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Upgrading to a more modern condo design is a great way to spice up your living space. It’ll give your unit a fresher, more contemporary look, and will definitely impress anyone you bring there. Contemporary condo design ideas are also not that hard to come by anymore. You don’t need to have a degree in interior design to come up with them; you can just copy the already existing ones and mix and match till you get one that you like.

A lot of people today actually enjoy designing their own living spaces and inspiration can easily be sourced from magazines, books, and most especially the internet.

Websites like Trendhunter, Houzz, and even Pinterest have huge repositories of diverse interior design samples. They even have high quality photographs of the samples from a lot of angles so you’ll definitely be able to come up with the perfect condo design idea that’ll be just right for your unit.

But before we get into interior design ideas, let’s have a look first at the current condo exterior design trend. There are a lot of new things happening right now and it’s always a good idea to keep up with the them.

The Mid-rise and Low-rise Design

Levina Place

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

DMCI homes has a couple of these – Verawood in Taguig and Levina in Pasay come to mind. High rise used to be the trend because it just made sense. More floors mean rooms, so more people can occupy the building. The target market used to be professionals looking for a convenient place to stay that’s not too far from their work.

Recently though, it’s become apparent that there’s also a constantly growing group of people in the cities that have started their own families who prefer living areas that are a lot less busy. That’s why mid-rise and low-rise condo’s have started popping up.

They’re ideal for people who are looking for a space that’s still within the city, but one that’s not at the center of all the hustle and bustle of city life. They’re basically suburban communities, located just far enough to be quiet and relaxing.

Resort-inspired Design

Verawood Residences

Image via DMCI Homes

Another trend that’s becoming increasingly common here in the Philippines is the resort inspired design for condos. The designs for these are based on resort communities and the buildings usually center around a pool or some other popular amenity.

Unlike the traditional setup, this design involves multiple condo buildings, a lot of external space, and a good amount of landscaping. Because of the vast external space where people can play and hang out, there’s more of a community feel present here than at a conventional high rise condo building.

Green Roof Condo

Green Roof Condo

Photo courtesy of NNECAPA Photo Library via Flickr, Creative Commons

We’re not quite there yet, but the green roof condo seems to be a very viable design that will most likely be implemented locally very soon. As people become even more environmentally aware, designs like these will become commonplace in our cities, not just in condos but in commercial buildings and residential houses as well.


Now It’s Time To Look On The Inside

It’s the interior design of the condo that has most people concerned because that’s what they directly interact with, that’s the space they can call their own. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some design ideas for your condo living room, bedroom, and dining area.


Less Is More

Less Is More

Photo courtesy of Himanshu Bansal via Pinterest

A lot of the more modern designs are minimalistic. The less things you have in your condo, the better.

With this in mind, try to avoid condo decors that serve no purpose. Avoid having too much furniture, stick to only the ones that are necessary.

Minimalistic design is ideal for people who are busy because it’s efficient. You have everything you need in your condo to make living there enjoyable. Everything has a purpose, nothing is distracting or unnecessary. Going minimal is also a great way to make your condo look bigger than it actually is because of the space that it can create. Minimalism is of course a general concept or design idea and you’re free to add your own twist to really make it your own.


Go Futuristic

futuristic condo design

Photo courtesy of Ahmet Kara via Pinterest

Another way to modernize your condo is by making it more futuristic. A lot of the younger unit owners will like this design because it’s representative of the fast-paced, technology-heavy lifestyle that they live.

There are a lot of superb interior design ideas for your condo space, but a futuristic design is the one with the most unconventional geometric shapes. You’ll be incorporating a lot of curves into the actual design of the space as well as the selection of condo decor.

Futuristic styled units also favor the color white so you should keep this in mind when picking your furniture and the color of your walls. Bright white light is another characteristic of this style.


Zen Inspired

Zen Inspired

Photo courtesy of Home Designing via Pinterest

If you want your home to become your refuge and anchor in your fast-paced life, then maybe a zen-inspired design is for you.

A zen-inspired design doesn’t necessarily have to incorporate traditional bamboo or wood, piled up rocks, or running water to try and recreate a japanese style meditation area, although that’s the most obvious way to go about it.

What’s important is that you’re able to create a space that’s instantly relaxing, one that allows you to achieve inner peace. You can tweak the design anyway you like and even add other design influences so long as the end goal of creating a relaxed space is achieved.

This normally involves the use of earthy and neutral colors, soft flooring, lots of natural light, and maybe some greens (plants) here and there. Try to avoid clutter or excess decor (go minimalistic) as that might disrupt the serenity of the room.


Let The Light In

Let The Light In

Photo courtesy of Deirdre Logan via Pinterest

A condo design that is focused in maximizing the natural light of your unit is another option that you might be interested in. This is great for units that naturally have a lot of windows in them or are located in a section of the building that receives the most light like the top or along the corners.

A design centered around daylight is welcoming, open, warm, and very eco friendly. You’ll save a bit of cash as well since you’ll be conserving electricity during the day. This design is great for environmentally conscious individuals because it’s a subtle way of incorporating their advocacy into their homes.

If you’re renovating or adding more windows, remember to orient them properly. Don’t just concentrate the light on one side as that will create shadows and will darken certain sections of the room. Make sure that natural light is also able to enter from another side. This will even out the lighting and make it more balanced. Use bright colors and finishes in your interior as well. These will help bounce the light around the room.

When designing with daylight in mind, especially here in the Philippines, you will have to strategize. You’ll obviously be using a lot of clear glass for your windows and you might be interested in adding skylights as well if it’s possible for your unit.

But keep in mind that in our country, it can get really hot sometimes. So you’ll want to employ your desired shading technique for those times when letting in light isn’t a good idea. Curtains and blinds come to mind. The technology employed in glass creation has also greatly improved, and some of the modern ones can reduce UV and heat. So when you shop around, make sure you inquire about these.

Pattern Heavy Design

Pattern Heavy Design

Photo courtesy of Horchow via Pinterest

This design employs the use of a certain pattern, or patterns heavily all throughout the room. The look can be achieved mostly through paint, wall paper, condo decor, and even furniture. The colors of the patterns can be different as well and it might seem conflicting at first because of the brightness of some, but if done right, they will still complement each other.

This design will probably be interesting to colorful people who might even be a little quirky. It’s an eye-catching design that forces guests to decide if they like it or not. It makes it almost impossible for them to not talk about it.

Contemporary Rustic

Contemporary Rustic

Photo courtesy of Jill Bert via Pinterest

You might think this design is a little retro and not appropriate for a post about “modern” designs, but the rustic design can actually be incorporated into contemporary ones.

Rustic designs often employ a lot of wood, and wood is a timeless home design piece. It will look good with anything.

Whether you have a minimal design or a luxurious, extravagant one, good wood will always have a place in it. You can also use brick and stone on your walls if you want to take it further.

If you’re going for contemporary rustic, the easiest way to do it is to keep your current design and incorporate wooden elements into it. A large wooden table in the middle of the kitchen or living room might be nice. Wooden benches, desks, and shelves can also be added. If you can find ones that are a little rough (you don’t always have to go for smooth and varnished) but still look good, even better.

The Industrial Look

The Industrial Look

Photo courtesy of Toronto Real Estate via Pinterest

Another design that just screams modern is the industrial look. It’s a condo design that makes good use of metals and seemingly unfinished construction, to give your unit that industrial factory look.

Some ideas you might want to copy are exposed metal hand beams, industrial styled lights and fans, exposed ceilings, and exposed piping. Metals don’t always have to be the focus in order to create an industrial look, they’re just the most obvious. Wood and brick can also be used creatively to give a room that warehouse feel.

As long as you’re able to recreate that factory or warehouse or industry feel, you’re on the right track. As long as you’re happy with it, you’re good. It is your unit after all so you should always design with your own happiness in mind.

Modern Glam

Modern Glam

Photo courtesy of Zina Яkovleva via Pinterest

A glam or glamorous design is one which centers around the living and dining area. It’s one built to entertain.

So think sparkly pendant lights, white and gold colors (heavy or accented), marble, and luxurious sofas and tables. Basically think bling-bling but the classy old hollywood kind, not the modern hip-hop version.

Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic Design

Photo courtesy of Judy Marriott via Pinterest

Monochrome technically describes things that use only one shade of color. When used in interior design, it mostly refers to white and it’s darker shades, so basically gray. It can also use black, but in softer tones.

Some people think this style is a little bland and plain because of the obvious lack of bright color, but that’s a matter of preference. A lot of people like this design because it looks clean, efficient, and the grays are relaxing.

So that’s it. Hope you got some ideas from this post. There is an infinite number of possible designs available for you. You don’t necessarily have to stick to one, you can mix and match. So tap into your creative side and start designing.


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