, and top of the line cabinets, you can start a kitchen makeover even if you are on a tight budget. Here are 11 ways to achieve that kitchen design for your condo that you have been putting off because you are on a budget.


Repair before rebuild

Repair before rebuild

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The kitchen is a high-traffic area. Stained tiles, cracked cupboards, and rusty appliances are all too common especially if you use the kitchen often. Before jumping into renovating the entire space, perform condo repairs you can do easily like fixing tiles, treating rust, and undercoating cupboards. You will be surprised at the huge difference doing basic condo repairs can give.


 Do some of the work

You don’t have to pay somebody else every time you want work done in your kitchen. For example, you can do the demolition part of the renovation: take out old cabinets, appliances, and even flooring. You can even take care of the painting job. Leave installation of furniture and appliances to the experts.


Fresh paint on walls

Painting the walls is among the easiest and most affordable ways to give a space a new look. Decide on the look you want for your kitchen. Do not forget to do all the prep work before applying paint to achieve the perfect texture. Go for eco-friendly paint, too, and breathe healthier air in the kitchen.


Cabinet makeover

Cabinet makeover

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Cabinets make wonders in the kitchen. If they are still in good shape, it would be more budget-friendly to repaint them than replace them with new ones. Just make sure to perform basic repairs when necessary like cabinet doors that do not close, chipped wood, and locks. Clean them and make sure the surface is free of dirt and bumps before applying paint. Choose a paint color that will breathe new life to your kitchen. You may also change the knobs and handles. You may also consider removing cabinet doors and go for open shelving.


Save space with floating shelves

Save space

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Speaking of open shelving, adding layers of floating shelves are also becoming a kitchen trend. There are easy to install shelves available in stores or if you are a handyman yourself, you can create your own shelves by using some plywood and paint. Floating shelves are great space savers and therefore perfect for condo living. They are also very functional and stylish.


Mind your step

The kitchen floor is probably the busiest in the house so do not forget to look down when renovating. Vinyl tiles are great for the kitchen because they require minimal maintenance. It wouldn’t hurt if you drop food or spill water. They also come in various textures and designs and are very affordable. Laminate and cork are also good flooring options for the kitchen.


Don’t forget to look up

Brighten things up by giving the ceiling a new paint job. Ceilings look dingy overtime with smoke, dust, and dirt and giving it a fresh coat will transform the entire space. Scrape off dirt and “popcorn ceilings” before applying paint.


Let there be light

Let there be light

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Add instant elegance and comfort to your kitchen by putting accent lighting. Pendant lights are a good choice. If your condo’s kitchen has windows like some of the units for sale or condos for rent by DMCI Leasing, make sure to open up for some natural light. It would also be nice to add window treatments to add charm to your kitchen.


Make your own island

Make your own island

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Kitchen countertops and islands are a big kitchen trend. But they can also be very pricey. Why not make your own? You can use an old long table and repaint it or retain the base of an old cabinet or drawer and top it with genuine granite.


Herbal garden

Add greens in your kitchen and make it look more airy and more breathable. A herbal garden isn’t very hard to maintain. How hard is it to grow herbs in mason jars or used cans? And if you like cooking, you understand that there is nothing like picking fresh herbs that you grew yourself and adding them to a favorite family recipe.


Visit a thrift store

You don’t have to go to expensive furniture and appliance shops to achieve the kitchen design you want. Try going to a thrift store and be open-minded. There are a lot of things there that you can find and remodel. It is not only cheaper, it will also allow you to customize it to the design you want. You may also research online for the most affordable kitchen furnishings.


No need to get a loan or sacrifice your budget just to get some work done on your kitchen. What is important is that you know how to prioritize — which should be repaired, repainted, or replaced first. You must have a plan before doing any renovation. With the kitchen, remember that function and style can work together and that is exactly what you should be going for.


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