Surprisingly Unique Designs for your Condo Bathroom


After having all the essentials in your condo bathroom, it’s now time to tweak them up with uncommon but aesthetically appealing customized designs.

You deserve to indulge in the beauty of your condo bathroom designs after having been wired out from a jam-packed day. Your thinking powers may run non-stop in coming up with endless designs for your bathroom. At the end of the day though, you’ll likely come to the conclusion of having an urgent need for a bathroom that entertains while it soothes your needs, at the same time.

Having said this, there rises a pressing need for a thorough ideation of condo bathroom design ideas. Getting in the trend of matching your ideas with the varying moods that dominate most of your days may just be the trick in creatively yielding bathroom designs for your condo.


A Sky-inspired Turquoise Bathroom

Creating a well-designed condo bathroom that reflects the color of the sky calms down your nerves if you’re feeling stressed out. Instead of dwelling on the stuff that’s beyond your control, spend your valuable time reflecting on your blessings while painting your bathroom walls sky blue.

You’ll find that after engaging in such activity, you’ll have a more positive, rather than negative outlook about life in general.


Feel Fit in a Bicycle-oriented Bathroom

Choose condo bathroom design ideas that will motivate you to get physically mobilized, such as a bicycle-oriented bathroom. Get the external feel as you visualize yourself situated in an outdoor setting while beautifying yourself in front of the mirror. While doing this, it will just feel like you’re refreshing yourself in time for an upcoming physically invigorating activity.


A Red Bathroom for a Slumber Party

Have a sensational slumber party in your all-red shiny bathroom. Get in on the imaginative mood by having a slumber party make up session with your friends in your bathroom. Set up a mid-sized, but firmly steady standing vanity table where you can put your makeup essentials, such as make up kits and lipsticks.


A Bright Black Bathroom Shows Off Professionalism

Get the feel and the look of a coat-and-tie young professional by showcasing a master black bathroom shower with black imaginative porcelain tiled walls. These walls accentuate a side by side skylight at the top of the bathroom’s ceiling.

Feel good while taking a shower in this personalized bathroom before you go to work. Prep yourself up for a pre-office experience by indulging in the design of your bathroom while freshening up before a long day ahead.


Expand Your Sea Collection in Your Bathroom

Tweak your bathroom design by decorating it with your additional sea collection materials, like seashells and fish-like miniatures. Enjoy hanging out in a beach-like environment right in your condo bathroom. Splash it around your tub, as if you’re in the deep-blue ocean.


A Spa-like Bathroom You’ve Never Thought Of

A spa-like bathroom never has to let you get out of the house to enjoy a rejuvenating bath. Choose Calacatta gold marble tiles to boost the feel of a spa in your bathroom. Choose designs that range from resort-like mini tables and chairs you typically find in spas.

You and your friends can enjoy a spa party right in your own spacious condo bathroom during weekends, or after a busy day at work. Get lots of fun having great bonding moments, while indulging in free spa baths and sessions that don’t cost a penny.


Dwell in a New-Generation Cottage Bathroom

Go beyond the usual by artistically designing your bathroom to that of a homely lifestyle theme. If you’d like to feel a rural or country living right in your urbanized condo, a cottage bathroom may just be the one for you.

The iron-made fencing and frame that support the counter and sink in the bathroom give you the classic feel of living in a countryside. You may even feel like your bathroom is situated on a farm! Bask in the serenity and peaceful images your bathroom portrays in this realistically new age bathroom.


A Bathroom that Reflects a Space-like Illusion

Creatively decorate your bathroom into a space-like haven. Put multiple mirrors all around your bathroom walls and ceiling next to the lights, and feel like you’re being thrown into another planet.

The images that the mirrors create make you feel like you’re surrounded by quaint little stuff all around that only exist in another planet, like Mars or the Moon.


An Out-of-this-world, Kid-friendly Bathroom

Take the theme of your condo bathroom paint to the next level by partnering it with cute wall hand-crafted drawings. You can assist your kids in choosing the colored markers to be used in creating these drawings.

Let your kids craft their own drawing creations using these markers to put them in a low-key mood, prior to taking their bath for the day. You’ll be amazed at how these bathroom designs have calming effects on your kids. It can also lessen the kids’ tantrums before bath, thanks to a pre-bath friendly worthwhile activity.


Meditate in a Hidden Bathtub

Take your time meditating while indulging in a warm bath in your hidden tub. You might want to consider enhancing your session by shielding your tub away from distraction, using a white transparent curtain. It drives away distraction and at the same time gives you a pure, peaceful feeling while you’re indulging in a bath meditation gig.


The Soft Feel of a Microfiber Shower Curtain

Your condo bathroom essentials will not be complete without comfortable and durable stuff around. A microfiber shower curtain is made of silk, giving an ultimate soft tactile touch. Since this curtain is also made of stretchable polyester, it will surely last long.

The curtain’s striped-colorful decoration perks up your mood in an instant when you’re feeling down, or simply just feeling drained out.


Go for the Classic Look

Coming up with ways on how to design your condo bathroom uniquely varies on the lifestyles, personalities, and needs you have. If you just plainly want to live a classically simple lifestyle, a traditional bathroom is your match.

A white colored bathroom plainly expresses simplicity and necessity all in one package. However, don’t forget that you can still tweak your bathroom’s image. Hire an architect to plan the construction of a window near your bathtub that faces the outdoor view of your condo. Indulge in the fresh nature view from your bathroom while playing around with the bubbles to your delight!


A Place to Lounge around Your Bathroom

Add a friendly feeling to your bathroom by putting a comfortable cushioned chair near the door. With this, you can take refuge from a long day before going about your daily bathroom routine. Taking a nap in this feel-good chair has never felt so great and unwinding.


An Office-like Wood Element Bathroom

A wood element in a bathroom will likely make you feel your bathroom is your actual office. Perk up your day by looking at this bathroom as a supplementary office. Before doing your daily bath routines, you’ll likely have fun doing some office work role-playing here.


Dance the Night Away in a Disco-Ball Bathroom

If you’re one of those musically in-tuned condo dwellers, you’ll surely love this – a disco-ball bathroom. Soothe your senses by listening to your favorite music while enjoying a lukewarm bath in your tub. Don’t be shy to show off your wild side by dancing to your favorite tune while soaking in the bubbles!


An Extraordinary Condo Bathroom at Its Finest

Don’t hesitate to show off your creative side by being hands-on in picking the designs for your condo bathroom. Better yet, get yourself more involved in setting up these designs. Doing so will create the best personalized look for your bathroom, like you have never seen before.


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